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    https://​​detail/​permit/​4990644_​did/​ 23-104720-000-00-EA 4340 SW FAIRVALE DR, 97221 EA-Zoning & Inf. Bur.- w/​mtg Proposing New Residential Development At 4340 Sw Fairvale Dr. At A Minimum, Proposal Is To Include A Home And Detached Adu And Carport. At Maximum, Proposal Will Be For Two (2) Fourplexes On The Site. 0 11/​22/​2023 15:18 Pending - EA 4990644 1S1E17BC 07500 SECTION 17 1S 1E TL 7500 0.41 ACRES EMI EMOTO PO BOX 25005 PORTLAND, OR 97298 RICHARD EMOTO PO BOX 25005 PORTLAND, OR 97298 KALLI LIGHT RELEVANT BUILDING COMPANY PO BOX 387 OREGON CITY, OR 97045
    https://​​detail/​permit/​4988618_​did/​ 23-102777-000-00-EA 4744 N LOMBARD ST, 97203 EA-Zoning & Inf. Bur.- no mtg Proposed 45-Unit, 2 Building Development On A Corner Lot. Storm Water Disposal Method Will Be (2X) 4'X10' Drywells. 0 11/​14/​2023 15:24 Pending - EA 4988618 1N1E08CD 07300 SMITHSON LAND COS ADD BLOCK 3 LOT 1-6 DEZ DEVELOPMENT LLC 10117 SE SUNNYSIDE RD #F PMB 1123 CLACKAMAS, OR 97015-6798 GARRETT SANDBERG DEZ DEVELOPMENT LLC 10117 SE SUNNYSIDE ROAD, #F1123 CLACKAMAS OR 97015 USA
    https://​​detail/​permit/​4984673_​did/​ 23-099026-000-00-EA SW SAM JACKSON PARK RD, 97239 EA-Zoning & Inf. Bur.- w/​mtg Discuss The Vacation Of Portions Of Right-Of-Way (Row) Along Several Public Streets On The Ohsu Marquam Hill Campus 0 11/​02/​2023 17:06 Pending - EA 4984673 1S1E09AC 03800 SECTION 09 1S 1E TL 3800 0.09 ACRES OREGON STATE BOARD OF HIGHER EDUCATION 3181 SW SAM JACKSON PARK RD PORTLAND, OR 97239-3011 MICHAEL HARRISON OREGON HEALTH & SCIENCE UNIVERSITY 3181 SW SAM JACKSON PARK RD, MAIL CODE L101 PORTLAND OR 97239 USA
    https://​​detail/​permit/​4989554_​did/​ 23-103669-000-00-EA 8653 N EDISON ST, 97203 EA-Zoning & Inf. Bur.- w/​mtg Multi-Dwelling Development Project Currently Designed For 40 Units. No On-Site Parking Is Proposed. Re-Plat The Existing 4 Lots, Created By 2016 Subdivision, Into One Lot And To Eliminate Subdivision Conditions Of Approval. Possible Type Ii Adjustment To Maximum Street Setback On N Pittsburg Frontage. The Project Intends To Meet Design Standards Of 33.420 In Lieu Of Design Review. 0 11/​17/​2023 16:23 Pending - EA 4989554 1N1W12BA 03904 BRIDGEVIEW VILLAS LOT 4 ZETO HOMES LLC 4080 SW CHARMING WAY PORTLAND, OR 97225-2023 EMILY SANDY STRATA LAND USE PLANNING PO BOX 90833 PORTLAND OR 97290 USA
    https://​​detail/​permit/​4985396_​did/​ 23-099721-000-00-EA 1240 SW COLUMBIA ST, 97201 EA-Zoning & Inf. Bur.- w/​mtg This Project Is A Renovation That Includes Replacing Windows, Roofing, Exhaust Fans At The Roof, Exterior Joint Sealants, Waterproofing At The Plaza Courtyard Concrete Deck, Common Area Flooring, The Garage Door Opener, Portions Of The Plumbing System, And Interior Lighting; Cleaning And Sealing Masonry; Painting Balcony Railings; And Painting Interior Common Areas. No New Buildings Are Proposed. There Will Be No Change Of Use Or Occupancy Levels. This Project Is For Affordable Housing. 0 11/​06/​2023 15:38 Pending - EA 4985396 1S1E04AB 07800 PORTLAND BLOCK N 1/​2 C LOT 7&8 HOME FORWARD 135 SW ASH ST PORTLAND, OR 97204-3540 KEVIN SAXTON KASA ARCHITECTS 4119 NE CESAR E CHAVEZ BLVD PORTLAND, OR 97211
    https://​​detail/​permit/​4985414_​did/​ 23-099739-000-00-EA 1530 SW 13TH AVE, 97201 EA-Zoning & Inf. Bur.- w/​mtg This Project Is A Limited Renovation That Includes Recoating The Existing Exterior Insulation And Finish System (Eifs), Replacing Exterior Joint Sealants, Cleaning And Sealing Masonry And Concrete, Painting Balcony Railings, And Replacing The Waterproof Traffic Coatings At The Balconies. No New Buildings Are Proposed. There Will Be No Change Of Use Or Occupancy Levels. This Project Is For Affordable Housing. 0 11/​06/​2023 16:33 Pending - EA 4985414 1S1E04AC 00700 PORTLAND BLOCK S 1/​2 C W 60' OF LOT 5 S 17' OF W 60' OF LOT 6 HOUSING AUTHORITY OF PORTLAND 135 SW ASH ST #500 PORTLAND, OR 97204-3540 KEVIN SAXTON KASA ARCHITECTS 4119 NE CESAR E CHAVEZ BLVD PORTLAND, OR 97211
    https://​​detail/​permit/​4988479_​did/​ 23-102647-000-00-EA 908 NE COLUMBIA BLVD, 97211 EA-Zoning & Inf. Bur.- w/​mtg New Construction Of An Office And Maintenance Building For The Bus Charter Fleet. Site Work Would Include Parking For The Bus Fleet And Additional Parking For Employees. 0 11/​14/​2023 12:39 Pending - EA 4988479 1N1E11CD 03300 SECTION 11 1N 1E TL 3300 0.90 ACRES DONALD E JR WALKER 12508 NW 49TH AVE VANCOUVER, WA 98685-1982 JAMES SCHMIDT COVALENT ARCHITECTURE 19215 SE 34TH ST #106-420 CAMAS, WA 98607
    https://​​detail/​permit/​4987317_​did/​ 23-101551-000-00-EA 2010 NE RIVERSIDE WAY, 97211 EA-Zoning & Inf. Bur.- w/​mtg Addition Of Employee Office Spaces And Forklift Charging Station To Existing Building. Removal Of Old Office Building. Removal Of Unused Shop Area. Addition Of Security Fence. 0 11/​09/​2023 10:51 Pending - EA 4987317 1N1E11DA 00900 SECTION 11 1N 1E TL 900 11.62 ACRES PORTLAND TERMINALS LLC PO BOX 869 WARREN, MI 48090 MIKE COYLE FASTER PERMITS 2000 SW 1ST AVE, STE 420 PORTLAND, OR 97201
    https://​​detail/​permit/​4990139_​did/​ 23-104222-000-00-EA 618 SW 18TH AVE, 97205 PC - PreApplication Conference New Portland Firefighters Memorial Adjacent To Existing Historic David Campbell Memorial. Exterior Plaza Improvements Include Providing Seating, Ada Access And Storm Water Management. Minor Restoration And Repair Of Existing Historic Memorial As Budget Allows. 0 11/​20/​2023 11:42 Application 4990139 1N1E33DC 01000 PORTLAND BLOCK 326 LOT 7&8 HARSCH INVESTMENT PROPERTIES LLC PO BOX 2708 PORTLAND, OR 97208-2708 CHARLES BRUCKER PLACE 735 NW 18TH AVE PORTLAND, OR 97209
    https://​​detail/​permit/​4988150_​did/​ 23-102344-000-00-EA 3745 SE DIVISION ST, 97202 EA-Zoning & Inf. Bur.- w/​mtg 19 Unit, Three-Story Multifamily Project With Ground Floor Retail. The Project Will Include Approximately 10,750 Gross Square Feet Of Interior Area. 31 Long Term Bike Parking Spaces Will Be Provided In A Common Bike Room At Ground Floor And 4 Short Term Bike Parking Spaces Will Be Provided Adjacent To The Entry To Residential And Retail Portions Of The Building. Stormwater Will Be Detained And Filtered In Flow-Through Planters At Grade Then Discharged To The Storm Sewer. 0 11/​14/​2023 15:51 Pending - EA 4988150 1S1E01DD 16800 ALMOND BLOCK 2 LOT 7 LAND & IMPS SALLY CADONAU 12450 SW FISCHER RD #305 TIGARD, OR 97224 WENDYLEE FAIRFAX 12450 SW FISCHER RD #305 TIGARD, OR 97224 JONAH GAMBLIN DESIGN RESEARCH OFFICE 8535 SE 9TH AVE PORTLAND, OR 97202
    https://​​detail/​permit/​4990991_​did/​ 23-105044-000-00-EA 1151 SW VERMONT ST, 97219 PC - PreApplication Conference The Proposal Is To Modernize The Existing High School By Redeveloping The Site. A New High School Building Will Be Designed To Hold An Average Student Capacity Of 1,700 Students. The Total Anticipated Gross Square Footage For The New Facility Will Be Around 310,000 Gross Square Feet. Some Of The Features Redeveloped. The School Will Offer A Full Range Of High School Facilities, Including A Theater, Band And Choir Rooms, A Cafeteria And Commons, And A Media Center As Well As Classrooms And Science Labs, Art Rooms, Shop Spaces And A Variety Of Specialized Learning Environments. The School Will Also Probably Accommodate A Small Childcare Center And A Health Clinic. 0 11/​22/​2023 14:45 Application 4990991 1S1E16DC 03700 SECTION 16 1S 1E TL 3700 14.15 ACRES SCHOOL DISTRICT NO 1 PO BOX 3107 PORTLAND, OR 97208-3107 DONNA BEZIO PORTLAND PUBLIC SCHOOLS 501 N DIXON ST PORTLAND, OR 97227
    https://​​detail/​permit/​4988137_​did/​ 23-102332-000-00-EA 615 S PALATINE HILL RD, 97219 Pre-Prmt Zoning Plan Chck.Other In 2021, Lewis & Clark Invested In Campus Building Improvements And Entered Into A 5-Year Compliance Period (Nonconforming Upgrade, Option 2) To Upgrade Campus Bicycle Parking Per Title 33.258.070 Dc And 33.258.070 2A(3). Lewis & Clark College Is Located At 615 S Palatine Hill Road, Portland Or 97219. Institutional Zoning. Long- And Short-Term Bicycle Parking Are Established Per Zoning Codes 33.266.200 And 33.266.210. According To Map 266-1, Bicycle Parking Areas, The Campus Is Located In Standard B Area. Short- And Long-Term Bicycle Parking Spaces Are Calculated Based On The Two Uses On Campus: Group Living, Dormitory And College, Excluding Dormitory. Existing Short-Term Bicycle Spaces For Both Uses Meet And Exceed Code Requirements, This Information Is Listed On The Bottom Table On Page 1. Therefore, No Proposed Changes To Short-Term Bicycle Parking. Contrarily, Long-Term Code-Compliant Bicycle Spaces For Both Uses Are Below What Is Required. In This Document, A Summary Page Outlining Bicycle Facility Location, Number Of Spaces And Requirements Are Listed Per Use, Followed By Existing And Proposed Assessment Of Each Location Or Space To Be Improved. Specific Model And Design Of Bicycle Furnishings Can Be Found In The Appendix Towards The End Of The Document. Prior To Completing The Nonconforming Upgrades, Lewis & Clark Would Like To Verify With This Document That The Proposed Upgrades Would Indeed Fulfil The Nonconforming Requirements Set Forth In The Zoning Code, Hence The Ultimate Release Of Covenant. 0 11/​14/​2023 15:32 Pending - EA 4988137 1S1E27D 00100 SECTION 27 1S 1E TL 100 85.50 ACRES SPLIT LEVY (R709301280 LEWIS & CLARK COLLEGE 615 S PALATINE HILL RD MSC 27 PORTLAND, OR 97219 JENNIFER RUSSINA ZGF ARCHITECTS 1223 SW WASHINGTON STE 200 PORTLAND OR 97205
    https://​​detail/​permit/​4990281_​did/​ 23-104362-000-00-LU 5005 NE 14TH AVE, 97211 AD - Adjustment Type 2 procedure Installation Of A Prefab Steel Carport Structure In The Front Parking Lot (For Coverage From The Weather). Adjustment Requested To The 10' Setback Requirement Between The Structure And Ne Alberta St. 0 11/​20/​2023 15:53 Void/​ Withdrawn 4990281 1N1E23BA 25000 ROSEDALE & ANX BLOCK 10 LOT 8 EXC PT IN ST LOT 9 BREN REIS 5005 NE 14TH AVE PORTLAND, OR 97211
    https://​​detail/​permit/​4985432_​did/​ 23-099757-000-00-LU 5521 N CAMPBELL AVE, 97217 AD - Adjustment Type 2 procedure Two Adjustments Are Being Sought ¿ An Adjustment To The Rear Setback And An Adjustment To The Side Setback As The Proposed Building Design Height Will Exceed 15 Ft. Development Of Second Story Addition Above Existing Garage For Personal Office And Bathroom. 0 11/​02/​2023 17:49 Incomplete 4985432 1N1E16DD 21500 NUT GROVE BLOCK 6 LOT 10 FOIN HOUGHTON FAMILY TR 5521 N CAMPBELL AVE PORTLAND, OR 97217 BRENNAN LATHAM LCD PNW 200 N. HARRISON ST, UNIT A NEWBERG OR 97132
    https://​​detail/​permit/​4989079_​did/​ 23-103216-000-00-LU 11733 S BREYMAN AVE, 97219 CU - Conditional Use Type 3 procedure A Type Iii Conditional Use To Remove Conditions Of Approval That Cap Enrollment And Require Yearly Monitoring Reports. No Building Or Exterior Improvements Are Proposed. Stormwater: No New Development Is Proposed. 0 11/​15/​2023 15:09 Pending 4989079 1S1E35 00200 ABERNETHY HTS LOT 22-24 TL 200 SCHOOL DISTRICT NO 51J 11733 S BREYMAN AVE PORTLAND, OR 97219-8409 NICOLE BASSEN RIVERDALE SCHOOL DISTRICT 11733 SW BREYMAN AVE PORTLAND, OR 97219
    https://​​detail/​permit/​4986992_​did/​ 23-101244-000-00-LU 311 NE 141ST AVE, 97230 CU - Conditional Use Type 3 procedure Expansion Of A Basic Utility Use. The Project Includes Construction Of A New Wellhouse, A Water Treatment Facility, Backwash Tank Structure, Stormwater Management Facility, And Associated Site Landscaping. An Adjustment Is Requested To The L3 Landscaping Standard To Allow Existing, Mature Trees On The Site To Qualify As Part Of The Required Landscape Buffers. 0 11/​07/​2023 11:12 Pending 4986992 1N2E35DA 04700 ASCOT AC LOT 123 EXC PT IN ST ROCKWOOD WATER PEOPLE'S UTILITY DISTRICT 19601 NE HALSEY ST PORTLAND, OR 97230-7430 PAT VAN DUSER JACOBS 2020 SW 4TH AVE #300 PORTLAND OR 97201 USA
    https://​​detail/​permit/​4989540_​did/​ 23-103655-000-00-LU 4947 N WILLIAMS AVE, 97217 DZ - Design Review Type 2 procedure This Case May Be Subject To The 100-Day Review Timeline. Applicant Is Choosing This Review To Be Processed As A Type Ii. The Proposed Building Is A Four-Story Structure Of Approximately 80,670 Square Feet. The Building Program Consists Of 75 Units Of Affordable Housing Including One-Bedroom, Two-Bedroom, And Three-Bedroom Units. Ground Floor Use Consists Of A Mixture Of Housing Units, Building Lobby, Property Management Offices, And Community Amenity Spaces. The Site Consists Of A Courtyard Amenity And 31 Surface Parking Spaces Accessed Off Ne Alberta West Of The Building. Stormwater Runoff From Proposed Impervious And Landscape Areas Of The Site Will Be Collected Via Area Drains And Downspouts And Piped To A Sedimentation Manhole; Water Will Then Infiltrate Via A Drywell System. 0 11/​16/​2023 16:04 Pending 4989540 1N1E22AC 00100 WILLIAMS AVE ADD 2 BLOCK 1 LOT 1 PORTLAND CITY OF 1900 SW 4TH AVE STE 7007 PORTLAND, OR 97201 COLE POLAND HOLST ARCHITECTURE 123 NE 3RD AVE., STE 310 PORTLAND, OR 97232
    https://​​detail/​permit/​4989870_​did/​ 23-103967-000-00-LU 1130 NW 22ND AVE, 97210 DZ - Design Review Type 1 procedure new A New Wireless Facility To Be Located On The Rooftop Of The Existing Building. The Equipment Will Be Located In Two (2) Areas And Includes: Antennas, Radios, Gps, Batteries (Emergency Backup), Cabinet, And Other Ancillary Equipment Necessary To Operate The Site. Both Areas Will Be Screened With Frp That Will Match The Color And Texture Of The Facade Of The Building. 0 11/​17/​2023 14:24 Void/​ Withdrawn 4989870 1N1E33BA 04100 COUCHS ADD BLOCK 300 LOT 11&14-16 TL 4100 GOOD SAMARITAN HOSPITAL MEDICAL CENTER 1919 NW LOVEJOY ST PORTLAND, OR 97209 PHILLIP KITZES J5 INFRASTRUCTURE PARTNERS 23035 SE 263RD ST MAPLE VALLEY, WA 98038
    https://​​detail/​permit/​4986461_​did/​ 23-100732-000-00-LU 810 SW GAINES ST, 97239 EN - Environmental Review Type 2 procedure Ohsu Intends To Increase The Functionality Of The Marquam Hill Campus Service Yard, Bring The Development Standards Subject To The Non-Conforming Upgrade Section Into Compliance, And Revegetate Areas Within The Environmental Overlay. Temporary Disturbance Within The Resource Area Requires An Environmental Review. Stormwater: As On-Site Infiltration Is Infeasible Due To Geologic Conditions, Stormwater Will Be Treated By A Series Of Manufactures Devices And Quantity Controlled By A Detention Pipe System And A Flow Control Manhole Before Connecting To The Existing Storm Line On The Site. 0 11/​06/​2023 10:08 Pending 4986461 1S1E09 01300 SECTION 09 1S 1E TL 1300 7.96 ACRES OREGON STATE OF BOARD OF HIGHER EDUCATION 1633 SW PARK AVE PORTLAND, OR 97201-3218 CHRIS HAGERMAN THE BOOKIN GROUP LLC 1020 SW TAYLOR ST #555 PORTLAND, OR 97205
    https://​​detail/​permit/​4985382_​did/​ 23-099707-000-00-LU N TIME OIL RD, 97203 EN - Environmental Review Type 2 procedure The Project Consists Of Construction Of Overhead Transmission Line And Underground Distribution Line Which Connects To The Existing Rivergate Substation. Nine New Utility Poles Shall Be Installed In The Utility Corridor North Of N Time Oil Rd. Approximately 3500 Linear Ft Of Underground Distribution Line Will Be Installed Within The North Lane Of N Time Oil Rd. 0 11/​07/​2023 15:13 Pending 4985382 2N1W35B 00800 SECTION 35 2N 1W TL 800 1.03 ACRES GOTHIC BRIDGE LAND ENTERPRISES LLC ET AL 988 HOWARD AVE STE 200 BURLINGAME, CA 94010 PORT OF PORTLAND PO BOX 3529 PORTLAND, OR 97208-3529 THOMAS KRUGER SEASIDE GRID, LLC c/​o EOLIAN, LP 988 HOWARD AVE #200 BURLINGAME, CA 94010
    https://​​detail/​permit/​4990866_​did/​ 23-070740-000-00-FP 3914 SE 69TH AVE, 97206 FP_​MHP - Middle Housing Partition 2 Lot Land Division Through A Middle Housing Land Division 0 11/​22/​2023 10:51 Application 4990866 1S2E08CA 16101 GREENWOOD HOMES LLC PO BOX 1225 CANBY, OR 97013-1225 PAUL ROEGER CMT SURVEYING & CONSULTING 20330 SE HWY 212 DAMASCAS OR 97089 USA
    https://​​detail/​permit/​4987472_​did/​ 22-198136-000-00-FP 10160 N BARR AVE, 97203 FP_​MHP - Middle Housing Partition Final Plat To Create Two Parcels Through A Middle Housing Land Division 0 11/​13/​2023 13:56 Under Review 4987472 1N1W01AD 03601 EASTSIDE VENTURES LLC 5933 NE FLANDERS ST PORTLAND, OR 97213-3739 ZAC HORTON FASTER PERMITS 2000 SW 1ST AVE SUITE 420 PORTLAND, OR 97201
    https://​​detail/​permit/​4985728_​did/​ 23-071324-000-00-FP 5109 SE RURAL ST, 97206 FP_​MHS - Middle Housing Subdivision Final Plat For A 4-Lot Middle Housing Land Division 0 11/​03/​2023 14:23 Under Review 4985728 1S2E19BD 00400 ERROL HTS BLOCK 1 LOT 7&8 KOVAL HOLDINGS LLC 2050 BEAVERCREEK RD #101-207 OREGON CITY, OR 97045-4301 KIMBERLY FREEMAN STRATA LAND USE PLANNING PO BOX 90833 PORTLAND, OR 97290
    https://​​detail/​permit/​4988178_​did/​ 23-102369-000-00-LU 6543 N BURLINGTON AVE, 97203 GW - Greenway Type 2 procedure This Project Will Update The The Water Pollution Control Lab (Wpcl) Building Site, Owned And Operated By The Bureau Of Environmental Services (Bes). The Scope Of This Project Includes Construction Of A New 2,712 Square Foot Boat Storage Building, Resurfacing And Expansion (10,472 Square Feet) Of The Existing Employee And Public Parking Lot With New Asphaltic Concrete Overlay, The Additional Of Perimeter Security Fencing And Gates, And Additional Updates To Meet Americans With Disabilities Act (Ada) Access Requirements. 0 11/​15/​2023 16:46 Pending 4988178 1N1W12BC 01200 JAMES JOHNS ADD FRACTIONAL BLOCKS BLOCK 6&7&A TL 1200 PORTLAND CITY OF 1120 SW 5TH AVE #1000 PORTLAND, OR 97204-1912 MATT HASTIE MIG /​ APG 506 SW 6TH AVE #400 PORTLAND, OR 97204
    https://​​detail/​permit/​4988447_​did/​ 23-102621-000-00-LU 1523 N MCCLELLAN ST, 97217 HDRR - Historic Designation Removal Review Type 2 procedure The Applicant Requests Historic Designation Removal For A Contributing Resource In The Kenton Conservation District. The Existing Single-Family Structure Is A Small One-Story Bungalow With No Basement. The Design Is Typical Of The Model Workforce Housing That Was Built In 1922 To Support Local Industry. The Structure Has Been Significantly Damaged By Multiple Fires And Is Noted As Being Beyond Repair. Historic Designation Removal Review Is Required Because The Proposal Is To Reclassify A Contributing Resource In A Conservation District To Noncontributing, Per Portland Zoning Code Section 33.445.210.B. 0 11/​13/​2023 11:49 Pending 4988447 1N1E09DA 03200 KENTON BLOCK 43 LOT 21&22 TOWN DEVELOPMENTS INC 15648 SE 114TH AVE #211 CLACKAMAS, OR 97015 SAM LUCK BTS DEVELOPMENTS 1419 BROADWAY ST VANCOUVER, WA 98663
    https://​​detail/​permit/​4985354_​did/​ 23-099682-000-00-LU 533 SW 4TH AVE, 97204 HR - Historic Resource Review Type 1x procedure Applicant Proposes Exterior Alterations To The Hotel Adler, An Existing Five-Story Mixed-Use Development Considered A Historic Landmark, Located In The Downtown Subdistrict Of The Central City Plan District. Located On A Quarter-Block Site At The Northeast Corner Of Sw Alder And Sw 4Th Avenue, The Landmark Was Constructed As A Hotel In 1910 In The Commercial Style. This Proposal Is To For The Removal And Replacement Of Existing Fabric Awnings With Similarly Styled But More Durable Metal Awnings. Historic Resource Review Is Required For Non-Exempt Exterior Alterations To A Historic Landmark Require Historic Design Review, Per Portland Zoning Code Section 33.445.100.D.1.A. 0 11/​02/​2023 14:22 Pending 4985354 1N1E34CD 09100 PORTLAND BLOCK 63 LOT 3&4 TL 9100 LAND & IMPS SEE R541079 (R667707372) FOR AIRSPACE HELIOS ENTERTAINMENT LLC 17 SW 2ND AVE STE 202 PORTLAND, OR 97204 MONICA AHLERS CONVERGENCE ARCHITECTURE 7302 N RICHMOND AVE PORTLAND, OR 97203
    https://​​detail/​permit/​4991244_​did/​ 23-105286-000-00-LU 2341 NW HOYT ST, 97210 HR - Historic Resource Review Type 1 procedure new Convert 520 Sf Of Existing Single Family Home Basement To Adu. This Is A Contributing Resource In The Alphabet Historic District. 0 11/​27/​2023 11:40 Pending 4991244 1N1E33BC 05200 KINGS 2ND ADD BLOCK 13 E 1/​2 OF LOT 9 BRADLEY, JOHN M TR 2350 NW JOHNSON ST PORTLAND, OR 97210-3232 BRADLEY, MAUREEN A TR 2350 NW JOHNSON ST PORTLAND, OR 97210-3232 JENNIFER RINKUS BAYSINGER PARTNERS ARCHITECTURE 2410 N LOMBARD PORTLAND, OR 97217
    https://​​detail/​permit/​4985427_​did/​ 23-099752-000-00-LU 5545 NE SIMPSON ST, 97218 LDP - Land Division Review (Partition) Type 1x procedure Proposed Lot Division To Create A New Flag Lot. 0 11/​02/​2023 16:54 Pending 4985427 1N2E18DC 01601 PARTITION PLAT 1994-151 LOT 1 DAYDOE DESIGN BUILD LLC 1417 SE 32ND PL PORTLAND, OR 97214 ERIN ZITER DAYDOE DESIGN BUILD 1417 SE 32ND PL PORTLAND, OR 97214
    https://​​detail/​permit/​4987525_​did/​ 23-101750-000-00-LU 4505 SW VESTA ST, 97219 RP - Replat Type 1x procedure Replat Lots 23, 24, 25, And 26 Into Two Parcels (One With Existing House And One New Parcel On Which To Build A New House With A Detached Garage). 0 11/​09/​2023 15:38 Pending 4987525 1S1E31AD 16300 WEST PORTLAND PK BLOCK 85 LOT 23-26 HOLLY WILLIAMS 4505 SW VESTA ST PORTLAND, OR 97219 MICHAEL S JR VANDEWEGE 4505 SW VESTA ST PORTLAND, OR 97219 PAUL ROEGER CMT SURVEYING & CONSULTING 20330 SE HWY 212 DAMASCAS OR 97089 USA