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    https://​​detail/​permit/​4907868_​did/​ 23-025468-000-00-EA 10400 N BURGARD WAY, 97203 PC - PreApplication Conference A Pre-Application Conference To Discuss A New Medical Waste Transfer Station Located Within An Existing Building And Utilizing Existing Loading Docks, Access Control, Access Roads And Parking Areas. The Facility Will Not Accept Hazardous Wastes. 0 03/​27/​2023 14:18 Pending - EA 4907868 2N1W35C 00300A1 SECTION 35 2N 1W TL 300 OTHER IMPS SEE R325512 (R971350570) FOR LAND & IMPS T DOCK LLC 750 NE COLUMBIA BLVD PORTLAND, OR 97211 VALENTINA VREUGDENHIL TRILOGY MEDWASTE LLC 8554 KATY FREEWAY, STE 200 HOUSTON, TX 77024 CHAD PLATA TRILOGY MEDWASTE 8554 KATY FREEWAY, STE 200 HOUSTON, TX 77024
    https://​​detail/​permit/​4902506_​did/​ 23-020296-000-00-EA N MARINE DR, 97217 EA-Zoning Only - w/​mtg The Marine Drive Levee Outfalls Decommissioning Project Will Officially And Correctly Repair Or Decommission The 15 City-Owned Outfalls And The Two Metro-Owned Outfalls, Per An Interagency Agreement Between The City Of Portland Bureau Of Environmental Services (Bes) And Metro. The Active Culverts Will Be Repaired, And Inactive Outfalls Will Be Decommissioned In A Manner Meeting Current Usace Standards. There Are 13 Outfalls For Which This Work Requires Permits And It Is These 13 That Need Early Assistance Review By Land Use Services. 0 03/​09/​2023 11:05 Pending - EA 4902506 2N1E33C 00500 SECTION 33 2N 1E TL 500 4.05 ACRES INLAND HOLDINGS INC PO BOX 83723 PORTLAND, OR 97283 METRO 600 NE GRAND AVE PORTLAND, OR 97232-2799 ALI YOUNG PORTLAND BUREAU OF ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES 1120 SW 5TH AVE., STE 613 PORTLAND OR 97204 USA
    https://​​detail/​permit/​4903902_​did/​ 23-021622-000-00-LU SE LAMBERT ST, 97266 EN - Environmental Review Type 2 procedure The West Lents Floodplain Project Is A Voluntary Large-Scale Process-Based Restoration Project Designed To Uplift Ecological Functions And To Revert This Reach Of Johnson Creek Closer To Historic Conditions. The Project Will Restore Dynamic Riverine Conditions To Approximately 2000 Lf Of Johnson Creek Through 6.5 Acres Of Constructed Inset Floodplain, And Establish Native Plant Communities Across All Disturbed Areas Within The 16-Acre Project Footprint. The West Lents Floodplain Restoration Project Is A Capital Improvement Project That Will Be Constructed Under The Authority Of The Bes Chief Engineer. A Passive Stormwater Treatment System Will Convey Stormwater From Existing Points Of Discharge Within The Se 89Th Ave Right Of Way To The Constructed Floodplain Within The Project Interior. Stormwater That Presently Discharges Directly To The Johnson Creek Bypass Channel Via Public Stormwater Outfall Acz772 And The Adjacent Private Outfalls, Will Be Conveyed Through 500 Lf Of Perforated 12¿ Dia. Pipe Set Within A Subsurface Lens Of Drain Rock, Before Discharging To The Floodplain As An Artificial Seep. 0 03/​14/​2023 13:28 Pending 4903902 1S2E21CB 04400 D & O LITTLE HMS SUB 2 LOT 28 TL 4400 PORTLAND CITY OF 1120 SW 5TH AVE #1000 PORTLAND, OR 97204-1912 ROSLYN GRAY CITY OF PORTLAND, BUREAU OF ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES 1120 SW 5TH AVE #613 PORTLAND, OR 97204
    https://​​detail/​permit/​4898481_​did/​ 22-173431-000-00-FP 7280 SE BYBEE BLVD, 97206 FP - Final Plat Review Final Plat To Create 3 Parcels. 0 03/​01/​2023 10:20 Under Review 4898481 1S2E20AC 14401 S 86.90' OF E 90' OF W 210.4' OF LOT 6 EXC PT IN ST 5 PARKSIDE DESIGN INC 11109 SE 190TH CT DAMASCUS, OR 97089-6008 MICHAEL STOUDER 5 PARKSIDE DESIGN, INC. 11109 SE 10TH CT DAMASCUS, OR 97089
    https://​​detail/​permit/​4903860_​did/​ 22-188646-000-00-FP 5624 SE 44TH AVE, 97206 FP - Final Plat Review Final Plat To Create Two Lots 0 03/​16/​2023 12:43 Under Review 4903860 1S2E18CB 10800 WOODSTOCK BLOCK 92 LOT 3 KEYSTONE LLC 14237 BRIDGE CT LAKE OSWEGO, OR 97034-2177 KEVIN PARTAIN URBAN VISIONS 6180 TROUT CREEK RIDGE RD MT HOOD PARKDALE OR 97041
    https://​​detail/​permit/​4906180_​did/​ 23-023841-000-00-LU 15534 SE MARTINS ST - UNIT B, 97236 AD - Adjustment Type 2 procedure Proposed Conversion Of Existing Garage To An Adu. Seeking An Adjustment To 33.205.040.C.2, Maximum Size Of An Adu. Proposed Landing Off The Back Is Over 6'-0" In Height And Stairs That Lead To A Deck That Is Under 6'-0" In Height Even Though The Coverage Area Is Over Capacity. Seeking An Adjustment To 33.110.225 For Building Coverage. 0 03/​21/​2023 10:35 Pending 4906180 1S2E13DC 00400 MARK PILLIOD 15534 SE MARTINS ST PORTLAND, OR 97236 SASHA BECKWITH SAB DESIGN AND DRAFTING LLC 7728 SE TOLMAN ST PORTLAND OR 97206
    https://​​detail/​permit/​4905186_​did/​ 23-022859-000-00-LU 15534 SE MARTINS ST - UNIT B, 97236 AD - Adjustment Type 2 procedure We Are Converting Part Of The Existing Garage To An Adu. However, The Section Of The Garage We Are Converting Is Over The 800 Sf And We Need A Variance For It. We Would Also Like To Put A Small Landing Off The Back That Is Over 6'-0" In Height And Stairs That Lead To A Deck That Is Under 6'-0" In Height Even Though The Coverage Area Is Over Capacity. The Stormwater Disposal Method Will Not Be Changed From What It Currently Is 0 03/​17/​2023 12:02 Void/​ Withdrawn 4905186 1S2E13DC 00400 MARK PILLIOD 15534 SE MARTINS ST PORTLAND, OR 97236 SASHA BECKWITH SAB DESIGN AND DRAFTING LLC 7728 SE TOLMAN ST PORTLAND OR 97206
    https://​​detail/​permit/​4904511_​did/​ 22-128361-000-00-FP 4314 SE 72ND AVE, 97206 FP - Final Plat Review Final Plat To Create 2 Lots 0 03/​16/​2023 16:36 Under Review 4904511 1S2E08DC 20800 N 90' OF W 118 1/​2' OF LOT 14 THERESE NGUYEN 16921 SE TRISTIN AVE HAPPY VALLEY, OR 97086 SARAH RADELET STRATA LAND USE PLANNING PO BOX 90833 PORTLAND OR 97290
    https://​​detail/​permit/​4909472_​did/​ 23-026978-000-00-EA 1135 SE 80TH AVE, 97215 EA-Zoning & Inf. Bur.- no mtg Convert Existing Grocery Store (Use Verified With Historic Records) To Restaurant. 0 03/​30/​2023 16:31 Pending - EA 4909472 1S2E05AD 18400 KINZEL PK BLOCK 13 LOT 1 LA OSITA LLC 10944 SE MADISON DR PORTLAND, OR 97216 ZAC HORTON FASTER PERMITS 2000 SW 1ST AVE SUITE 420 PORTLAND, OR 97201
    https://​​detail/​permit/​4906855_​did/​ 23-024495-000-00-EA 10450 SW BARBUR BLVD, 97219 EA-Zoning Only - w/​mtg Single 5 Story Affordable Housing, 98 Units (Studio, 1 Bd, 2 Bd, 3 Bd, 4 Bd). Estimated 94,810 Sf. 0 03/​22/​2023 13:24 Cancelled 4906855 1S1E30DD 01600 SECTION 30 1S 1E TL 1600 1.10 ACRES METRO 600 NE GRAND AVE PORTLAND, OR 97232-2736 CALISTA FITZGERALD LRS ARCHITECTS 720 NW DAVIS STE 300 PORTLAND, OR 97209
    https://​​detail/​permit/​4908993_​did/​ 23-026522-000-00-EA 10450 SW BARBUR BLVD, 97219 PC - PreApplication Conference Single 5 Story Affordable Housing, 98 Units (Studio, 1 Bd, 2 Bd, 3 Bd, 4 Bd). Estimated 94,810 Sf. 0 03/​28/​2023 16:51 Application 4908993 1S1E30DD 01600 SECTION 30 1S 1E TL 1600 1.10 ACRES METRO 600 NE GRAND AVE PORTLAND, OR 97232-2736 CALISTA FITZGERALD LRS ARCHITECTS 720 NW DAVIS STE 300 PORTLAND, OR 97209
    https://​​detail/​permit/​4902274_​did/​ 23-020073-000-00-EA 7950 SE MILWAUKIE AVE, 97202 EA-Zoning & Inf. Bur.- w/​mtg Convert Existing Dance Studio To A Church And Eliminate All Of The Accessibility Barriers. 0 03/​09/​2023 16:51 Pending - EA 4902274 1S1E23DB 04500 MOSELEY ADD BLOCK 2 LOT 2&3 CHRIST CHURCH SELLWOOD 7970 SE MILWAUKIE AVE PORTLAND, OR 97202 JOHN COLE LUNDIN COLE ARCHITECTS PC 1313 SE BELMONT ST PORTLAND, OR 97214 TED LUNDIN LUNDIN COLE ARCHITECTS 1313 SE BELMONT ST PORTLAND OR 97214
    https://​​detail/​permit/​4900519_​did/​ 23-018391-000-00-EA 2524 SE DIVISION ST, 97202 EA-Zoning & Inf. Bur.- no mtg The Subject Site Is Currently Occupied By An Existing Single-Story Commercial Building Of Approximately 2,870 Sf. Most Of The Existing Building Will Be Demolished, With A Portion To Remain Along The Southern Property Line. The Proposed 4-Story Building Totals Approximately 12,525 Sf. The Ground Floor Is Expected To Be Anchored By A Restaurant Tenant, While Eleven Apartment Units Make Up Floors Two Through Four. 0 03/​02/​2023 21:22 Pending - EA 4900519 1S1E12BB 06200 SIMONS ADD BLOCK 1 LOT 1 EXC PT IN ST E 10' OF LOT 2&3 WATER & WIND LLC 2516 SE DIVISION ST PORTLAND, OR 97202 KARL REFI KOBLE CREATIVE ARCHITECTURE LLC 2117 NE OREGON ST. #301 PORTLAND OR 97232 USA TERRY AMUNDSON KOBLE CREATIVE ARCHITECTURE LLC 2117 NE OREGON ST. #301 PORTLAND OR 97232 USA
    https://​​detail/​permit/​4907483_​did/​ 23-025100-000-00-LU 3030 SW 2ND AVE, 97201 HR - Historic Resource Review Type 1 procedure new Cedarwood Waldorf School Seeks To Install Security Lighting On The Facade Of Their School Building, In Response To A Recent Uptick In Vandalism And Burglaries In The Area (Corbett/​Lair Hill, South Portland). This Is A Measure To Protect The Safety Of Our Historic Facilities And The Families They Serve, In Keeping With School Best Practices By Implementing Cpted Principles. This Would Be Considered A "Change To An Approved Historic Resource Review: Alteration To Ground Floor Facade" Requiring A Type I Review. Care Will Be Taken To Maximize Compliance With City & Historic District Guidelines And To Minimize Facade Disruption Through Use Of Period Or Matching Hardware, Paint And Materials. Landmark. 0 03/​23/​2023 16:51 Void/​ Withdrawn 4907483 1S1E10BC 00900 CARUTHERS ADD BLOCK 77 LOT 5-8 WESTERN VALLEY WALDORF ASSOCIATION INC 3030 SW 2ND AVE PORTLAND, OR 97201 JEREMY SMITH CEDARWOOD WALDORF SCHOOL (CWS) 3030 SW 2ND AVE PORTLAND OR 97201 USA
    https://​​detail/​permit/​4904002_​did/​ 23-021714-000-00-EA 810 SW GAINES ST, 97239 EA-Zoning & Inf. Bur.- w/​mtg Ohsu Intends To Complete Non-Conforming Upgrades To The Service Yard Area As Required By The 2019 Covenant With Bds Including: Paving Of Gravel Vehicle Areas, Covering Area Where Refuse Bins Are Located, Stormwater Management, Replacing Fencing, Etc. 0 03/​16/​2023 15:36 Pending - EA 4904002 1S1E09 01300 SECTION 09 1S 1E TL 1300 7.96 ACRES OREGON STATE OF BOARD OF HIGHER EDUCATION 1633 SW PARK AVE PORTLAND, OR 97201-3218 OREGON STATE OF (U OF O MEDICAL SCHOOL) 3181 SW SAM JACKSON PARK RD PORTLAND, OR 97239 GARY HARTILL ORANGE WALL STUDIOS ARCHITECTURE & PLANNING 3450 N WILLIAMS AVE, SUITE 07 PORTLAND OR 97227 USA
    https://​​detail/​permit/​4902943_​did/​ 23-020717-000-00-EA 3181 SW SAM JACKSON PARK RD, 97239 PC - PreApplication Conference A Pre-Application Conference To Discuss An Approximately 176,000 Square Foot New Addition To Existing Doernbecher Children'S Hospital To Include Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, Labor And Delivery, Postpartum And Antepartum Rooms. 0 03/​10/​2023 12:26 Pending - EA 4902943 1S1E09 00200 SECTION 09 1S 1E TL 200 26.24 ACRES LAND & IMPS SEE R327745 (R991090552) FOR AIRSPACE & IMPS & R327746 (R991090555) FOR IMPS OREGON STATE BOARD OF HIGHER EDUCATION 3181 SW SAM JACKSON PARK RD PORTLAND, OR 97239-3011 KRISTINA THOMSEN ZGF ARCHITECTS 1223 SW WASHINGTON ST.,, STE 200 PORTLAND, OR 97205
    https://​​detail/​permit/​4901313_​did/​ 23-019153-000-00-EA 2121 SW 4TH AVE, 97201 EA-Zoning & Inf. Bur.- w/​mtg Conversion Of 2-3 Floors (Out Of Six Floors) From Office And Classroom Occupancy To R-2 Occupancy. Some Of These Units May Be Live/​Work Units. The Renovation Would Create Between 24 And 36 Units Ranging From Studios, One Bedroom And Two Bedrooms. Affected Area Is Between 17,734 Sf And 26,601 Sf. 0 03/​09/​2023 14:59 Pending - EA 4901313 1S1E04DD 00800 CARUTHERS ADD BLOCK 22 LOT 1&2 EXC W 1' LOT 3, LOT 4 EXC S 1/​2 OF E 75' & EXC E 0.5' OF W 31.5' BPM-UB LLC 610 SW ALDER ST #1221 PORTLAND, OR 97205 SABINE OHALLORAN MILDREN DESIGN GROUP 4875 SE GRIFFITH DR STE 300 BEAVERTON OR 97005
    https://​​detail/​permit/​4906998_​did/​ 23-024628-000-00-LU 2305 S WATER AVE, 97201 DZ - Design Review Type 2 procedure Expand The Upper Plaza And Allow A Time-Limited Vehicle Connection Between S Sherman Street And S Caruthers Street To Facilitate School Drop-Off And Pick-Up. 0 03/​22/​2023 16:48 Pending 4906998 1S1E03CD 01300 CARUTHERS ADD BLOCK G LOT 1&2 LOT 3&4 EXC W 3' THE INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL 2305 S WATER AVE PORTLAND, OR 97201-5113 DEBBIE CLEEK THE BOOKIN GROUP 1020 SW TAYLOR STREET, SUITE 555 PORTLAND OR 97205 USA STEVEN BORCHERDING THE INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL OF PORTLAND 2305 S WATER AVE PORTLAND, OR 97201
    https://​​detail/​permit/​4906509_​did/​ 23-024157-000-00-EA 1845 S HARBOR PL, 97201 DA - Design Advice Request Design Commission Hearing: Proposal For A New Seven-Story Mixed Use High-Rise Development On The Former Riverplace Athletic Club Site. Along With The Recently Completed Block 1-South Development (Lu 22-121266 Dzm), This Will Complete Block 1/​ Phase 1 Of The Riverplace Central City Masterplan (Lu 21-053731 Ccmp). The Building Will Contain Five Floors Of Residential Dwelling Units Over A Two-Story Base. The Upper Level Of The Base Faces Harbor Place To The West With Food-Focused Retail Space, And The Lower Level Faces A Street To The East With Retail At The Corner, Lobby, And Parking Access To Underground Parking, Which Will Be Connected To Parking Recently Approved For The South Part Of Block 1. No Potential Modifications Have Been Identified. 0 03/​24/​2023 16:04 Pending - EA 4906509 1S1E03CA 01000 PORTLAND BLOCK 104&105 TL 1000 NBP 0150 S MONTGOMERY LLC 1640 NW IRVING ST PORTLAND, OR 97209-2213 DANIEL BRADBURY GBD ARCHITECTS 1120 NW COUCH ST #300 PORTLAND, OR 97209 AGUSTIN ENRIQUEZ GBD ARCHITECTS INC 1120 NW COUCH ST, SUITE 300 PORTLAND OR 97209
    https://​​detail/​permit/​4901489_​did/​ 23-019323-000-00-LU SW 6TH AVE, 97204 HR - Historic Resource Review Type 1 procedure new Nw Natural Has Identified The Existing Gas Service To This Building As Not Being Compliant With Our Current Installation Standards That Are Federally Guided. The Gas Riser, Regulator And Meter All Currently Reside In The Basement Of This Building; The Intended Work Will Be To Relocate The High Pressure Gas Riser & Regulator To The Exterior Of This Building. The New Gas Riser & Regulator Are Proposed To Be Located On The North Wall Of This Address Facing Sw Madison St Approximately 76' West Of The Ne Property Corner. This Location Is In The Near Vicinity Of The Externally Visible Fire Hose Hookup As Well As The Fire Escape Ladder System. Nwn Has Already Applied For And Received Approved Row Permits As Well As An Approved Design Exception For This Riser Location Through The City Of Portland. Nwn Is Unable To Place This Riser And Regulator On Any Other Face Of The Building That Is Not A Street Facing Facade Due To Zero Lot Line On The West Side That Would Place Our Equipment On Someone Else'S Property. There Also Is Not A Gas Main That Runs Down Sw 6Th Ave So We Cannot Place This Gas Riser And Regulator On The South Wall Of This Building. Nwn Has Worked With The City To Establish This Location As Being The Least Impactful To Pedestrian Travel. Our Installation Will Maintain A Convenient Pedestrian Travel Through The Public Row By Consolidating Our Facilities As Close As Allowable To The Building Face To Keep It In The Building Frontage Zone. 0 03/​06/​2023 09:07 Unnecessary Review 4901489 1S1E03BC 90000 AMBASSADOR CONDOMINIUM GENERAL COMMON ELEMENTS ASSOCIATION OF UNIT OWNERS OF AMBASSADOR CONDOMINIUM 1211 SW 6TH AVE PORTLAND, OR 97204-1001 MARCUS HENDRICKSON NW NATURAL 250 SW TAYLOR ST PORTLAND OR 97204 USA
    https://​​detail/​permit/​4904162_​did/​ 23-021871-000-00-LU 534 SE BELMONT ST, 97214 HR - Historic Resource Review Type 1 procedure new 1. Replace Existing Entrance Door With Storefront Glazing To Match Adjacent Storefront. 2. Add Exterior Lighting For Pedestrian Safety And To Light Signage. 3. Repaint Building And Add Painted Signage. Add Projected Sign. This Is A Contributing Resource In The East Portland /​ Grand Avenue Historic District. 0 03/​10/​2023 10:18 Incomplete 4904162 1S1E02BB 07700 PARK ADD TO E P BLOCK 126 E 1/​2 OF LOT 7&8 HALEY'S BIKE ADVENTURE LLC 706 SE M L KING BLVD PORTLAND, OR 97214 JEFFREY MAAS URBAN PATTERNS ARCHITECTURE 1432 E BURNSIDE ST PORTLAND, OR 97214
    https://​​detail/​permit/​4908176_​did/​ 23-025766-000-00-LU 1036 SE BELMONT ST, 97214 DZ - Design Review Type 1 procedure new The Project Is A Tenant Improvement Project Of A Vacant Cold Shell Tenant Space That Is Located At The Corner Space In The 4 Story Mixed Used Building Built In 2015. Adding Exterior Walk-Up Atm And Regrading The Public Sidewalk And Door Entry To Be Compliant With Accessibility Requirements. 230 Sq Ft Of Affected Facade 0 03/​24/​2023 10:10 Pending 4908176 1S1E02BA 04000 HAWTHORNE PK BLOCK 246 LOT 1&2 EXC PT IN ST LOT 7&8, SPLIT MAP R176896 (R366702370) LOCA INVESTORS 1615 SE 3RD AVE #100 PORTLAND, OR 97214 ARIANE SANDERS PM DESIGN GROUP INC 3860 BROADWAY, SUITE 110 AMERICAN CANYON CA 94503 USA
    https://​​detail/​permit/​4906470_​did/​ 23-024118-000-00-EA 1315 SE 20TH AVE, 97214 PC - PreApplication Conference A Pre-Application Conference To Discuss Increased Capacity Of The Existing Religious Institution As Well As Additional Uses Within The Building That May Be Categorized As Office, Retail Sales And Service Or Community Service. 0 03/​22/​2023 15:10 Pending - EA 4906470 1S1E02AD 16800 KENWORTHYS ADD BLOCK 9 LOT 5-8 HINSON MEMORIAL BAPTIST CHURCH INC 1315 SE 20TH AVE PORTLAND, OR 97214-3811 PAUL KURTH LRS ARCHITECTS 720 NW DAVIS, SUITE 300 PORTLAND OR 97209
    https://​​detail/​permit/​4904025_​did/​ 23-021737-000-00-LU 9380 NE HALSEY ST, 97220 AD - Adjustment Type 2 procedure Adjustment To Overall Landscape Area Standard For A New Electrical Substation. 0 03/​14/​2023 16:55 Void/​ Withdrawn 4904025 1N2E33AB 00200 SECTION 33 1N 2E TL 200 1.27 ACRES DEPT OF REVENUE PACIFICORP 825 NE MULTNOMAH ST #1900 PORTLAND, OR 97232-2151 JOHN ANIELLO PACIFICORP 825 NE MULTNOMAH BLVD STE 2013 LCM PORTLAND OR 97232 USA
    https://​​detail/​permit/​4904863_​did/​ 23-022545-000-00-LU 9380 NE HALSEY ST, 97220 AD - Adjustment Type 2 procedure Adjustment To Waive Landscaping Standards Of 33.140.225 Required For The Development Of A New Electrical Substation (Basic Utility Use). 0 03/​16/​2023 14:10 Incomplete 4904863 1N2E33AB 00200 SECTION 33 1N 2E TL 200 1.27 ACRES DEPT OF REVENUE PACIFICORP 825 NE MULTNOMAH ST #1900 PORTLAND, OR 97232-2151 JOHN ANIELLO PACIFICORP 825 NE MULTNOMAH BLVD STE 2013 LCM PORTLAND OR 97232 USA
    https://​​detail/​permit/​4908784_​did/​ 23-026318-000-00-EA 10721 NE SANDY BLVD, 97220 EA-Zoning Only - w/​mtg Remove Some Of The Windows At The Grocery Store For Safety In Lieu Of Multiple Shootings (Adjustment To The Ground Floor Window Standards Likely Needed). 0 03/​29/​2023 12:29 Pending - EA 4908784 1N2E22BA 06100 PARKROSE & RPLT BLOCK 74 LOT A&B TL 6100 MASTER PLAN DEVELOPMENT INC 276 SW FOREST COVE RD WEST LINN, OR 97068 JANEL MALLEK GREENBERGFARROW (GF) 8600 W BRYN MAWR AVE #800N CHICAGO, IL 60631
    https://​​detail/​permit/​4902244_​did/​ 23-020043-000-00-LU 11309 NE HOLMAN ST, 97220 AD - Adjustment Type 2 procedure Adjustment Requested To 33.515.205 Airport Way Streetscape. The Plans Show 6 Pieces Of Mechanical Equipment, Mechanical Equipment Screen, And Part Of A Solid Waste Compactor Within The 25¿ Setback From Airport Way. These Items Are Not Listed As Allowable Items Within The Setback. We Are Proposing That These Elements Be Screened With An 6' High Painted Steel Fence And Left Where They Are. The Building Is In The Setback Farther Than The Existing Mechanical Equipment And Solid Waste Compactor. 0 03/​08/​2023 16:23 Pending 4902244 1N2E15DB 00500 PARKROSE & RPLT BLOCK 113 LOT 3 TL 500 COLUMBIA RIVER BASIN INVESTORS LLC 14852 NE TILLAMOOK ST PORTLAND, OR 97230 HANS ETTLIN HANS ETTLIN ARCHITECURE 12357 HAMPTON DRIVE OREGON CITY, OR 97045
    https://​​detail/​permit/​4903824_​did/​ 23-021553-000-00-LU NW LEIF ERIKSON DR, 97229 EN - Environmental Review Type 3 procedure Ho Hearing - The Applicant, Kinder Morgan, Is Requesting Approval For The Repair Or Replacement Of Joint Sites At 11 Different Locations Along An Existing Pipeline Right-Of-Way In Forest Park. Kinder Morgan Owns And Operates An Existing 115-Mile Refined Petroleum Products Pipeline That Runs From Portland To Eugene, Oregon. Approximately 1.8 Miles Of The Pipeline Runs Through Forest Park And Adjacent Right-Of-Way. The Pipeline Maintenance Activities Are Proposed To Occur In Spring 2023 After The Close Of The Northwest Hills Plan District Annual Soil Disturbance Moratorium (May 1). The Proposed Pipeline Work Will Require The Removal Of Several Native Trees (15-33 Depending On Final Construction Work Areas) And Temporarily Disturb A Total Of 17,271 Square Feet Of Area Within The Environmental Protection Overlay Zone. The Applicant Proposes To Restore Temporary Disturbance Areas And Compensate For Vegetation Clearing Caused By The Construction Activities By Spreading Native Seed Mix As Well As Planting Native Shrubs Upon Project Completion. Further, The Applicant Intends To Fully Mitigate For The Permanent Impact Of Tree Removal And Is Continuing To Work With Bureau Of Development And Parks & Recreation Staff On The Structure And Implementation Of Compensatory Mitigation Within Forest Park. All Joint Sites Are Within The City¿S Environmental Conservation And Environmental Protection Overlay Zones Within The City¿S Forest Park Natural Resource Management Plan (Forest Park Nrmp). The Forest Park Nrmp Includes A List Of Certain Projects/​Actions That Are In Conformance With The Nrmp, And Which Are Allowed Without A Land Use Review. The Nrmp Does Not Specifically Address The Repair And Replacement Of The Kinder Morgan Pipeline. Therefore, This Proposal Is Considered An "Exception" To The Nrmp And Is Required To Go Through A Type Iii Environmental Review. All Sites Are Also Within The Forest Park Subdistrict Of The Northwest Hills Plan District And Must Meet The Additional Approval Criteria For That Subdistrict. 0 03/​14/​2023 11:44 Pending 4903824 1N1W14 00500 SECTION 14 1N 1W TL 500 40.00 ACRES PORTLAND CITY OF 1120 SW 5TH AVE #1302 PORTLAND, OR 97204-1926 MELISSA COWAN SFPP., L.P., a subsidiary of KINDER MORGAN 1001 LOUISIANA ST., STE 1000 HOUSTON, TX 77002
    https://​​detail/​permit/​4906012_​did/​ 23-023674-000-00-LU 7200 NW FRONT AVE, 97210 EN - Environmental Review Type 2 procedure Portland General Electric (Pge) Is Proposing To Install 4 New Wood Poles And Replace One Existing Pole Within The Heavy Industrial (Ih) Base Zone And Environmental Conservation (C) Overlay Zone. Overhead Transmission Lines Would Also Be Installed. Note That The Project Also Involves Additional New Poles And Replacement Poles Within The Ih Base Zone But Outside Of Environmental Overlay Zones And Would Not Remove Trees; All Of Those Poles Are Exempt And Not Included In This Application. 0 03/​20/​2023 07:42 Pending 4906012 1N1W13 01200A1 SECTION 13 1N 1W TL 1200 MACH & EQUIP SEE R324183 (R961130010) FOR LAND & IMPS SILTRONIC CORP 7200 NW FRONT AVE PORTLAND, OR 97210-3676 BNSF RAILWAY COMPANY PO BOX 961089 FORT WORTH, TX 76161-0089 TINA TIPPIN PORTLAND GENERAL ELECTRIC 121 SW SALMON ST., 1WTC1302 PORTLAND, OR 97204
    https://​​detail/​permit/​4909206_​did/​ 23-026716-000-00-LU 8506 N EDISON ST, 97203 AD - Adjustment Type 2 procedure The Proposal Is For A Cohousing Development Called Cathedral Park Cohousing. The Project Consists Of A 35-Unit Development, With Common/​Shared Spaces And Some Onsite Parking. The Community Is Coming Together Under The Shared Values Of Inclusion And Diversity, With A Particular Emphasis On Disability Forward Design. The Project Is Approximately 46,500 Gsf. Stormwater Will Be Managed With Private Drywell Systems. Runoff From The Site Will Be Collected And Piped To The (1) 35' Drywell Or (2) 20' Drywells Located In The Parking Level. Adjustment Requested To Allow Greater Building Coverage Than Allowed By Table 120-3, Due To A Significantly Sloping Site And Existing Conditions. 0 03/​29/​2023 10:54 Pending 4909206 1N1W12BD 04000 JAMES JOHNS 2ND ADD BLOCK 13 LOT 7 INC PT VAC ST LOT 8 PLATYPUS LAND LLC 6107 N BURRAGE AVE PORTLAND, OR 97217 KIM OLSON MAHLUM ARCHITECTS 1380 SE 9TH AVE PORTLAND OR 97214 USA ERIK GRANUM URBAN DEVELOPMENT PARTNERS 116 NE 6TH #400 PORTLAND OR 97232
    https://​​detail/​permit/​4904972_​did/​ 23-022649-000-00-LU 8567 N MOHAWK AVE, 97203 RP - Replat Type 1x procedure Confirm Lots 32, 33, And 34, Then Replat Them Into Two Parcels, One With Existing House And One New Parcel On Which To Build A Duplex With The Intention Of Doing A Middle Housing Land Division Process On It. Stormwater - Surface For The Existing House And Drywells For The Duplex. 0 03/​16/​2023 07:27 Pending 4904972 1N1W01DD 20000 POINT VIEW BLOCK 12 LOT 31-34 GREENWOOD HOMES LLC 181 N GRANT ST STE 203 CANBY, OR 97013 PAUL ROEGER CMT SURVEYING & CONSULTING 20330 SE HWY 212 DAMASCUS OR 97089 USA
    https://​​detail/​permit/​4903382_​did/​ 23-021134-000-00-LU N SWENSON ST, 97203 RP - Replat Type 1x procedure Re-Plat Which Joins Both Of The Below Lots Into A Single Lot: R229015 - Oak Park Add 2, Wly 50' Of Ely 150' Of Block B R229020 - Oak Park Add 2, Wly 50' Of Nly 120' Of Ely 200' Of Block B 0 03/​13/​2023 10:56 Pending 4903382 1N1W01AD 04300 OAK PARK ADD 2 WLY 50' OF NLY 120' OF ELY 200' OF BLOCK B DEZ DEVELOPMENT LLC 10117 SE SUNNYSIDE RD #F PMB 1123 CLACKAMAS, OR 97015-6798 GARRETT SANDBERG DEZ DEVELOPMENT 15648 SE 114TH AVE, #211 CLACKAMAS, OR 97015
    https://​​detail/​permit/​4908706_​did/​ 23-026242-000-00-LU NE MULTNOMAH ST, 97232 DZ - Design Review Type 2 procedure Installation Of Security Fencing, Gates, And Roll-Up Vehicle Access Doors To Secure The Open Air Garage At Lloyd Center Tower. Materials Include Painted Steel, Aluminum Storefront Glazing, And Perforated Metal Garage Doors. Gates And Storefront Doors Will Be Equipped With Hardware As Necessary To Maintain Egress. The Aim Is To Provide Security And Access Control While Maintaining The Open-Air Nature Of The Garage Structure And Preserving Visibility To The Outside. 0 03/​28/​2023 10:44 Pending 4908706 1N1E35BB 90000 LLOYD CENTER TOWER CONDOMINIUM GENERAL COMMON ELEMENTS LLOYD CENTER TOWER CONDOMINIUM OWNERS ASSN 825 NE MULTNOMAH ST PORTLAND, OR 97232-2135 KYLE ANDERSON GBD ARCHITECTS 1120 NW COUCH ST #300 PORTLAND, OR 97209
    https://​​detail/​permit/​4906268_​did/​ 23-023925-000-00-LU 819 SW OAK ST, 97205 DZM - Design Review w/​ Modifications Type 1 procedure new Tenant Improvement Of An Existing Att Central Office. Three Modifications Are Needed: 1) Modification To Zoning Code Section 33.130.230.A Street-Facing Windows On The Sw 9Th Ave Façade For Moving Out Of Conformance With The 15% Windows Standard; 2) Modification To Zoning Code Section 33.130.230.B Ground Floor Windows On The Sw 9Th Ave Façade For Moving Fully Out Of Conformance With The 25% Windows Requirement; And 3) Modification To Zoning Code Section 33.130.230.B Ground Floor Windows On The W Burnside St Façade For Moving Fully Out Of Conformance With The 40% Windows Requirement. 0 03/​20/​2023 12:01 Pending 4906268 1N1E34CC 01700 PORTLAND BLOCK 86 TL 1700 DEPT OF REVENUE AT&T COMMUNICATIONS OF THE PACIFIC NORTHWEST INC PO BOX 7207 BEDMINSTER, NJ 07921-7207 KIP KOLODZIEJSKI SALAS O'BRIEN 10202 NE 5TH AVE., #300 SEATTLE, WA 98125 WILLIAM DAVIDSON SALAS O'BRIEN 10202 5TH AVE NE SUITE 300 SEATTLE, WA 98125
    https://​​detail/​permit/​4909837_​did/​ 23-027335-000-00-LU 514 NW 9TH AVE, 97209 HR - Historic Resource Review Type 3 procedure 8 Story, 172,000 Gross Sf Multi-Family Apartment Building With 165 Units Over Ground Floor Retail And Residential Lobby. Building Height Is 85' From Grade Plane To The Average Height Of The Highest Roof Surface. Construction Is Five Levels Of Type Iiia (Wood) Over Three Levels Of Type Ia (Concrete). Two Levels Of Sub-Grade Parking With 105 Parking Stalls Provided With Access On Nw Hoyt. Two Type B Required Loading Stalls Provided In Parking Garage. Alternate Bindery Building Parapet Option Also Provided. Stormwater Will Be Managed Via Ecoroof Covering Min. 60% Roof Area. 0 03/​30/​2023 14:35 Pending 4909837 1N1E34BC 07600 COUCHS ADD BLOCK 73 LOT 1-8 FH HONEYMAN LOFTS LLC 2251 LINDA FLORA DR ATTN:FIELDS,ERAN LOS ANGELES, CA 90077 ROBERT THOMPSON TVA ARCHITECTS INC 920 SW 6TH AVE STE 1500 PORTLAND OR 97204
    https://​​detail/​permit/​4908454_​did/​ 23-026017-000-00-LU 1225 NE 2ND AVE, 97232 DZ - Design Review Type 1 procedure new Proposed New Stair Leading From Existing Exit Balcony To Create A New Accessible Route Leading To The Sidewalk Fronting Ne Multnomah St. Proposed Exterior Alterations (Stairs, Lighting, And Fence/​Gate, Since The Fence/​Gate Is Over 7 Tall). New 12"X12" Catch Basin, Tie Into Existing Rain Drain. 0 03/​27/​2023 16:12 Pending 4908454 1N1E34AA 01700 HOLLADAYS ADD BLOCK 57-60&63&64 TL 1700 LEGACY EMANUEL HOSPITAL & HEALTH CENTER 1919 NW LOVEJOY ST PORTLAND, OR 97209-1503 DAVID GARRY LEGACY HEALTH SYSTEMS 1225 NE 2ND AVE PORTLAND OR 97232
    https://​​detail/​permit/​4901581_​did/​ 23-019407-000-00-LU 522 SW 13TH AVE, 97205 DZM - Design Review w/​ Modifications Type 2 procedure This Case May Be Subject To The 100 Day Review Timeline. Applicant Is Choosing This Review To Be Processed As A Type Ii. Julia West Is A 12-Story Building Located In Portland¿S West End. The Building Will Provide 90 Units Of Permanent Supportive Housing For Seniors. Amenities For The Tower Will Include A Rooftop Terrace, A Laundry Lounge, And On-Site Support Services Run By Nara Northwest And The Northwest Pilot Project. 3 Modifications Requested: 33.510.225.C.B Ground Floor Active Uses Window Projections Into The Row 33.510.243 Ecoroofs 0 03/​06/​2023 11:25 Incomplete 4901581 1N1E33DD 03300 PORTLAND BLOCK S 1/​2 I W 1/​2 OF LOT 5&6 LAND & IMPS SEE R246880 (R667736971) FOR BILLBOARD FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH 1200 SW ALDER ST PORTLAND, OR 97205-2298 MAGGIE HARRIS HOLST ARCHITECTURE 123 NE 3RD AVE, SUITE 310 PORTLAND, OR 97232 USA
    https://​​detail/​permit/​4901289_​did/​ 23-019130-000-00-LU 1129 SW WASHINGTON ST, 97205 DZ - Design Review Type 2 procedure Remove Existing Fire Escape Ladders And Railings From The South Frontage Of The Building While Retaining The Existing Exterior Fire Escape Balconies. Perform Interior Improvements Allowing The Existing Interior Stairwells To Be Used In The Event Of A Fire As Approved In City Of Portland Appeal #28120. 0 03/​06/​2023 14:28 Unnecessary Review 4901289 1N1E33DD 01800 PORTLAND BLOCK 255 LOT 5&6 S 10' OF LOT 7 WASHINGTON PLAZA INVEST LLC 409 SW 11TH AVE PORTLAND, OR 97205 MARC SEGUELA WATERLEAF ARCHITECTURE 419 SW 11TH AVE SUITE 200 PORTLAND, OR 97205
    https://​​detail/​permit/​4902068_​did/​ 23-019877-000-00-LU 2631 NW UPSHUR ST, 97210 AD - Adjustment Type 2 procedure Adjustment Requested To 33.130.210, Height: Increase The Allowable Building Height In The Cm2 Zone With The 'Heigh Ceilings' Exception From 50' To 60'. New Approx 204,000Sf, 252-257 Residential Unit Mixed-Use Multifamily Development On Split Zoned Lots. Structure Includes Approx 56,700Sf Below Grade Parking Garage, Commercial Spaces On Nw Vaughn, Ground Floor And Rooftop Common Space Amenities. Existing Buildings On Lots To Be Demolished. See Attached Project Narrative And Supporting Documents For Further Detail. 0 03/​08/​2023 11:53 Incomplete 4902068 1N1E29DD 03300 NORTH PORTLAND BLOCK 15 W 49.5' OF LOT 3 LOT 4-6, LOT 13-16 UPSHUR ACQUISITION LLC 2222 NE OREGON ST #208 PORTLAND, OR 97232 KERI ERWIN HACKER ARCHITECTS 555 SE MARTIN LUTHER KING BLVD #501 PORTLAND, OR 97214
    https://​​detail/​permit/​4909807_​did/​ 23-027305-000-00-EA 2407 NW 28TH AVE, 97210 EA-Zoning & Inf. Bur.- w/​mtg Demolition Of Existing Warehouse To Build New 2 Story Industrial Building With Accessory Office Space On Lot R266228 0 03/​30/​2023 13:55 Application 4909807 1N1E29DB 00700 SCHMITT INDUSTRIAL PARK LOT 3 ACCRETECH SBS, INC 2451 NW 28TH AVE PORTLAND, OR 97210 SARAH YOUNG OPEN CONCEPT ARCHITECTURE 208 NW 21ST AVE., STE 201 PORTLAND, OR 97209
    https://​​detail/​permit/​4901058_​did/​ 23-018913-000-00-LU NW QUIMBY ST, 97209 DZ - Design Review Type 3 procedure A Mixed-Use Development With 381 For-Rent Residential Units Of Varying Sizes And 299 Parking Stalls Below And Above-Grade. The Project Is Planned As A Combination Of A Type Ia High-Rise Building (20 Stories) And A Low-Rise Type Iiia Wood Building (4-Stories) Sitting Over A Shared 3-Story Concrete Podium. The Ground Floor Will Have Active Ground Floor Places, Including A Commercial Space, A Residential Lobby And Amenity Spaces For Residents, As Well As Walk-Up Residential Units Along The Private Extension Of Nw 12Th Ave. The Project Is Targeting A Gold Earth Advantage Certification. 0 03/​06/​2023 09:22 Incomplete 4901058 1N1E28DD 00709 COUCHS ADD BLOCK 245&260 TL 709 HOYT STREET PROPERTIES L L C 1111 NW PETTYGROVE ST PORTLAND, OR 97209-2483 MICHAEL BURKIN GREYSTAR DEVELOPMENT WEST LLC 465 MEETING ST, SUITE 500 CHARLESTON SC 29403 USA MARCUS LIMA GBD ARCHITECTS 1120 NW COUCH ST SUITE 300 PORTLAND OR 97209
    https://​​detail/​permit/​4903858_​did/​ 23-021582-000-00-LU 1525 NE M L KING BLVD, 97232 DZ - Design Review Type 2 procedure Existing Starbucks Renovation Remove Existing Signage Faces On Monument Sign. Prepare For New Sign Faces And New Paint. Not Changing Sizes. Remove Existing Site Light Heads. Existing Poles To Remain. Prepare For New Light Heads. Remove Existing Trash Enclosure Fencing. New Masonry Trash Enclosure With Roof. New Security Camera At Trash Enclosure. Remove Existing Woodmark Sign, Sliding Walk Up Window, Portion Of Awning As Indicated, New Storefront Windows In Existing Opening Match Existing Sf. Paint Building Exterior. Please See Drawings For Additional Scope Of Work 0 03/​14/​2023 12:35 Incomplete 4903858 1N1E27DD 12400 HOLLADAYS ADD BLOCK 211 E 1/​2 OF LOT 5 INC PT VAC ST & EXC PT IN ST E 1/​2 OF LOT 6 EXC PT IN ST, LOT 7 EXC PT IN ST, LOT 8 EXC PT IN STS HOLY ROSARY CHURCH OF PORTLAND 375 NE CLACKAMAS ST PORTLAND, OR 97232-1103 JOHNNA DOMINO CORE STATES GROUP 4240 E JURUPA ST., #402 ONTARIO, CA 91761
    https://​​detail/​permit/​4902564_​did/​ 23-020352-000-00-LU N KERBY AVE, 97227 DZ - Design Review Type 2 procedure The Applicant Requests Design Review Approval For Some Of The Architectural Treatments Associated With The I-5 Rose Quarter Project, Which Consists Of Improvements To Portions Of The I-5 Interstate Highway. The Embellishments Associated With The 1St Phase Of The Project (Referred To As Ewp A) That Are Subject To This Review Include: ¿ Bridge Column Medallions And Tile Collars. ¿ Sound Wall (15.4¿ In Height) With Patterned Concrete Imagery And Adinkra Symbols. ¿ Concrete Patterned Crash Barriers On The Bridge Deck. The Elements Within This Proposal Occur Within The Design Overlay And As Such Are Subject To Chapter 33.420. Design Review Is Required For Non-Standard Improvements Within The Public Right-Of-Way That Are Not Approved By The City Engineer, Per Section 33.420.041, Which Is The Case For These Elements. A Type 2 Land Use Review Procedure Is Identified In Table 825-1 Of Section 33.825.025 For This Scope Of Work. 0 03/​09/​2023 12:30 Pending 4902564 1N1E27DB 09500 ALBINA BLOCK 42 LOT 10 TL 9500 OREGON STATE OF(DEPT OF TRANSPORTATION 123 NW FLANDERS ST PORTLAND, OR 97209-4012 MEGAN CHANNELL ODOT - ROSE QUARTER PROJECT DIRECTOR 123 NW FLANDERS PORTLAND, OR 97209
    https://​​detail/​permit/​4905357_​did/​ 23-023029-000-00-LU N RUSSELL ST, 97227 ZC - Zoning Map Amendment Type 3 procedure The Applicant Requests A Zoning Map Amendment To Change The Properties' Base Zoning From Ig1 To Ex (The Proposal). The Site'S Overlay Zones, Plan District And Cp Designation Will Remain Unchanged. 0 03/​17/​2023 15:47 Pending 4905357 1N1E27BD 02800 PROEBSTELS ADD BLOCK 9 LOT 4 BRENDA S ETAL FAST 740 N KNOTT ST PORTLAND, OR 97227-1613 CARRIE MCCLANAHAN 740 N KNOTT ST PORTLAND, OR 97227-1613 ALLISON REYNOLDS STOEL RIVES LLP 760 SW 9TH AVE #3000 (30TH FL) PORTLAND OR 97205
    https://​​detail/​permit/​4898395_​did/​ 23-016363-000-00-EA 3717 N INTERSTATE AVE, 97227 EA-Zoning & Inf. Bur.- w/​mtg Phb Funded New Affordable Housing Building ~63 Units, One Loading Parking Spot Enclosed Off The Alley, Ground Floor Amenity Spaces And Residential Units. 0 03/​01/​2023 08:20 Pending - EA 4898395 1N1E22CC 13500 OVERLOOK E 100' OF BLOCK G KAISER FOUNDATION HEALTH PLAN OF THE NORTHWEST 500 NE MULTNOMAH ST #100 PORTLAND, OR 97232-2031 JENNIFER NYE SALAZAR ARCHITECT, INC. 2222 NE OREGON ST., STE 101 PORTLAND, OR 97232
    https://​​detail/​permit/​4907927_​did/​ 23-025525-000-00-LU 3801 N INTERSTATE AVE, 97227 AD - Adjustment Type 2 procedure New 155 Apartments With Associated Amenity Space And Parking. 7-Story Structure (5-Stories Of Type Ii Wood Construction Over 2-Stories Of Type I Concrete Construction). Seeking Following Adjustment: -Adjustment Of 33.130.222.B Maximum Building Length -Adjustment Of 33.130.228.B.2.B Outdoor Area ¿ Common Areas -Adjustment Of 33.130.215.B.2.B Setbacks -Adjustment Of 33.266.130 ¿ Reduce The 20¿ Clear Dimension Drive Aisle 0 03/​24/​2023 15:28 Pending 4907927 1N1E22CC 10400 OVERLOOK BLOCK 24 LOT 3-8 GREEN LOTUS INVESTMENTS LLC 17330 SE MCLOUGHLIN BLVD MILWAUKIE, OR 97267 BRAD BANE ANKROM MOISAN ARCHITECTS 38 NW DAVIS ST, SUITE 300 PORTLAND OR 97209
    https://​​detail/​permit/​4908866_​did/​ 23-026395-000-00-EA 5422 N MISSISSIPPI AVE, 97217 EA-Zoning & Inf. Bur.- w/​mtg New 40,000Gsf Type I-A & V-A 60 Unit Multi-Family Inclusionary Housing 5 Story Building With Community Use On Ground Floor. 0 03/​28/​2023 14:26 Application 4908866 1N1E22BA 02100 M PATTONS & SUB W J PATTON'S SUB BLK I BLOCK 2 LOT 3&4 HOMMA GROUP INC 3790 EL CAMINO REAL PALO ALTO, CA 94306 JOSEF WEST WEST ARCHITECTS INC 1750 SW SKYLINE BLVD, SUITE 102 PORTLAND OR 97221 USA
    https://​​detail/​permit/​4909456_​did/​ 23-026962-000-00-EA 2336 N KILLINGSWORTH ST, 97217 EA-Zoning & Inf. Bur.- w/​mtg Demolition Of Existing House And Adu For Construction Of New 12 Unit Apartment Project - 3 Stories, No On-Site Parking. 0 03/​29/​2023 15:52 Application 4909456 1N1E21AB 01400 TERMINUS ADD BLOCK 6 LOT 6 HAIGHT MCALLISTER REAL ESTATE 1 LLC 6344 N BOSTON AVE UNIT A PORTLAND, OR 97217 KIM FEY 6344 N BOSTON AVE UNIT A PORTLAND, OR 97217 GABE HEADRICK STEELHEAD ARCHITECTURE 3050 SE DIVISION ST, SUITE 225 PORTLAND OR 97202 USA
    https://​​detail/​permit/​4903121_​did/​ 23-020882-000-00-LU 6243 NE 19TH AVE, 97211 RP - Replat Type 1x procedure This Case May Be Subject To The 100 Day Review Timeline. Re-Plat Which Joins Both Of The Below Lots Into A Single Lot: R180223 - Highland Pk, Block 10, Lot 2 R180224 - Highland Pk, Block 10, Lot 4 Exc S 20' 0 03/​10/​2023 16:46 Unnecessary Review 4903121 1N1E14DB 08900 HIGHLAND PK BLOCK 10 LOT 2 DEZ DEVELOPMENT LLC 10117 SE SUNNYSIDE RD #F PMB 1123 CLACKAMAS, OR 97015-6798 GARRETT SANDBERG DEZ DEVELOPMENT 15648 SE 114TH AVE, #211 CLACKAMAS, OR 97015
    https://​​detail/​permit/​4906258_​did/​ 23-023916-000-00-LU 1224 N WINCHELL ST, 97217 AD - Adjustment Type 2 procedure This Project Proposes To Demolish An Existing 650 Sf Single Family Home And Construct A Proposed 3-Story, 12-Unit, Wood Framed Apartment Building. Stormwater - Proposed Soakage Trench Per Cop Swmm, 5'-0" L X 2.5' W X 2'-0" D. Adjustment To 33.120.220 Setbacks, 0 03/​21/​2023 11:56 Pending 4906258 1N1E10CC 08400 FAIRPORT BLOCK 42 E 1/​2 OF LOT 9 LOT 10 JASON KARAM TLA 1 LLC 504 NE BRAZEE ST UNIT 1 A PORTLAND, OR 97212 JASON KARAM SIGMA DEVELOPMENT 504 NE BRAZEE PORTLAND OR 97212 USA
    https://​​detail/​permit/​4902968_​did/​ 23-020742-000-00-EA 955 N COLUMBIA BLVD, 97217 EA-Zoning & Inf. Bur.- w/​mtg New 75'X150' U-Box Storage Building 0 03/​17/​2023 13:06 Pending - EA 4902968 1N1E10BC 00100 SECTION 10 1N 1E TL 100 4.23 ACRES AMERCO REAL ESTATE CO PO BOX 29046 PHOENIX, AZ 85038 DOUG GREEN U-HAUL COMPANY OF PORTLAND 11711 SE 82ND AVE HAPPY VALLEY, OR 97086
    https://​​detail/​permit/​4903058_​did/​ 23-020821-000-00-LU N OLYMPIA ST, 97203 MLDP - Middle Housing Partition ELD - Expedited Land Division Construct Cottage Cluster And Divide Property Into 3 Parcels (1 Unit Per Lot). 0 03/​10/​2023 14:48 Incomplete 4903058 1N1E06DB 02601 CCBA LLC 2800 N LOMBARD ST PMB 205 PORTLAND, OR 97217-6234 DEAN ESTATES LLC 2800 N LOMBARD ST PMB 205 PORTLAND, OR 97217-6234 BRETT BARTON EASTSIDE VENTURES LLC 2800 N LOMBARD ST., #205 PORTLAND, OR 97217