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    https://​​detail/​permit/​4987880_​did/​ 23-102086-000-00-LU 56 NE STANTON ST, 97212 MLDS - Middle Housing Subdivision ELD - Expedited Land Division 9-Lot Middle Housing Land Division (Subdivision) For An Approved Cottage Cluster Development 0 11/​13/​2023 10:51 Pending 4987880 1N1E27AD 06900 ALBINA BLOCK 29 LOT 10 EXC W 35' OF N 72' LOT 11
    https://​​detail/​permit/​4989557_​did/​ 23-103672-000-00-LU 1030 SW ARDMORE AVE, 97205 HR - Historic Resource Review Type 1 procedure new This Project Is Primarily An Interior Remodel Of The Home'S Second Floor. In Addition To The Interior Work, Two Doors Are Proposed To Be Infilled, A Two Riser Exterior Concrete Stair At The Lower Level Door Will Be Demo¿D And A Concrete Slab Will Be Poured Back In Its Place. Two Solar Tubes Will Be Added To The Roof. Total Facade Area Proposed To Be Altered Is 42 Sf. 0 11/​16/​2023 16:37 Pending 4989557 1N1E33CC 05000 ARDMORE BLOCK 1 N 15' OF LOT 15 LOT 16
    https://​​detail/​permit/​4992169_​did/​ 23-106167-000-00-EA 6010 SW SHATTUCK RD, 97221 EA-Zoning & Inf. Bur.- w/​mtg Currently, A Parking Lot On The Alpenrose Farm Parcel Adjacent To The Subject Property Is Being Used To Serve The Existing Use. This Application Proposes To Discontinue Use Of The Adjacent Parking Area In Favor Of Creating Additional Parking Along An Existing Easement Near The Northern Property Boundary. The Applicant Proposes 25 New Parking Spaces On The Subject Site, A Vehicle Turnaround, And A Pedestrian Path To The Building Entry. Rain Gardens Or Other Green Stormwater Management Is Proposed For The Additional Impervious Area. 0 11/​29/​2023 12:41 Application 4992169 1S1E18CA 08700 SECTION 18 1S 1E TL 8700 3.50 ACRES
    https://​​detail/​permit/​4986502_​did/​ 23-100773-000-00-LU 3109 NE 19TH AVE, 97212 HR - Historic Resource Review Type 1 procedure new The Applicant Requests Historic Resource Review Approval For Exterior Alterations To A Contributing Resource In The Irvington Historic District. The Proposed Alterations Are Associated With An Interior Kitchen Remodel And Include The Following: On The North (Side) Elevation ¿ Removal And Replacement Of Two (2) Pairs Of Seemingly Original Windows And A Portion Of The North Wall On Either Side Of The Windows To Accommodate A New 42Sf Bump-Out Addition. ¿ Installation The New 42Sf Bump-Out Addition Clad With Painted Wood Siding, Crown Molding, Trim, And Eave Depth To Match The Materials, Profile, And Reveal Depth Of The Existing/​ Original Conditions. ¿ Installation Of Two New Brick Piers To Support The New Bump-Out With Brick Similar To The Existing/​ Original Brick Used On The Front Porch. Historic Resource Review Is Required Because The Proposal Includes Non-Exempt Exterior Alterations In The Irvington Historic District. 0 11/​07/​2023 10:57 Pending 4986502 1N1E26AB 17800 IRVINGTON BLOCK 41 S 30' OF LOT 9 LOT 10
    https://​​detail/​permit/​4992126_​did/​ 23-106128-000-00-LU 4925 NE 20TH AVE, 97211 MLDP - Middle Housing Partition ELD - Expedited Land Division Construction Of 3-Unit Cottage Cluster On Vacant Parcel Through A Middle Housing Land Division (For 3 Lots) 0 11/​29/​2023 11:49 Pending 4992126 1N1E23AD 08000 VERNON BLOCK 38 LOT 16
    https://​​detail/​permit/​4984190_​did/​ 23-098572-000-00-LU 5252 NE 15TH AVE, 97211 MLDS - Middle Housing Subdivision ELD - Expedited Land Division The Applicant Has Requested A Middle Housing Land Division To Subdivide The Subject Site Into 4 Lots. A Middle Housing Land Division Allows Sites With Certain Existing Or Proposed Housing Types To Be Divided Concurrently With Development Or After Development Is Complete. The Middle Housing Development Type That Is Proposed To Be Divided Is A Fourplex And Will Result In Each Unit Being Located On Its Own Lot. Building Permits Are Currently Under Inspection For The Proposed Development (Rs 22-183877/​880/​883/​887). Prior Development Was Removed. Pedestrian Access And Separate Water And Sanitary Sewer Service Lines Will Be Provided To Lots 2-4 Via Private Easements. A Shared Drywell Is Proposed In An Easement On Lot 4. For The Purposes Of Development, The Regulations Of Title 33 Apply To The Lots Collectively And Not To Each Lot Individually, And The Residential Structure Type That Is Being Divided Remains The Same (33.253.030). Additional Zoning Code Regulations That Apply To Middle Housing Land Divisions Are Located In 33.253, 33.644, And 33.671. Review Of Preliminary Plans For Middle Housing Land Divisions Are Processed Through An Expedited Land Division (Eld) Procedure (33.671.110 And Ors 197.365-380). A Public Notice Is Required For The Land Division Portion Of This Proposal. The Proposed Housing Is Allowed By Right. 0 11/​01/​2023 14:15 Pending 4984190 1N1E23AB 10900 VERNON BLOCK 20 LOT 3
    https://​​detail/​permit/​4988560_​did/​ 23-102725-000-00-EA 5249 NE MASON ST, 97218 EA-Zoning & Inf. Bur.- no mtg New 9 Unit Cottage Cluster, Including Mhld 0 11/​14/​2023 13:54 Pending - EA 4988560 1N2E19DB 11500 SECTION 19 1N 2E TL 11500 0.26 ACRES
    https://​​detail/​permit/​4984667_​did/​ 23-099020-000-00-EA SE 113TH AVE, 97266 EA-Zoning & Inf. Bur.- w/​mtg Develop 4 Residences On The Site. Three Of The Residences Will Be Dhs Licensed "Development Disabled" Housing For Three Residents Each. One Of The Houses Will Have A Second Floor Which Will Be A Separate Private Residence For Lease. 0 11/​03/​2023 16:40 Cancelled 4984667 1S2E15AC 08600 MIDLAND AC TR E 1/​2 OF LOT 13 EXC N 80' & EXC S 122'
    https://​​detail/​permit/​4988052_​did/​ 23-102254-000-00-LU 4828 NE CAMPAIGN ST, 97218 MLDS - Middle Housing Subdivision ELD - Expedited Land Division 5-Lot Middle Housing Land Division (Subdivision) For An Approved Cottage Cluster Development 0 11/​13/​2023 13:51 Pending 4988052 1N2E19CA 15200 IRVINGTON ACREAGE TR BLOCK 3 TL 15200
    https://​​detail/​permit/​4988132_​did/​ 23-102327-000-00-LU 3012 NE 24TH AVE, 97212 HR - Historic Resource Review Type 1 procedure new To Convert A Double Window Unit To A Double Door Unit. The Location Is At The Back Of The House And Can Not Be Seen. Our Intention Is To Maintain The Historical Character Of The House By Using The Same Wood Trim Design Specs As Well As Time Period Door Knob/​Levers. Contributing Resource 0 11/​13/​2023 15:26 Void/​ Withdrawn 4988132 1N1E25BC 06500 STANTON ST ADD BLOCK 1 LOT 1
    https://​​detail/​permit/​4989055_​did/​ 23-103192-000-00-EA 5344 SE 115TH AVE, 97266 EA-Zoning & Inf. Bur.- no mtg Eight Fourplexes On Four Newly Divided Lots Totaling 32 Dwelling Units. Each Structure Is Three Stories W/​ A First Level Parking Garage. 0 11/​15/​2023 14:36 Pending - EA 4989055 1S2E15AC 01800 GUISNESS BERRY FARMS BLOCK 3 N 204' OF W 58' OF LOT 2 N 204' OF LOT 3
    https://​​detail/​permit/​4986767_​did/​ 23-101020-000-00-LU 3344 NE 25TH AVE, 97212 HR - Historic Resource Review Type 2 procedure The Applicant Requests Historic Resource Review Approval To Replace Non-Original Siding On The Side And Rear Facades Of A Noncontributing Resource In The Irvington Historic District. The Residence Contains Horizontal Vinyl Siding On The North, East And South Facades, Which Is Failing. The Proposal Is To Remove The Vinyl Siding And Replace With Horizontal Cedar With A 4.5¿ Reveal To Match The Siding On The Street-Facing Façade. Exterior Alterations That Do Not Meet An Exemption In Section 33.445.200 Requires Historic Resource Review. 0 11/​07/​2023 16:23 Pending 4986767 1N1E25BB 04900 EDGEMONT BLOCK 6 LOT 15
    https://​​detail/​permit/​4988665_​did/​ 23-102819-000-00-LU 2417 NE 11TH AVE, 97212 HR - Historic Resource Review Type 1 procedure new Demolition Of Chimney And Fill With Matching Siding. Roof Penetration To Be Filled With Composite Shingles, V-Groove, And New Rafter Tail To Match Existing. The Chimney Is Unsafe And It Is Not Historic, Having Been Rebuilt Prior To The Current Owners¿ Purchase Of The House In 2006. 0 11/​14/​2023 16:21 Incomplete 4988665 1N1E26CA 05700 IRVINGTON BLOCK 93 LOT 4
    https://​​detail/​permit/​4986771_​did/​ 23-101024-000-00-LU 4521 NE 31ST AVE, 97211 MLDS - Middle Housing Subdivision ELD - Expedited Land Division Mhld For Site Being Developed With Four Attached Units 0 11/​07/​2023 16:42 Incomplete 4986771 1N1E24BD 25100 ELBERTA BLOCK 21 LOT 10 S 25' OF LOT 11
    https://​​detail/​permit/​4988425_​did/​ 23-102601-000-00-LU 8551 N NEWMAN AVE, 97203 MLDS - Middle Housing Subdivision ELD - Expedited Land Division Expedited Middle Housing Land Division For 4-Lots Associated With A 4-Plex. 0 11/​14/​2023 11:18 Pending 4988425 1N1E08BD 10800 GARDEN PK BLOCK 2 LOT 23&24
    https://​​detail/​permit/​4985818_​did/​ 23-100115-000-00-EA 3319 SE SHERMAN ST, 97214 Pre-Prmt Zoning Plan Chck.1-2 Fam. Demolish Existing Detached Bedroom And Replace With New 200 Sq Ft Greenhouse. Add New Deck And Covered Area Connecting Main House To Greenhouse. Replace Existing French Door At Main House With Slider. Add New Washer/​Dryer In Main House Bathroom. Replace Existing Rear Deck To Make Larger And Flush With Floor. 0 11/​06/​2023 17:20 Pending - EA 4985818 1S1E01DC 23900 SECTION 01 1S 1E TL 23900 0.13 ACRES
    https://​​detail/​permit/​4988181_​did/​ 23-102372-000-00-LU 423 NE 74TH AVE, 97213 MLDS - Middle Housing Subdivision ELD - Expedited Land Division 4-Lot Middle Housing Land Division (Subdivision) For 4-Plex 0 11/​13/​2023 16:53 Pending 4988181 1N2E32DB 05400 MT TABOR VILLA BLOCK 21 LOT 7&8
    https://​​detail/​permit/​4989353_​did/​ 23-103476-000-00-LU 5520 SE 119TH AVE - UNIT B, 97266 AD - Adjustment Type 2 procedure The Applicant Is Proposing To Convert An Existing 1 Floor Detached Garage (504 Sq Ft) Into A 1 Floor Adu Using The Existing Exterior Walls. The Portland Zoning Code Requires Accessory Structures To Be Set Back At Least 40Ft From The Front Line Of The Property. The Front Line Of This Corner Lot Faces North (Se Harold St). At Its Shortest Distance, The Proposed Detached Adu Is 24Ft From The Front Lot Line. An Adjustment Is Requested To Reduce The Minimum Setback From 40Ft To 20Ft. Stormwater: The Adu Conversion Will Have Two Gutters, Two Storm Gardens On Each Sloped Side Of The Gabled Roof. The Gardens Will Have Stormwater Approved Plants Be At Least 2Ft From The Structure. 0 11/​16/​2023 11:31 Pending 4989353 1S2E15DA 01300
    https://​​detail/​permit/​4986150_​did/​ 23-100435-000-00-LU 5302 SW 53RD CT - UNIT B, 97221 AD - Adjustment Type 2 procedure Conversion Of Existing Attached Indoor Pool Space To An Adu, Remodel The Existing Bathroom And Add A New Bathroom. Adjustment Requested To The Maximum Living Area Allowed (To 1,400 Sq Ft). 0 11/​06/​2023 12:34 Pending 4986150 1S1E18AB 06000