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    https://​​detail/​permit/​5013939_​did/​ 24-013057-000-00-LU 1112 SE 41ST AVE, 97214 CU - Conditional Use Type 3 procedure Type Iii Conditional Use With An Adjustment To Locate Chesterton Academy A Private High School In The Existing St. Stephens School Building. No Significant Changes To The Exterior Development On The Site Are Proposed. 0 02/​13/​2024 16:12 Pending 5013939 1S2E06BC 13100 EASTLAND BLOCK 3 LOT 1-4 ST STEPHEN CATHOLIC CHURCH PORTLAND OREGON 1112 SE 41ST AVE PORTLAND, OR 97214 DEBBIE CLEEK THE BOOKIN GROUP 1020 SW TAYLOR ST, #555 PORTLAND OR 97205 USA JAY FODREA CHESTERTON ACADEMY 10013 NE HAZEL DELL AVENUE #156 VANCOUVER WA 98685 USA
    https://​​detail/​permit/​5018032_​did/​ 24-017044-000-00-LU 8422 SE CLAY ST AD - Adjustment Type 2 procedure We Would Like To Construct 4 New Townhome Style Residential Condos On This Property. We Are Requesting An Adjustment Review To Increase The Lot Coverage Over 50%. Onsite Stormwater Management With A Drywell Or Infiltration Trench. 0 02/​23/​2024 14:54 Pending 5018032 1S2E04CB 08202 PROVISION INVESTMENTS INC 315 W MILL PLAIN BLVD STE 208 VANCOUVER, WA 98660-3999 VITALY SUKHANOV PROVISION INVESTMENTS INC 1409 BROADWAY ST VANCOUVER WA 98661 USA
    https://​​detail/​permit/​5015973_​did/​ 24-015043-000-00-LU 8823 SE MARKET ST, 97216 LDP - Land Division Review (Partition) Type 1x procedure Divide An Approximately 6900-Sq Ft Parcel Into Two 3450-Sq Ft Parcels In The R2.5 Zone. The Future Home On The New Parcel Will Dispose Of Its Stormwater To A Lined Sand Filter (Sw-141). The Existing Home Will Continue To Dispose Of Water Using Its Existing Downspout System. 0 02/​20/​2024 11:40 Void/​ Withdrawn 5015973 1S2E04CA 14300 STANLEY & PLAT 2 BLOCK 9 LOT 19&20 MARGARET CEJALVO 8823 SE MARKET ST PORTLAND, OR 97216-1825 RONALD CEJALVO 8823 SE MARKET ST PORTLAND, OR 97216-1825 TOM FOUSHEE 1110 W NEWPORT BEACH DR GILBERT AZ 85233 BRANDON FOUSHEE 6341 S CLAIBORNE AVE GILBERT, AZ 85298
    https://​​detail/​permit/​5013045_​did/​ 24-012203-000-00-LU 1001 SE 135TH AVE, 97233 AD - Adjustment Type 2 procedure David Douglas School District Proposes A 43,000 Square Foot Building Addition To The High School Campus To Provide Additional Space For Career And Technical Education (Cte) Programs And Seeks Approval Of An Adjustment Application For Non-Conforming Bicycle Parking An And Application For L4 Screening Requirements. 0 02/​12/​2024 08:52 Incomplete 5013045 1S2E02 00100 TAYLOR'S SUB LOT 3-10 TL 100 SPLIT LEVY R283941 (R822200800) SCHOOL DISTRICT #40 1500 SE 130TH AVE PORTLAND, OR 97233-1719 PATT KOMAR DAVID DOUGLAS SCHOOL DISTRICT 11300 NE HALSEY ST PORTLAND OR 97220
    https://​​detail/​permit/​5015027_​did/​ 24-014123-000-00-LU 3037 SW 2ND AVE, 97201 HR - Historic Resource Review Type 1x procedure Install 9 Decorative Concrete Light Poles At Lair Hill Park Within The South Portland Historic District. The Five Existing Concrete Poles Have A Faulty Anchor Connection And Since They Do Not Meet Current Building Code They Must Be Replaced. At The Time Of Replacement, Four Additional Concrete Light Poles Will Also Be Installed. The New Poles Will Illuminate The Park Entrances And Increase The Illumination For The Paved Pathway, Enhancing Safe Park Use At Nighttime And Increased Visibility Into The Park. This Is A Contributing Resource In The South Portland Historic District 0 02/​15/​2024 07:37 Incomplete 5015027 1S1E10BB 08600 CARUTHERS ADD BLOCK 66&67&78&79 TL 8600 PORTLAND CITY OF 1120 SW 5TH AVE #858 PORTLAND, OR 97204-1912 BRETT HORNER COP - PORTLAND PARKS & RECREATION 1120 SW FIFTH AVE., STE 858 PORTLAND, OR 97201
    https://​​detail/​permit/​5015107_​did/​ 24-014201-000-00-LU 3181 SW SAM JACKSON PARK RD, 97239 DZ - Design Review Type 3 procedure Approximately 180,000 Gsf New Addition To Existing Doernbecher Children'S Hospital To Include Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (Nicu), Labor And Delivery, Postpartum And Antepartum Rooms. Stormwater Runoff Will Be Collected By A Series Of Roof Drains And Catch Basins And Will Be Conveyed Onsite To The Proposed Detention Systems. Sedimentation Manholes Will Be Located Upstream Of The Detention Systems. Stormwater Will Be Detained In Below Grade Concrete Vaults, And Flow Control Manholes Will Slowly Release Stormwater To The Onsite Combined Sewer. Stormwater Runoff From The Public Improvements Will Not Be Treated Or Detained And An Offsite Stormwater Management Fee In Lieu Will Be Pursued. 0 02/​16/​2024 09:47 Pending 5015107 1S1E09 00200 SECTION 09 1S 1E TL 200 26.24 ACRES LAND & IMPS SEE R327745 (R991090552) FOR AIRSPACE & IMPS & R327746 (R991090555) FOR IMPS OREGON STATE BOARD OF HIGHER EDUCATION 3181 SW SAM JACKSON PARK RD PORTLAND, OR 97239-3011 KRISTINA THOMSEN ZGF ARCHITECTS 1223 SW WASHINGTON ST, STE 200 PORTLAND, OR 97205
    https://​​detail/​permit/​5012819_​did/​ 24-011981-000-00-LU 4033 SW CANYON RD, 97221 AD - Adjustment Type 2 procedure Application To Install Replacement Signage At Washington Park (3 Signs - All Over 10 Sq Ft) 0 02/​13/​2024 15:51 Pending 5012819 1S1E05 00800 SECTION 05 1S 1E TL 800 107.18 ACRES PORTLAND CITY OF 1120 SW 5TH AVE #858 PORTLAND, OR 97204-1912 TRAVIS RUYBAL PORTLAND PARKS & RECREATION 1221 SW 4TH AVE, SUITE 800 PORTLAND OR 97204 USA
    https://​​detail/​permit/​5018556_​did/​ 24-017554-000-00-LU 301 SW LINCOLN ST, 97201 DZ - Design Review Type 1 procedure new Addition Of A 24' 6" X 29' 5" Deck With An Aluminum Cabana Style "Apollo" Structure. Stormwater: Standard Deck Framing And Aluminum Cabana With No Roof Elements Create No New Impervious Hard Surface. Post Holes Will Be The Only Ground Disturbance. 0 02/​26/​2024 16:32 Pending 5018556 1S1E03CB 01301 PARTITION PLAT 1997-180 LOT 1 PARKSIDE PLAZA 100% LLC 5800 MEADOWS RD #240 LAKE OSWEGO, OR 97035 NICK LOPEZ VULCAN DESIGN & CONSTRUCTION 351 GRAND BLVD VANCOUVER WA 98661
    https://​​detail/​permit/​5015173_​did/​ 24-014265-000-00-LU 520 SW YAMHILL ST, 97204 HR - Historic Resource Review Type 2 procedure New Glazing And Stone Storefront Base To Match Existing. 942 Sq Ft Of Proposed Affected Façade. This Is A Landmark Building. 0 02/​16/​2024 11:03 Pending 5015173 1S1E03BB 01200 PORTLAND BLOCK 171 LOT 1&8 N 1/​2 OF LOT 2&7 PAC-HILL LIMITED PARTNERSHIP 520 SW YAMHILL ST PH 8 PORTLAND, OR 97204 CAM HEMMEN PAROLINE & ASSOCIATES 5806 119TH AVE SE, #300 BELLEVUE, WA 98006
    https://​​detail/​permit/​5018214_​did/​ 24-017226-000-00-LU 350 SW SALMON ST, 97204 HR - Historic Resource Review Type 1 procedure new Restoration Of The Historic Thompson Elk Fountain In Its Original Location And Configuration. Scope Of Work Includes The Repair And Reinstallation Of Original Granite Fountain Components; Fabrication Of New Granite Units Where Original Are Missing Or Damaged Beyond Reuse. The New Stone Units Will Be Vermont Barre Granite To Match The Original Stone; The Original Bronze Elk Statue Will Be Reinstalled On The Reinstalled Granite Pedestal. A New Armature Will Be Installed Within The Void Of The Granite Pedestal For The New Structural Connection Of The Elk; The Existing Concrete Foundation Will Be Replaced With A New Concrete Foundation Constructed In The Original Location. The Existing Granite Steps At The Bottom Row Of The Fountain, Which Remain In Place, Will Be Salvaged And Reinstalled In Their Original Locations. Prior To Removal Of The Concrete Foundation, The Existing Configuration Of Elements To Be Salvaged And Removed Will Be Documented To Replicate For Reinstallation Of The Fountain In Its Original Location. Documentation Is To Include Elevations Of The Existing Granite Steps And Concrete Foundation With Respect To A Physical Benchmark That Will Not Be Disturbed, To Establish A Reference Elevation Throughout The Project. New Structural Connections Will Connect Stone Units To The New Foundation. New Water Supply And Sanitary Lines Will Be Added To The Reinstalled Fountain. The Fountain Will Be Decorative, And Non-Interactive. A New Vault With A Recirculating Pump Will Be Added West Of The Fountain, With A 48¿ X 48¿ Traffic Rated Diamond Plate Double Door Aluminum Vault Cover Flush With The Adjacent Paving. The Estimated Water Savings From The Recirculating Pump Is Approximately 18,720 Gallons Per Day. A New Backflow Preventer Enclosure Will Be Added Within The Park To The North, In Lownsdale Square. The Protective Metal Enclosure Will Be 30¿ X 10¿ X 22¿ High, Constructed Of Aluminum, Painted To Match The Existing Paint Color On The Adjacent Existing Light Pole. The Top Of The New Concrete Pad Below Will Be At The Same Level As The Adjacent Sidewalk, Flush With Grade. The Installation Of The Water Backflow Preventer Assembly And Associated Enclosure Is Required By State And City Code And Must Be Located Outside Of The Public Right-Of-Way. After Consultation With Pp&R And City Planning, The Backflow Assembly Will Be Installed Close To The Existing Light Pole On The Se Side Of The Park. If Required As Part Of This Land Use Review, Approved Landscaping Can And Will Be Planted To Provide Screening On The Enclosure. Two Existing Light Poles Will Be Painted To Match The Existing Paint Color, And New Lighting Provided At The Existing Light Poles. A Galvanized Steel Cover For The Electrical Handhole Pull Box Will Be Installed Adjacent To Each Of The Two Existing Light Poles, Flush With Grade. At The South End Of Chapman Square, A 1 1/​4" Galvanized Steel Conduit Will Extend Up 18" At The Exterior East Side Of The Restroom Building From Grade, Before Turning Into The Wall For Connection At Interior Electrical Panel. The Conduit Turn In Will Be Located At A Mortar Joint. Street Improvements Are Not Included In The Scope Of Work. Asphalt Pavement Repairs And Replacement Will Be Required At Areas Adjacent To The Fountain To Implement Plumbing And Electrical Work. 0 02/​23/​2024 08:32 Pending 5018214 1S1E03BB 00400 PORTLAND BLOCK 53 PORTLAND CITY OF 1120 SW 5TH AVE #858 PORTLAND, OR 97204-1912 SUSAN MEAMBER PORTLAND WATER BUREAU 1120 SW 5TH AVE RM 405 PORTLAND OR 97204 CHRIS FINNEY PORTLAND WATER BUREAU 1120 SW 5TH AVE, 4TH FLOOR PORTLAND, OR 97204
    https://​​detail/​permit/​5014528_​did/​ 24-013633-000-00-LU 301 SE MORRISON ST, 97214 DZ - Design Review Type 2 procedure Interior Renovation Of An Existing Restaurant, Bar & Support Spaces In The Ground Floor & Basement Of An Existing 3-Story Urm Building. No Change To Use Or Occupancy This Application. Minor Exterior Modifications Only. Stormwater: Soakage Trench. 0 02/​14/​2024 08:09 Pending 5014528 1S1E03AA 02600 EAST PORTLAND BLOCK 84 W 1/​2 OF LOT 3&4 WALT & PAM PELETT 2016 TR 823 SE 3RD AVE PORTLAND, OR 97214-2101 WILLIAM NEBURKA EVIDENT ARCHITECTURE OFFICE 7323 NE GLISAN ST PORTLAND OR 97213 USA AMANDA ELLER EVIDENT ARCHITECTURE OFFICE 7323 NE GLISAN ST PORTLAND OR 97213 USA
    https://​​detail/​permit/​5017222_​did/​ 24-016257-000-00-LU 3425 SE LINCOLN ST - UNIT A, 97214 CU - Conditional Use Type 2 procedure The House Is A 2-Story Building With A Total Area Of ~1800 Sq. Ft. And Has 4 Bedrooms And 3 Bathrooms. The Plan Is To Rent Out 2-4 Bedrooms For Short Term, Mid-Term, OR Long-Term Rental Ranging From 1 Day To 1Year+ Depending On The Rental Market And Depending On The Number Of The Owner'S Family Staying Over At The House At A Given Time. In Most Cases, 3 Or Less Rooms Ill Be Rented. If The Owner Travels During The Holiday, Might Rent Out The 4Th Room While Away. Stormwater Drain Located On The House Driveway. Sewer Stormwater Inlets Are At Lincoln St And At The Corner Of 34Th - Lincoln. All Connected To City Line. Channel Drain Along East Side Of House. 0 02/​21/​2024 10:59 Pending 5017222 1S1E01DC 20400 PARK VIEW RPLT & EXTD BLOCK A W 32 1/​2' OF LOT 9 STUDIO DEFINE LLC 3425 SE LINCOLN ST PORTLAND, OR 97214 VICTORIA CHEN STUDIO DEFINE LLC 3425 SE LINCOLN ST PORTLAND, OR 97214
    https://​​detail/​permit/​5019387_​did/​ 24-018337-000-00-LU 1038 SE CESAR E CHAVEZ BLVD, 97214 DZM - Design Review w/​ Modifications Type 2 procedure Type Ii Design Review With Modifications To Modernize The Belmont Library. The 2,455 Sq. Ft. Addition From The 1990¿S Will Be Removed And Replaced By A New 2-Story 12,400 Sq. Ft. Addition. The Parking Lot And Other Site Improvements Will Be Reconfigured. Stormwater: Underground Drywells. 0 02/​28/​2024 14:52 Pending 5019387 1S1E01AD 04500 EASTLAND BLOCK 4 LOT 1&2 TL 4500 MULTNOMAH COUNTY LIBRARY DISTRICT 401 N DIXON ST PORTLAND, OR 97227-1865 LESLIE CLIFFE BORA ARCHITECTURE & INTERIORS 1705 SE 3rd Ave Portland OR 97214-4547
    https://​​detail/​permit/​5019244_​did/​ 24-018199-000-00-LU 1250 NE 99TH AVE, 97220 AD - Adjustment Type 2 procedure Trimet Proposes To Exceed Minimum Long-Term Bike Parking Space Requirements But Requests An Adjustment To Required Long-Term Bike Parking Locations And Dimensions For The Gateway Transit Center And Gateway Park-And-Ride Garage. 0 02/​27/​2024 12:22 Pending 5019244 1N2E33AA 01103 PARTITION PLAT 1997-44 LOT 1 EXC PT IN ST TRI-COUNTY METROPOLITAN TRANSPORTATION DISTRICT 4012 SE 17TH AVE PORTLAND, OR 97202-3940 JOE RECKER TriMet 101 SW MAIN ST, STE 700 PORTLAND, OR 97204
    https://​​detail/​permit/​5015443_​did/​ 23-083841-000-00-FP 1003 NE 71ST AVE, 97213 FP_​MHP - Middle Housing Partition Final Plat To Create Three Parcels Through An Approved Middle Housing Land Division. 0 02/​28/​2024 16:15 Under Review 5015443 1N2E32BD 07900 JONESMORE BLOCK 11 LOT 20 N 6' OF LOT 21 NOAH ROSEN 1003 NE 71ST AVE PORTLAND, OR 97213 HANNAH WOOD 1003 NE 71ST AVE PORTLAND, OR 97213 ZAC HORTON FASTER PERMITS 2000 SW 1ST AVE SUITE 420 PORTLAND, OR 97201
    https://​​detail/​permit/​5015404_​did/​ 24-014493-000-00-EA 8500 NE SISKIYOU ST - UNIT A, 97220 PC - PreApplication Conference A Pre-Application Conference To Discuss The Proposed Expansion Of An Existing Religious Institution Use In The Rm2H Zone Of The Site. The Expansion Will Consist Of A Surface Parking Area And A 6-Car Solar Powered Carport As Well As A 4,000 Square Foot Classroom/​Residential Building. A Type Iii Conditional Use Review Will Be Required Because The Cumulative Square Footage On The Site Will Increase By More Than 25 Percent And A Condition Of Approval From A Previous Land Use Review (Zc 7791) Remains In Effect. That Condition Requires The Applicant To Demonstrate Compliance With Several Standards Through A Transportation Study, An Examination Of Street Improvements And Dedications, An Examination Of Sanitary Sewer And Stormwater Drainage, A Report On The On And Off-Site Methane Gas Monitoring System, And A Site Review. 0 02/​20/​2024 15:20 Pending - EA 5015404 1N2E28BC 00100 PARTITION PLAT 1998-22 LOT 3 TL 100 NORTHWEST ZEN SANGHA 8500 NE SISKIYOU ST PORTLAND, OR 97220-5287 KAKUMYO LOWE-CHARDE DHARMA RAIN ZEN CENTER 8500 NE SISKIYOU ST PORTLAND, OR 97220
    https://​​detail/​permit/​5018398_​did/​ 24-017402-000-00-LU NW LEIF ERIKSON DR, 97229 EN - Environmental Review Type 3 procedure Inspection And Necessary Repairs Of A Petroleum Products Pipeline Within An Area Of Forest Park. Repairs May Include Replacing Joints Between Segments Of Pipe And/​Or Replacement Of Full Segments Of Pipe Between Neighboring Joints. Anticipated Disturbance Includes Soil Excavation And Clearing Of Vegetation (Mowing Of Grass, Clearing Of Understory Vegetation And Digging Of Ferns To Be Salvaged For Replanting) As Well As Selective Minor Pruning And Tree Removal Where Joints Are Blocking Access Or Are In Proximity To Proposed Joint Excavation Areas. Work Is Proposed To Occur In Spring 2024 With Replanting Activities Occurring In Fall 2024. 0 02/​26/​2024 13:04 Pending 5018398 1N1W14A 01200 SECTION 14 1N 1W TL 1200 40.76 ACRES PORTLAND CITY OF 1120 SW 5TH AVE #1302 PORTLAND, OR 97204-1926 MELISSA COWEN SFPP LP 1001 LOUISIANA ST #1000 HOUSTON, TX 77002
    https://​​detail/​permit/​5018292_​did/​ 24-017298-000-00-EA 7600 N WILLAMETTE BLVD, 97203 EA-Zoning & Inf. Bur.- w/​mtg Proposed 23,551 Gsf, 34 Unit 3 Story Apartment Building With Basement. Includes Required Dedication On N Edgewater St. 0 02/​26/​2024 10:51 Application 5018292 1N1W12AD 19300 A L MINERS ADD BLOCK 22 INC PT VAC ST LOT 1 LOT 2&3, N 25' OF LOT 22&23, INC PT VAC ST-N 25' OF LOT 24 MODERN HOMES LLC 19140 NE PORTAL WAY PORTLAND, OR 97230-5383 TRENA ESPIE EM ARCHITECTURE LLC 1001 SE SANDY BLVD PORTLAND, OR 97214
    https://​​detail/​permit/​5014958_​did/​ 24-014054-000-00-LU 7510 N CHARLESTON AVE, 97203 CU - Conditional Use Type 3 procedure Type Iii Conditional Use And Adjustments To Modernize The St. Johns Library. The 800 Sq. Ft. Addition From The 1990¿S Will Be Removed And Replaced By A New 2,950 Sq. Ft. Addition. The Parking Lot Will Remain But Will Be Slightly Reconfigured. Stormwater: Underground Drywells. 0 02/​15/​2024 16:01 Pending 5014958 1N1W12AB 10300 JERSEY ST ADD BLOCK 2 INC PT VAC ST LOT 5-8 MULTNOMAH COUNTY LIBRARY DISTRICT 401 N DIXON ST PORTLAND, OR 97227-1865 MULTNOMAH COUNTY LIBRARY DISTRICT 401 N DIXON ST PORTLAND, OR 97227-1865
    https://​​detail/​permit/​5018657_​did/​ 24-017652-000-00-EA 10533 N LOMBARD ST, 97203 EA-Zoning & Inf. Bur.- no mtg Proposal To Partition The Existing Site Into Two Parcels. 0 02/​27/​2024 08:48 Pending - EA 5018657 1N1W01BB 00900 SECTION 01 1N 1W TL 900 3.69 ACRES JVH ASSETS LLC 9900 NE HILLVIEW CT NEWBERG, OR 97132 BRAD KILBY HHPR INC 205 SE SPOKANE ST #200 PORTLAND, OR 97202
    https://​​detail/​permit/​5018062_​did/​ 24-017074-000-00-LU NE 25TH AVE, 97232 DZM - Design Review w/​ Modifications Type 3 procedure An Approximately 28,334 Square Foot Parcel, As Depicted In The City Of Portland Approved Planned Development Land Use Application 18-248691-Lu, Comprises 160 Market-Rate Residential Apartment Dwelling Units. These Units Feature Associated Ground-Level Residential Amenities And Are Complemented By 116 Below-Grade Parking Spaces. The Total Gross Building Area Spans Approximately 212,250 Square Feet. The Construction Consists Of Five Levels Of Type Iiia Wood Construction, Situated Over Two Above-Grade Levels And Two Below-Grade Levels Of Type Ia Concrete. Foundations Include Concrete Slab-On-Grade And Traditional Mat Footings. 0 02/​22/​2024 15:53 Pending 5018062 1N1E36BC 12002 PARTITION PLAT 2019-32 LOT 1&2 TL 12002 SP JADE II LLC 701 5TH AVE #5700 SEATTLE, WA 98104-7014 JASON JONES ANKROM MOISAN ARCHITECTS 38 NW DAVIS SUITE #300 PORTLAND OR 97209 USA
    https://​​detail/​permit/​5010279_​did/​ 24-009546-000-00-EA 10 NW NAITO PKWY, 97209 EA-Zoning & Inf. Bur.- w/​mtg Replace The Existing Bridge With The Replacement Long Span Option Because It Requires The Fewest Columns In The Unstable Soil Near The River, Making It The Most Seismically Resilient Option With Lowest Cost And Fewest Impacts To Natural Resources. Consider Questions Related To Land Use Reviews And Staging Areas. 0 02/​02/​2024 13:47 Cancelled 5010279 1N1E34DB 01300 COUCHS ADD BLOCK 1-3 TL 1300 PORTLAND CITY OF 1120 SW 5TH AVE #858 PORTLAND, OR 97204-1912 MEGAN NEILL MULTNOMAH COUNTY:DIVISION OF TRANSPORTATION-BRIDGES 1403 SE WATER AVENUE PORTLAND OR 97214
    https://​​detail/​permit/​5014866_​did/​ 24-013963-000-00-LU 6 SW 3RD AVE, 97204 HR - Historic Resource Review Type 1x procedure Alterations To An Existing Theater, Including The Following Renovations Of Interiors Including The Bar, Restrooms, And Small Expansion Of Mezzanine Area. Seating Area Is Converted To Provide Table Seating On Existing Seating Platforms. Stage Is Renovated To Include Back Stage Area For Performers. Accessible Restroom And Theater Seating Added. Stormwater: No Changes Proposed For Managing Stormwater Disposal. No Changes Proposed To Existing Roof. Exterior Changes Proposed Are Replacement Of The Existing Doors, And The Addition Of Windows. These Elements Occur Within The 3 Existing Recessed Archways Of The Building. With These Door And Window Modifications, We Propose Adding A Painted Wood Panel Wall Finish That Is In Keeping With Street Level Openings From Buildings Of This Vintage. The Existing Marquee Structure, Which Is The Primary Element On The Street Facing Façade Will Undergo Renovations To Improve Its Existing Appearance And Replace Any Non-Working Lighting And Neon. This Is A Non-Contributing Resource In The Skidmore/​Old Town Historic District. 0 02/​22/​2024 13:43 Pending 5014866 1N1E34CD 00700 COUCHS ADD BLOCK 20 TL 700 PINK PINK INC 11915 4TH ST E EDGEWOOD, WA 98372 JOHN WRIGHT WRIGHT ARCHITECTURE 2222 NE OREGON ST #210 PORTLAND OR 97232 USA
    https://​​detail/​permit/​5010810_​did/​ 24-010057-000-00-EA 208 NW 5TH AVE, 97209 EA-Zoning & Inf. Bur.- w/​mtg Conversion Of Existing Building (Contributing Resource In A Historic District) From Office To Residential Use. The Project Will Include Creation Of A Courtyard On The Interior Of The Building. 0 02/​05/​2024 14:29 Pending - EA 5010810 1N1E34CA 05700 COUCHS ADD BLOCK 34 LOT 2&3 PFP 6 MASON EHRMAN LLC 50 CALIFORNIA ST STE 2525 SAN FRANCISCO, CA 94111 ALLISON REYNOLDS STOEL RIVES LLP 760 SW 9TH AVE #3000 (30TH FL) PORTLAND OR 97205
    https://​​detail/​permit/​5018192_​did/​ 24-017204-000-00-LU 1362 NW NAITO PKWY, 97209 DZM - Design Review w/​ Modifications Type 3 procedure The Centennial Mills Redevelopment Is A 3-Building Project On The Historic Centennial Mills Site Along The Willamette River In The Pearl District. The Buildings Range From 5 To 6 Stories And Have Basement Parking. The Project Also Includes Development Of The Greenway Park And Trail Along The River. The Project Is Mixed Use Residential With 281 Apartment Units, Retail Space Along Naito, And 174 Parking Stalls. Stormwater Will Be Treated And Detained Through Eco Roofs And Stormwater Planters. 0 02/​23/​2024 08:11 Pending 5018192 1N1E34BB 00100 COUCHS ADD BLOCK 318 INC RIP RTS OUT TO HARBOR LN LOT 25-37 SELY 15.79' OF LOT 38 PDC DBA PROSPER PORTLAND 222 NW 5TH AVE PORTLAND, OR 97209-3812 KURT SCHULTZ SERA ARCHITECTS 600 SW 10TH AVE., STE 500 PORTLAND, OR 97205
    https://​​detail/​permit/​5016601_​did/​ 24-015652-000-00-LU 300 N RAMSAY WAY, 97227 HRM - Historic Resource Review w/​Modifications Type 3 procedure The Applicant Is Requesting Historic Resource Review For Limited Exterior Changes To The Veterans Memorial Coliseum. The Applicant Is Also Requesting Six Modifications Through The Historic Review. The Attached Narrative Provides A Detailed Project Description And Addresses All Applicable Approval Criteria. Stormwater: On-Site Infiltration. 0 02/​21/​2024 11:39 Pending 5016601 1N1E34AB 01200 MC MILLENS ADD BLOCK 7&8&10-12&16 TL 1200 PORTLAND CITY OF 1120 SW 5TH AVE #1250 PORTLAND, OR 97204-1912 JENNIFER MARSICEK SCOTT EDWARDS ARCHITECTURE LLP 2525 E BURNSIDE ST PORTLAND, OR 97214
    https://​​detail/​permit/​5014313_​did/​ 24-013423-000-00-EA NW KEARNEY ST, 97209 EA-Zoning & Inf. Bur.- w/​mtg Proposal To Modify The Existing Loading Dock Entry, Which Requires Removal And Replacement Of Precast Concrete - To Match. New Sectional Translucent Loading Dock Door /​ Overhead Or Sliding Tbd. Removal Of Existing Street Tree. Increase Width Of Curb Cut To Match New Opening. 0 02/​20/​2024 13:40 Pending - EA 5014313 1N1E33AD 60000 EDGE LOFTS MASTER CONDOMINIUM GENERAL COMMON ELEMENTS EDGE LOFTS MASTER CONDO ASSN 420 NW 11TH AVE #1004 PORTLAND, OR 97209 KYLE ANDERSEN GBD ARCHITECTS INCORPORATED 1120 NW COUCH STREET, #300 PORTLAND OR 97209
    https://​​detail/​permit/​5013090_​did/​ 24-012241-000-00-LU 2729 NW SAVIER ST, 97210 HR - Historic Resource Review Type 2 procedure The Applicant Seeks Historic Resource Review Approval For A Remodel Of The Alexander B. And Anna Balch Hamilton House. The House Is Currently Divided Into Four Units. The Project Will Convert The Structure Into A Single-Family Residence With Attached Adu. The Basement, First And Second Floors Of The Original Structure Will Be The Primary Residence, And The Rear Unit Will Be An Adu. The Work Will Either Maintain The Existing Trim And Character Elements, OR Match Existing Materials, Details, And Trim Profiles. Proposed Exterior Alterations Include: ¿ Infill An Existing Porch On The West Side Of The Building With A New One-Story Addition With New Wood Window To Match Adjacent, Siding To Match Adjacent, And Roof & Gutters To Match Roofing On Adjacent The One-Story Rear-Volume; ¿ Replacement Of Existing Wood Foundation For The Rear Addition With Concrete Foundation, The New Foundation Will Match The Cement Plaster Finish On The Original House¿S Foundation; ¿ Relocation Of 2 Existing Windows On West Elevation; O Installation Of New Windows On Non-Street Facing Facades Including: One New Wood Window To Match Adjacent Towards Rear Of East Elevation, And Two Basement Windows On North/​Rear Elevation, One Basement Window On West Elevation, One Basement Window On East Elevation; ¿ Removal Of One Basement Window On West Elevation; ¿ Reconfiguration Of Existing Porch On West Elevation Near Rear Of Structure With New Wood Stair, ¿ New First Floor Side Entry Door Towards The Rear Of The East Elevation With New Metal And Glass Awing And New Concrete Stair With Bluestone Treads And Metal Railings; ¿ Replacement Of Non-Original Wood Deck On The East Elevation Towards Rear Of House With Brick Patio And Planter; ¿ New Basement Entrance At Rear Of House With New Exterior Concrete Basement Stair; ¿ Removal Of Existing Internal Chimneys ¿ They Do Not Show At The Exterior Walls And Are Only Visible From The Exterior Where They Extend Beyond The Roof; And ¿ Reconfiguration Of The Driveway. The Alexander B. And Anna Balch Hamilton House Is A Two-Story House Built In 1890 In The High Victorian Italianate Architectural Style. It Is Located On A 6,921 Sf Site At The Foot Of Willamette Heights. It Features Horizontal Board As Its Primary Siding, And Slant Bays On The Front And Side That Continue From The Partially Elevated Basement Through The Second Story. The Basement Is Concrete; The House Is Framed In Wood. Per The National Register Nomination: ¿The Home Has No Identified Architect And Was Likely Built Using A Pattern Book Without Site Specific Professional Advice, As It Is A Long Narrow Building On A Wide Site. The Home Was Originally Built To House The Alexander And Anna Hamilton Family. An Addition At The Rear Was Built In 1901 To Accommodate The Hamilton¿S Growing Family. By 1931 The House Had Become Legal, Non-Conforming Multi-Family Housing.¿ Historic Resource Review Is Required For Non-Exempt Exterior Alterations To A Historic Landmark. Note: The 6,921 Sf Rm1 Site Has A Minimum Density Of 1 Unit Per 2,500 Sq. Ft. For A Requirement Of 3 Units Per Portland Zoning Code (Pzc) Table 120-3 And 33.120.213. However, Pzc 33.445.400.C.5. Provides An Exemption From Minimum Density As A Historic Preservation Incentive. 0 02/​09/​2024 09:49 Pending 5013090 1N1E29DD 14200 BALCHS ADD BLOCK 321 LOT 3&4 TL 14200 FERNWOOD TR 2729 NW SAVIER ST PORTLAND, OR 97210 JAKE FURLONG JDL DEVELOPMENT 3347 N LOMBARD ST PORTLAND, OR 97217
    https://​​detail/​permit/​5011290_​did/​ 24-010518-000-00-EA 2480 NW VAUGHN ST, 97210 EA-Zoning & Inf. Bur.- w/​mtg (60) Affordable Housing Units (All Studios Meeting 60% Ami) On 5 Floors Including An Affordable Retail Area Floor Area Approximately 31,830 Sf, Underground Parking, Some Outdoor Common Area Including A Rooftop Patio. Please Confirm The Base Reference Point For Measuring Building Height And The Far Calculation. Please Also Describe The Adjustment (To Height) Process And Next Steps In That Process. 0 02/​06/​2024 13:57 Pending - EA 5011290 1N1E28CC 00700 WILSONS ADD BLOCK 6 LOT 15&18 TL 700 ENT VENTURES XII LLC 1825 NW 23RD AVE PORTLAND, OR 97210 AJ LITTLETON GUNA COLLABORATIVE ARCHITECTURE 2892 NW UPSHUR ST PORTLAND, OR 97210
    https://​​detail/​permit/​5010741_​did/​ 23-098572-000-00-FP 5252 NE 15TH AVE, 97211 FP_​MHS - Middle Housing Subdivision Final Plat To Create Four Parcels Through The Approved Middle Housing Land Division. 0 02/​06/​2024 13:01 Under Review 5010741 1N1E23AB 10900 VERNON BLOCK 20 LOT 3 DWELL DEVELOPMENT 12042 SE SUNNYSIDE RD #584 CLACKAMAS, OR 97015 DANELLE ISENHART ISENHART CONSULTING LLC PO BOX 2364 BEAVERTON OR 97075
    https://​​detail/​permit/​5002992_​did/​ 24-002522-000-00-LU 5055 N GREELEY AVE, 97217 DZ - Design Review Type 2 procedure The Applicant Requests Design Review Approval For New Rooftop Mechanical Equipment [Chiller Replacements] At ¿Building B¿ In The Adidas Village. Proposed Work To Building B Will Include Alterations At The Ground Floor Mechanical Room And The Addition Of Three Air-Source Heat Pumps On The Roof Of Building B. The New Pumps Will Be Placed On A Steel Platform And Will Be Screened At All Sides. Associated Ductwork Will Be Routed From The New Roof Top Equipment Down The Exterior Face Of The Western Egress Stair To The Existing Ground Level Mechanical Room. Ductwork Will Be Clad And Painted To Match The Building. Because The Proposal Is For Exterior Alterations To Existing Development In The Design Overlay Zone, Design Review Is Required. 0 02/​06/​2024 10:52 Pending 5002992 1N1E21BA 10306 MADRONA BLUFF LOT 5 EXC PT IN ST ADIDAS VILLAGE CORPORATION 5055 N GREELEY AVE PORTLAND, OR 97217-3524 TODD SPANGLER HACKER ARCHITECTS 555 SE MLK JR. BLVD., SUITE 501 PORTLAND OR 97214 USA
    https://​​detail/​permit/​5017362_​did/​ 24-016392-000-00-EA 3939 NW ST HELENS RD, 97210 EA-Zoning & Inf. Bur.- w/​mtg Customers Are Looking To Purchase This Lot To Use As Additional Work Space And Parking For Bridge City Steel (Their Current Location Is Next Door At 3865 Nw St Helens Rd). They Would Like To Demolish The Lean-To And Construct A New ~5000 Sq Ft Building For Metal Fabrication And Welding. They Would Add Bathroom Space To The Existing Building As Well As Correct Some Drainage Problems In The Back Of The Lot. 0 02/​22/​2024 12:49 Pending - EA 5017362 1N1E19DC 00400 SECTION 19 1N 1E TL 400 1.19 ACRES BINGHAM INVESTMENT CO LLC 3939 NW ST HELENS RD PORTLAND, OR 97210-1442 STEPHEN KAPLAN CRAFTED HOMES & DEVELOPMENTS PO BOX 25388 PORTLAND, OR 97298
    https://​​detail/​permit/​5016737_​did/​ 23-020662-000-00-FP 6226 NE 11TH AVE, 97211 FP_​MHS - Middle Housing Subdivision Final Plat To Create 4 Lots Through An Approved Middle Housing Land Division 0 02/​22/​2024 14:01 Under Review 5016737 1N1E14CA 15000 HIGHLAND PK BLOCK 3 LOT 5 EASTSIDE VENTURES LLC 2800 N LOMBARD ST #205 PORTLAND, OR 97217 ZAC HORTON FASTER PERMITS 2000 SW 1ST AVE SUITE 420 PORTLAND, OR 97201
    https://​​detail/​permit/​5014673_​did/​ 23-087203-000-00-FP NE BRYANT ST, 97211 FP_​MHS - Middle Housing Subdivision Final Plat To Create 4 Lots Through An Approved Middle Housing Land Division 0 02/​16/​2024 10:16 Under Review 5014673 1N1E14BC 00200 SECTION 14 1N 1E TL 200 0.08 ACRES JASMINE INVESTMENTS LLC 636 SW ARBORETUM CIR PORTLAND, OR 97221 EMILY SANDY STRATA LAND USE PLANNING PO BOX 90833 PORTLAND OR 97290 USA
    https://​​detail/​permit/​5019268_​did/​ 24-018222-000-00-EA NE 27TH AVE, 97211 EA-Zoning Only - w/​mtg Identify Land Use Work Necessary To Redevelop The Site As Homeownership Opportunities. 0 02/​28/​2024 13:07 Application 5019268 1N1E14AA 06200 SECTION 14 1N 1E TL 6200 0.90 ACRES SPLIT MAP R315377 (R941132940) HOME FORWARD 135 SW ASH ST PORTLAND, OR 97204-3540 JULIE LIVINGSTON HOME FORWARD 135 SW ASH ST, 5TH FLOOR PORTLAND OR 97204
    https://​​detail/​permit/​5019134_​did/​ 24-018098-000-00-EA 7235 N MINERVA AVE, 97203 PC - PreApplication Conference 16 New, 2-Story Type Vb Residential Buildings (10 Fourplexes, 4 Duplexes, And 2 Single-Family Homes), Site Amenities (Bike Storage, Trash Enclosures, Mailboxes, A Playground, And Outdoor Living Spaces), 58 Surface-Level Parking Spots, And New Connection At N Minerva St. Drywells Will Be Utilized To Infiltrate Stormwater Runoff From The Site. 0 02/​28/​2024 09:55 Application 5019134 1N1E07CA 04400 NORTHERN HILL ADD BLOCK 16 INC PT VAC ALLEY & INC PT VAC ST LOT 10-13 PORTLAND CITY OF 1900 SW 4TH AVE STE 7007 PORTLAND, OR 97201-5380 CARA MITCHELL MWA ARCHITECTS 501 SE 14TH AVE #103 PORTLAND, OR 97214