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    https://​​detail/​permit/​5016449_​did/​ 24-015505-000-00-LU 8638 N VAN HOUTEN AVE, 97203 AD - Adjustment Type 2 procedure The Applicant Is Proposing To Convert Part Of A 275 Sq. Ft. Attached Garage Into Living Area, Which Would Result In The Driveway Being Used For Parking. The Portland Zoning Code Requires Vehicle Parking Spaces To Not Be Within The First 10 Ft. Of A Front Lot Line (Section 33.266.120.C.2.A). The Proposed Parking Area (The Existing Driveway) Is 25 Feet In Length And Given The Required Parking Space Length Of 18 Ft. (Section 33.266.120.D.1), The Parking Space Will Encroach 3 Ft. Into The 10-Foot Front Setback; Therefore, An Adjustment To Allow Parking Within The First 10 Ft. Of A Front Lot Line. 0 02/​20/​2024 09:47 Pending 5016449 1N1E08BC 06900 PORTSMOUTH VILLA EXTD BLOCK L LOT 11
    https://​​detail/​permit/​5011580_​did/​ 24-010785-000-00-LU 2128 SE HEMLOCK AVE - Unit A, 97214 HR - Historic Resource Review Type 2 procedure Renovations Throughout Four Floors Of Existing House, With New 56 Sf 1-Story Back Addition, Deck, And Stairways. Renovations To Front Porch And Steps, Exterior Walkways, And Entire Back Yard. New 367 Sf 1-Story Garage And Concrete Paver Driveway. Basement Adu To Be Preserved. Affected Facade Is Over 150 Sq Ft And This Is A Contributing Resource. 0 02/​06/​2024 10:27 Incomplete 5011580 1S1E02DD 18100 LADDS ADD BLOCK 27 LOT 7
    https://​​detail/​permit/​5012212_​did/​ 24-011402-000-00-LU 2917 NE COUCH ST, 97232 AD - Adjustment Type 2 procedure Remodel Including New Foundation And House Lift. Seeking Adjustment To Garage Setback Requirements. 0 02/​07/​2024 12:18 Pending 5012212 1N1E36CA 16200 HAWTHORNES 1ST ADD BLOCK 18 S 70' OF LOT 11
    https://​​detail/​permit/​5014360_​did/​ 24-013469-000-00-LU 4203 NE 66TH AVE, 97218 MLDS - Middle Housing Subdivision ELD - Expedited Land Division Middle Housing Land Division For 4-Plex 0 02/​14/​2024 14:22 Pending 5014360 1N2E20CB 13700 WELLINGTON BLOCK 11 LOT 9&10
    https://​​detail/​permit/​5014779_​did/​ 24-013880-000-00-EA 6441 NE 30TH AVE, 97211 PC - PreApplication Conference Discuss Zoning Map Amendment To Change The Base Zone Of The Subject Property From R5 To Ci1. See Attached Letter For More Detailed Description. No Work Proposed. 0 02/​15/​2024 12:01 Application 5014779 1N1E13CA 08700 IRVINGTON PK BLOCK 35 INC PT VAC ST LOT 40&42&44&46
    https://​​detail/​permit/​5012428_​did/​ 24-011616-000-00-LU 2214 NE 23RD AVE, 97212 HR - Historic Resource Review Type 1 procedure new Convert The Existing Enclosed Sleeping Porch On The Second Story Into A Conditioned Living Space. Replace Windows In The Enclosed Sleeping Porch And Replace The Exterior Door With A French Door. Replace Two Third-Floor Dormer Windows, And Replace Kitchen To Back Deck Door. This Is A Contributing Resource. 0 02/​09/​2024 16:19 Pending 5012428 1N1E26DA 09900 IRVINGTON BLOCK 7 LOT 17
    https://​​detail/​permit/​5011098_​did/​ 24-010336-000-00-LU 2360 N BLANDENA ST - UNIT A, 97217 AD - Adjustment Type 2 procedure Construct One Single Family Residence (With Attached Adu) On A Vacant Lot. Adjustment Requested For The Height Limit. Stormwater: Pumped To Public Storm System In N Blandena St To The West, After Treatment Via Storm Planter 0 02/​06/​2024 10:14 Void/​ Withdrawn 5011098 1N1E21AC 13600 GAY TRACT BLOCK 7 INC PT VAC ST LOT 5
    https://​​detail/​permit/​5014919_​did/​ 24-014015-000-00-LU 936 NE 126TH AVE, 97230 MLDS - Middle Housing Subdivision ELD - Expedited Land Division Construct (6) New Units To Create 6-Unit Cottage Cluster. Stormwater: Drywell. 0 02/​15/​2024 14:51 Pending 5014919 1N2E35BC 09400 PEACH TREE PK BLOCK 6 LOT 1
    https://​​detail/​permit/​5009817_​did/​ 24-009106-000-00-LU 2236 NE 20TH AVE, 97212 HR - Historic Resource Review Type 2 procedure Addition 2 Level Off Back Of House + (Not Legible)+ Adding Doors + Windows. This Is A Contributing Resource In The Irvington Historic District. 0 02/​01/​2024 12:19 Pending 5009817 1N1E26DA 14600 IRVINGTON BLOCK 22 LOT 19
    https://​​detail/​permit/​5010634_​did/​ 24-009889-000-00-LU 3235 NE 18TH AVE, 97212 HR - Historic Resource Review Type 2 procedure Add A Family And Dining Room To The Back Of Our House To Gain Additional Living Space For Our Family. The New Roofline Will Also Allow An Additional Room To Be Built On The Second Story For A Home Office. Stormwater: Gutters At The Addition Will Connect Into Existing Downspouts And Disposal. This Is A Contributing Resource In The Irvington Historic District. 0 02/​05/​2024 10:38 Incomplete 5010634 1N1E26AB 16600 IRVINGTON BLOCK 44 LOT 2
    https://​​detail/​permit/​5016539_​did/​ 24-015591-000-00-EA SE 62ND AVE, 97206 EA-Zoning & Inf. Bur.- no mtg 6-Unit Cottage Cluster W/​ Mhld Proposed 0 02/​21/​2024 10:55 Application 5016539 1S2E20BB 11700 BRENTWOOD & SUB BLOCK 29 LOT 13
    https://​​detail/​permit/​5012224_​did/​ 24-011413-000-00-LU 1436 SE SPOKANE ST, 97202 HR - Historic Resource Review Type 1 procedure new 32Kw Solar Pv Array Installed On South, East And West Roof Faces. South Roof Face Appears Eligible For Exemption From Historic Resource Reviews, But Not The Others. Building Is Not In A Historic District But Is A Historic Landmark. Solar Modules Will Be All Black, Low Profile, And Meet 8" From Roof Edge Requirements. Building Is A Non-Profit Community Center Leased From Portland Parks And Rec. 0 02/​08/​2024 12:42 Pending 5012224 1S1E23CD 00100 SELLWOOD BLOCK 55 LOT 1&2
    https://​​detail/​permit/​5013407_​did/​ 24-012549-000-00-LU 9320 N CENTRAL ST, 97203 MLDP - Middle Housing Partition ELD - Expedited Land Division 2-Lot Middle Housing Land Division For Detached Duplex. Stormwater: Drywells. 0 02/​12/​2024 15:42 Pending 5013407 1N1W01CA 15200 HILLS ADD BLOCK 1 SELY 40' OF LOT 2