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Legend (Public/BPS_Thematic_Layers)

Grocery Stores (57)
Solar (1)
resLow resLow
resMod resMod
resHigh resHigh
comLow comLow
comHigh comHigh
comMod comMod
BPS Corridors (44)
Civic Corridor Civic Corridor
Neighborhood Corridor Neighborhood Corridor
Freight Corridor Freight Corridor
BPS Concept Centers (45)
Central City Central City
Gateway Regional Center Gateway Regional Center
Town Centers Town Centers
Neighborhood Centers Neighborhood Centers
BPS Adopted Centers Boundaries (46)
BPS Transit Station Areas (48)
Center Stations Center Stations
Employment Stations Employment Stations
Transit Neighborhood Stations Transit Neighborhood Stations
Destination Station Destination Station
Central City Stations Central City Stations
Portland Pattern Areas (50)
Corridor Parcels (51)
Disaggregated Zoning (52)
Alternative Fuel Stations (54)
Biodiesel (B20 and above) Biodiesel (B20 and above)
Compressed Natural Gas Compressed Natural Gas
Ethanol (E85) Ethanol (E85)
Electric Electric
Liquefied Natural Gas Liquefied Natural Gas
Liquefied Petroleum Gas (Propane) Liquefied Petroleum Gas (Propane)
<all other values> <all other values>
Fishing locations (61)
Public launch ramps (62)
Motorized & Non-motorized Motorized & Non-motorized
Non-motorized Non-motorized
Scenic viewpoints (63)
Scenic Viewpoint Scenic Viewpoint
Scenic Focal Point Scenic Focal Point
Scenic Site Scenic Site
River Plan study boundary (60)
Willamette Greenway Inventory boundary (68)
Greenway trail (64)
Public docks (65)
Motorized Motorized
Motorized & Non-motorized Motorized & Non-motorized
Non-motorized Non-motorized
Scenic drives (66)
Scenic view streets (67)
WGI Landuse (69)
Parks Open Space Parks Open Space
Single-Family Residential Single-Family Residential
Multi-Family Residential Multi-Family Residential
Commercial Commercial
Auto Related Auto Related
Institutional Institutional
Utility Utility
Industrial Industrial
Aggregate Excavation / Processing Aggregate Excavation / Processing
Other Other
Right of Way Right of Way
Vacant Vacant
NRI vegetation patches (70)
Forest Forest
Woodland Woodland
Shrubland Shrubland
Herbaceous Herbaceous