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    https://​​detail/​permit/​5030044_​did/​ 24-028577-000-00-LU 4041 SE 115TH AVE, 97266 MLDS - Middle Housing Subdivision ELD - Expedited Land Division The Applicant Has Requested A Middle Housing Land Division To Subdivide The Subject Site Into 6 Lots. A Middle Housing Land Division Allows Sites With Certain Existing Or Proposed Housing Types To Be Divided Concurrently With Development Or After Development Is Complete. The Middle Housing Development Type That Is Proposed To Be Divided Is A Cottage Cluster And Will Result In Each Unit Being Located On Its Own Lot. Building Permits Are Currently Under Inspection For The Proposed Development (Rs 23-039247, Rs 23-039258, Rs 23-039269, Rs 23-039279, Rs 23-039288, Rs 23-039292, Sd 23-039304). Prior Development Was Removed Via Permit Rs 22-167633. Pedestrian Access, Shared Open Space, Bicycle Parking And Trash Enclosures, And Separate Water And Sanitary Sewer Service Lines Will Be Provided Via Private Easements On Lots 1-6. Shared Drywells Are Proposed In Easements On Lots 3 And 6. For The Purposes Of Development, The Regulations Of Title 33 Apply To The Lots Collectively And Not To Each Lot Individually, And The Residential Structure Type That Is Being Divided Remains The Same (33.253.030). Additional Zoning Code Regulations That Apply To Middle Housing Land Divisions Are Located In 33.253, 33.644, And 33.671. Review Of Preliminary Plans For Middle Housing Land Divisions Are Processed Through An Expedited Land Division (Eld) Procedure (33.671.110 And Ors 197.365-380). A Public Notice Is Required For The Land Division Portion Of This Proposal. The Proposed Housing Is Allowed By Right. 0 04/​01/​2024 08:59 Pending 5030044 1S2E10DC 02900 RICHARDSON VILLAGE BLOCK 8 LOT 23
    https://​​detail/​permit/​5028881_​did/​ 24-027463-000-00-EA 12430 SE HOLGATE BLVD, 97236 EA-Zoning & Inf. Bur.- w/​mtg .75 Acre Parcel Utilized For A 10 Unit Cottage Cluster. 13 Parking Stalls And Gated Entrance. We Propose To Utilize A System Of Drywells For Manage All Stormwater On Site. We Do Not As Yet Have A Design Plan As We Are Requesting This Early Assistance Meeting To Discuss A Few Stormwater Items In Order To Eliminate Duplication Of Work. 0 04/​01/​2024 12:16 Pending - EA 5028881 1S2E14BB 01102
    https://​​detail/​permit/​5031340_​did/​ 24-029835-000-00-LU 2235 NE SISKIYOU ST, 97212 HR - Historic Resource Review Type 1 procedure new The Applicant Requests Historic Resource Review For The Removal Of Two, Hung Vinyl Windows Located On The Northeast Corner Of The Ground Floor Of The House At 2235 Ne Siskiyou St, Which Is A Contributing Resource In The Irvington Historic District. The Windows Have Already Been Removed And Replaced With Cedar Shake Siding To Match That Used On The Rest Of The House. A Zoning Code Violation Was Reported For The Work Which Has Already Been Done Without Prior Historic Resource Review Approval. Historic Resource Review Is Required For Proposed, Non-Exempt Exterior Alterations In The Irvington Historic District. 0 04/​05/​2024 09:05 Pending 5031340 1N1E26AA 14600 IRVINGTON BLOCK 13 E 50' OF LOT 9&10
    https://​​detail/​permit/​5031121_​did/​ 24-029621-000-00-LU 2621 SE YAMHILL ST, 97214 AD - Adjustment Type 2 procedure Installation Of Driveway Approach. Adjustment Requested For Size Of Driveway. 0 04/​08/​2024 13:48 Void/​ Withdrawn 5031121 1S1E01BB 12201 PARTITION PLAT 2015-82 LOT 1 Primary Contractor: To Bid
    https://​​detail/​permit/​5032677_​did/​ 24-031134-000-00-LU 837 NW ALBEMARLE TER, 97210 AD - Adjustment Type 2 procedure Adjustment Review For Garage Side Setback. This Project Is For The Demolition Of An Existing Garage In Failing Structural Condition Situated Within Inches Of The Side Property Line And Currently Attached To The House And Replacing It In A Similar Fashion With A New Attached Garage That Is Slightly Expanded In Length To Meet The Needs Of Today'S Vehicles. The Project Seeks An Adjustment To Allow Us To Continue The Established Building Line Of The Garage'S West Wall, Despite It'S Close Proximity To The Property Line. Fire-Rated Construction Will Be Used. 0 04/​09/​2024 08:59 Pending 5032677 1N1E32AD 10800 WESTOVER TERR BLOCK 8 LOT 3&4
    https://​​detail/​permit/​5032724_​did/​ 24-031179-000-00-EA 3885 SW TUALATIN AVE Public Works Inquiry Add A New 2-Story, Stacked Duplex To Existing Empty Lot In Existing Single Family Neighborhood. An Existing Sewer Easement Occurs On The East Side. Owner Proposes To Replace The Existing Storm Line Within The Easement With A New Sewer Line Capable Of Maintaining The Storm And Also Adding The Sanitary For The New Duplex. 0 04/​10/​2024 09:55 Pending - EA 5032724 1S1E09CB 09000
    https://​​detail/​permit/​5033461_​did/​ 24-031880-000-00-LU 2281 N HUMBOLDT ST, 97217 MLDS - Middle Housing Subdivision ELD - Expedited Land Division Mhld - Demo House, Build 8 Cottage Units. 0 04/​11/​2024 07:54 Pending 5033461 1N1E21AC 02500 BRAINARD TR BLOCK 2 LOT 16
    https://​​detail/​permit/​5033561_​did/​ 24-031977-000-00-LU 1436 SE SPOKANE ST, 97202 HR - Historic Resource Review Type 1 procedure new Our Project Is Solely Hvac Upgrades For The Building (Installation Of A Ductless Vrf System And A Secondary Ducted Vrf System For The "Gym" Portion Of The Building) And The Associated Electrical To Power The Equipment. There Are No Historic Materials Or Features To This Building. (Social Usage Designation Only). This Building Is A Historic Landmark Due To Its "Entertainment/​Recreation Social History." 0 04/​11/​2024 10:56 Pending 5033561 1S1E23CD 00100 SELLWOOD BLOCK 55 LOT 1&2
    https://​​detail/​permit/​5033519_​did/​ 24-031936-000-00-LU 3244 SE 115TH AVE, 97266 MLDS - Middle Housing Subdivision ELD - Expedited Land Division 11-Lot Middle Housing Land Division (Subdivision) For An Approved Cottage Cluster Development. 0 04/​16/​2024 09:41 Pending 5033519 1S2E10AC 05200 LARKWOOD LOT 32 TL 5200
    https://​​detail/​permit/​5035325_​did/​ 24-033675-000-00-LU 8594 N BUCHANAN AVE, 97203 MLDP - Middle Housing Partition ELD - Expedited Land Division 3-Parcel Middle Housing Land Division (Partition) For Cottage Cluster Units Per Building Permits 23-098779-Rs, 23-098780-Rs, And 23-098781-Rs. Stormwater: Shared Drywell On Parcel 3. 0 04/​17/​2024 10:39 Pending 5035325 1N1E07BB 02900 POINT VIEW BLOCK 36 LOT 1&2
    https://​​detail/​permit/​5034960_​did/​ 24-033327-000-00-LU 415 S FLORIDA ST, 97219 AD - Adjustment Type 2 procedure Removing Existing Driveway And Walkway To Be Replaced With Permeable Paver System And Driveway Widened To Be A Total Of 18' Wide (Keeping Existing Depth And Existing Setback From Street Lot Line). An Adjustment Was Approved In 2009 For The Driveway Done By The Previous Homeowner And We'D Like To Retain The Adjustment Approval For The Setback And Depth But Request A New Adjustment For The Width To Be 18'. Stormwater: Entire Driveway And Walkway (540Sqft) Will Be A Permeable Paver System In Accordance With The Sw 110 Simplified Approach Plan. 0 04/​19/​2024 12:15 Pending 5034960 1S1E22BA 19100 SOUTHERN PORTLAND BLOCK 20 E 1.5' OF LOT 22 LOT 24