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    https://​​detail/​permit/​5043138_​did/​ 23-102086-000-00-FP 56 NE STANTON ST, 97212 FP_​MHS - Middle Housing Subdivision Final Plat To Create A 9-Lot Subdivision For A Cottage Cluster, Through An Approved Middle Housing Land Division 0 05/​13/​2024 16:26 Under Review 5043138 1N1E27AD 06900 ALBINA BLOCK 29 LOT 10 EXC W 35' OF N 72' LOT 11 DEZ DEVELOPMENT LLC 10117 SE SUNNYSIDE RD #F PMB 1123 CLACKAMAS, OR 97015-6798 GARRETT SANDBERG DEZ DEVELOPMENT LLC 10117 SE SUNNYSIDE ROAD, #F1123 CLACKAMAS OR 97015 USA
    https://​​detail/​permit/​5042759_​did/​ 24-040804-000-00-LU 216 S GAINES ST, 97239 CU - Conditional Use Type 2 procedure Conditional Use Review For A Type B Accessory Short Term Rental (To Rent Five Bedrooms In The Six Bedroom Home) On A Short Term Basis. 0 05/​08/​2024 15:07 Incomplete 5042759 1S1E10CA 06801 PARTITION PLAT 2007-164 LOT 1 THOMAS CALLAHAN 3811 N ALBINA AVE B301 PORTLAND, OR 97227 THOMAS CALLAHAN 216 S GAINES ST PORTLAND, OR 97239
    https://​​detail/​permit/​5045283_​did/​ 24-043238-000-00-EA 4520 N COLONIAL AVE, 97217 EA-Zoning & Inf. Bur.- w/​mtg Revised Multi-Family Development Consolidating Lots R158616 & R158271 Into A Single Site From Current Permit #2021-087293-000-00-Co Under Review. New Construction, 4-Story Walk Up (No Elevator), 90 Unit Apartment Building With Mix Of Studio, 1-Bedroom, And 2-Bedroom Units. Project Proposes To Meet The Deeper Housing Affordability Requirements And Development Bonus' Per 33.120.211.C.2. Stormwater To Be Managed Onsite Via Drywells. 0 05/​20/​2024 14:08 Pending - EA 5045283 1N1E21AD 13700 ETHEL LYNN ADD BLOCK 2 N 36 2/​3' OF LOT 2 LOT 3, S 20' OF LOT 4 EXC PT IN ST 4520 N COLONIAL LLC 1887 WHITNEY MESA DR #1836 HENDERSON, NV 89014-2069 1560 N GOING LLC 1887 WHITNEY MESA DR #1836 HENDERSON, NV 89014-2069 CARRIE STRICKLAND WORKS PARTNERSHIP ARCHITECTURE 811 SE STARK ST SUITE 210 PORTLAND OR 97214
    https://​​detail/​permit/​5040454_​did/​ 24-038574-000-00-EA 5615 S MACADAM AVE, 97239 EA-Zoning & Inf. Bur.- w/​mtg Commercial Ti To Convert Existing Bank Building Into A Mcdonald¿S Restaurant. Site Will Reconfigure Driveway To Add Mcd Dual Lane Order Points, New Trash Corral, And Reconfigure Parking As Needed For New Layout. Storm Water Will Be Handled Onsite In Retention Basin. 0 05/​06/​2024 13:49 Pending - EA 5040454 1S1E15CA 00100 GREENS ADD BLOCK 4 TL 100 LINDQUIST DEVELOPMENT CO INC PO BOX 42135 PORTLAND, OR 97242-0135 NATHAN ARNOLD FASTER PERMITS 2000 SW 1ST AVE #420 PORTLAND OR 97201
    https://​​detail/​permit/​5039159_​did/​ 24-037342-000-00-EA 1820 NE 21ST AVE, 97212 EA-Zoning Only - w/​mtg The Oregon Afscme Organization (Non-Profit Union For Public Sector Employees) Is Looking To Purchase This Property To House Their Organization Offices And Hold Union Meetings (Monthly). The Existing Site Has A Church (Religious Non-Profit) That Was Built In 1951 And Is Allowed In The Rm2 Zoning Because Of A Conditional Use. The Union Would Like To Purchase The Site And Use It For Their Offices And Monthly Union Meetings. This Is A Non-Contributing Resource In The Irvington Historic District. 0 05/​01/​2024 14:55 Pending - EA 5039159 1N1E26DD 09400 JOHN IRVINGS 1ST ADD BLOCK 15 LOT 6-10 CENTRAL LUTHERAN CHURCH 1820 NE 21ST AVE PORTLAND, OR 97212 MELYNDA RETALLACK INK BUILT ARCHITECTURE 2808 NE MLK JR BLVD, STE G PORTLAND OR 97212
    https://​​detail/​permit/​5043087_​did/​ 24-041109-000-00-LU , 97231 CU - Conditional Use Type 3 procedure Portland General Electric (Pge) Is Requesting Approval To Construct A New 1,400-Foot-Long Segment Of Transmission Corridor And Shift A Portion Of Existing Transmission Corridor Slightly South To Make Necessary Wire Routing Improvements. All Work In Forest Park Is Proposed Within Existing Pge Utility Easements. To Install Two New Steel Poles And Shift One Existing Pole South, Pge Must Clear 4.78 Acres Of Forest Habitat In The Park. This Is Forest That Is Currently Surrounded By Utility Corridors On All Sides. Work Would Also Occur At Pge'S Harborton Substation At 12500 Nw Marina Way, Including 3 New Poles In The Gravel Parking Area West Of The Substation And Temporary Access In The Wetland South Of The Substation To Reconfigure Wiring On Existing Towers. The Project Is Needed To Address System Vulnerabilities And Provide The Power Supply And System Redundancy Needed To Accommodate Current And Near-Term Power Demands. Stormwater: The Project Proposes Only Negligible New Impervious Associated With Two New Pole Foundations (~226 Square Feet Total). This Clean Runoff Would Infiltrate In Surrounding Forest Soils. During Construction, Stormwater Will Be Managed Per The Construction Stormwater Best Management Practices Manual For The 1200-C Npdes General Permit. 0 05/​10/​2024 14:35 Pending 5043087 2N1W34 00400 SECTION 34 2N 1W TL 400 15.79 ACRES PORTLAND CITY OF 1120 SW 5TH AVE #1302 PORTLAND, OR 97204-1926 MEREDITH ARMSTRONG PORTLAND GENERAL ELECTRIC 121 SW SALMON ST PORTLAND, OR 97204 RANDY FRANKS PORTLAND GENERAL ELECTRIC 121 SW SALMON ST PORTLAND, OR 97204
    https://​​detail/​permit/​5045843_​did/​ 24-043783-000-00-EA 2525 NW LOVEJOY ST, 97210 EA-Zoning & Inf. Bur.- w/​mtg Upgrade And Relocation Of Existing Electrical Service. Scope To Include Addition Of New Electrical Room At Basement Level Of Building In The Ne Corner Of The Parking Garage. Two New Utility Poles To Be Located In Furnishing Zone Along Nw Marshall St. New Infrastructure Located Along The Ne Wall To Include Man Door For Electrical Room Egress, Multiple Weatherheads For New Electrical Service, And Knox Box And Meters As Required By Pge. Additionally, New Parapet Extension Along Length Of Nw Facade At Plaza Level To Provide Reach Protection For Weatherheads As Required By Pge, Design Of Parapet Extension Subject To Design Review Overlay Requirements. 0 05/​20/​2024 14:45 Application 5045843 1N1E32AD 00200 GOLDSMITHS ADD BLOCK 15 TL 200 LOVEJOY MEDICAL LLC 1615 SE 3RD AVE #100 PORTLAND, OR 97214 JERICHO BANKSTON VLMK ENGINEERING + DESIGN 3933 S KELLY AVE PORTLAND, OR 97239
    https://​​detail/​permit/​5039848_​did/​ 24-038007-000-00-LU 2850 SE 82ND AVE, 97266 AD - Adjustment Type 2 procedure An Adjustment Request To Allow Vehicular Access Through A Setback. 0 05/​01/​2024 10:12 Pending 5039848 1S2E09BB 05100 SECTION 09 1S 2E TL 5100 7.49 ACRES FUBONN SHOPPING CENTER LLC 1702 NE 92ND AVE PORTLAND, OR 97220-4300 BRENT AHREND MACKENZIE 1515 SE WATER AVE #100 PORTLAND OR 97214 PETER FRY 303 NW UPTOWN TER, #1B PORTLAND OR 97210
    https://​​detail/​permit/​5042701_​did/​ 24-040746-000-00-LU 375 NE HOLLADAY ST, 97232 DZ - Design Review Type 1 procedure new Dish Wireless L.L.C. Proposes (3) New Antennas, (6) New Radio'S With Frp Screening Painted To Match Structure On Building Rooftop, (1) New 5'X7' Platform With (2) Cabinets And Associated Utility Equipment Will Be Behind Existing Building Equipment Screening. 0 05/​16/​2024 13:50 Pending 5042701 1N1E34AA 03001 LOT 1 TL 3001 XHR PORTLAND OCC LLC 200 S ORANGE AVE #2700 ORLANDO, FL 32801 MARINA MONIHAN TECHNOLOGY ASSOCIATES EC, INC. 525 3RD ST., STE 200 LAKE OSWEGO, OR 97034
    https://​​detail/​permit/​5043571_​did/​ 24-041577-000-00-EA 7180 SW OLESON RD EA-Zoning & Inf. Bur.- w/​mtg 40 Townhome Style Units On A 1.73 Acre Site. 0 05/​14/​2024 14:43 Pending - EA 5043571 1S124DB00400 GARDEN HOME, LOT PT 8, ACRES 1.76 GARDEN HOMES WEST ASSOCIATES LLC GARDEN HOMES WEST ASSOCIATES LLC 10920 SW HIGHLAND DR TIGARD, OR 97224 SEAN ONEILL CANOPY BUILDING GROUP LLC 15962 BOONES FERRY RD #202 LAKE OSWEGO, OR 97035
    https://​​detail/​permit/​5039887_​did/​ 24-038042-000-00-LU 1235 W BURNSIDE ST, 97209 DZ - Design Review Type 1 procedure new Minor Remodel To Install "Bottle Drop" Service To An Existing Whole Food Market. Area Of Work: 1,350 Sq Ft. The Affect Facade Is 99.5 Sq. Ft. This Proposal Is To Replace A Transom Window With A Louver And To Replace A Portion Of The Ground Floor Façade With A Reduction Of Windows/​Glazing In Order To Facilitate Installation Of A Roll Up Garage Door, A Door To Serve The Bottle Drop And Other Changes Altering The Existing Storefront System. 0 05/​06/​2024 10:50 Incomplete 5039887 1N1E33DA 05000 COUCHS ADD BLOCK 82 LOT 1-8 LAND & IMPS SEE R521433 (R180207462) FOR MACH & EQUIP SPF BREWERY BLOCKS LLC PO BOX 4120 PMB 73304 PORTLAND, OR 97208-4120 MJ JUN PERMIT PLACE INC 13400 RIVERSIDE DR STE 202 SHERMAN OAKS, CA 91423
    https://​​detail/​permit/​5041077_​did/​ 24-039169-000-00-EA 4310 S MACADAM AVE, 97239 EA-Zoning & Inf. Bur.- w/​mtg Proposed Exterior Security Enhancements 0 05/​07/​2024 14:17 Pending - EA 5041077 1S1E10CD 00500 SECTION 10 1S 1E TL 500 1.11 ACRES 4310 BUILDING LLC 520 SW YAMHILL ST #600 PORTLAND, OR 97204-1329 ANDREW SMITH HENNEBERY EDDY ARCHITECTS 921 SW WASHINGTON ST #250 PORTLAND OR 97205
    https://​​detail/​permit/​5040004_​did/​ 24-038153-000-00-LU 2846 SW SAM JACKSON PARK RD, 97201 EN - Environmental Review Type 2 procedure The Existing Sheridan Trunk Sewer Is A 40-Inch-Diameter Concrete Pipeline Built More Than 110 Years Ago In The Old Marquam Gulch In Sw Portland Near Terwilliger Blvd And Sw Sam Jackson Park Rd. The Project Area Is Within Resource Site Sw9 ¿ Marquam Hill Ravine. Condition Assessments Have Determined The Existing Sewer Pipeline Is In Very Poor Structural Condition. Subsequent Predesign Studies Have Determined That Approximately 1,700 Feet Of The Old Trunk Must Be Replaced. A Portion Of The New Sewer Pipeline At The Upstream/​West End Of The Alignment Is Partially Located In Environmental Conservation And Environmental Protection Overlay Zones. See Attached Written Narrative, Existing Conditions Plans, Arborist Report, Proposed Development Plans, Construction Management Plan, And Mitigation Plan. Stormwater: At Area 1 And Area 2, Stormwater Will Continue To Flow To Existing Storm Inlets On The Properties. When The Project Is Finished, The Existing Storm Drains Will Be Connected To The New Trunk Sewer. At Area 4, There Are No Storm Inlets. Stormwater Infiltrates Into The Soil. When The Project Is Finished, Stormwater Will Continue To Infiltrate Into The Soil, Restored To Preexisting Conditions. 0 05/​02/​2024 13:47 Incomplete 5040004 1S1E09AB 05300 SECTION 09 1S 1E TL 5300 0.19 ACRES PORTLAND CITY OF 1120 SW 5TH AVE #1000 PORTLAND, OR 97204-1912 KURT ROBINSON BES 1120 SW 5TH AVE #700 PORTLAND OR 97204-1972
    https://​​detail/​permit/​5036360_​did/​ 24-034663-000-00-EA 3700 NE 82ND AVE, 97220 EA-Zoning & Inf. Bur.- w/​mtg This Project Proposes (1) New Mixed-Use Structure With At Grade Parking With Approximately 2,257Sf Ground Floor Retail And 31 Apartment Units. A Bicycle Parking Structure Is Proposed As Well. The Building Would Be A 4-Stories Of Type Va Wood Construction With Appropriate Separation Between The R-2 And Retail Below. Stormwater Will Be Managed On Site. The Project Will Span Over Two Separate Lots. 0 05/​02/​2024 15:01 Pending - EA 5036360 1N2E21CC 09500 ROSE VILLAS W 60' OF LOT 9 EXC PT IN ST W 60' OF LOT 10 VIKASH NARAIN 2255 S HIGHWAY 395 HERMISTON, OR 97838-9466 JIM TOPOREK STUDIO 3 ARCHITECTURE 275 COURT ST NE SALEM OR 97301 USA
    https://​​detail/​permit/​5045246_​did/​ 24-043202-000-00-LU 1200 NW MARSHALL ST, 97209 DZ - Design Review Type 1 procedure new On The Rooftop, Dish Wireless L.L.C. Proposes To Install (3) Antennas, (6) Rrhs, (3) Ovps, (3) Frp Screens (Painted And Textured To Match The Existing Building), And (3) Hybrid Cables At The 173¿ Rad. Additionally, On The Rooftop Dish Proposes To Install (1) New 5¿X7¿ Metal Platform; (2) Cabinets And New Fiber Box, (1) New Meter, And Associated Wireless Equipment. 0 05/​17/​2024 13:15 Pending 5045246 1N1E33AA 03200 COUCHS ADD BLOCK 185 LOT 1-8 ASA FLATS LLC 2001 ROSS AVE #3400 DALLAS, TX 75240 BRIAN FLORES DISH WIRELESS, LLC 5701 S SANTA FE DR LITTLETON, CO 80120 MARINA MONIHAN TECHNOLOGY ASSOCIATES EC, INC. 525 3RD ST., STE 200 LAKE OSWEGO, OR 97034
    https://​​detail/​permit/​5038260_​did/​ 24-036482-000-00-LU 439 NW 22ND AVE, 97210 HR - Historic Resource Review Type 2 procedure The Applicant Is Seeking Historic Resource Review Approval For Exterior Alterations To A Contributing Resource In The Alphabet Historic District, Formally Known As The Joshua Roberts Mead House. Proposal Is For Renovations To The One-Story Part Of The Structure At The Corner Of Nw 22Nd And Nw Glisan. This Includes Storefront Renovations On The Street Frontages And A New Rooftop Deck For The Use Of The Residents Above. Historic Resource Review Is Required Because The Proposal Is For Non-Exempt Exterior Alterations In The Alphabet Historic District, Per 33.445.200.D. 0 05/​01/​2024 15:31 Pending 5038260 1N1E33CA 01900 MEADS ADD BLOCK 2 LOT 1 CYNTHIA CASAS 435 NW 22ND AVE PORTLAND, OR 97210 SHARI GOLDSAND 435 NW 22ND AVE PORTLAND, OR 97210 CYNTHIA CASAS EQUANIMITY WELLNESS, LLC 435 NW 22ND AVE PORTLAND, OR 97210
    https://​​detail/​permit/​5042910_​did/​ 24-040947-000-00-LU 312 NE 57TH AVE, 97213 AD - Adjustment Type 2 procedure The Scope Includes Demolishing 3 Existing Structures And Building A New 28 Unit Apartment Building. The Proposed Design Includes A Courtyard, Community Room And A Tuck Under Parking Lot. Adjustment Requested To Building Coverage (33.120.225) 0 05/​08/​2024 09:12 Incomplete 5042910 1N2E31DB 01100 CAPITAN ADD BLOCK 8 LOT 33 312 NE 57TH SERIES OF THE KENT FAMILY HOLDINGS LLC 800 T ST VANCOUVER, WA 98661-4249 PETER GRIMM SCOTT EDWARDS ARCHITECTURE 2525 E BURNSIDE PORTLAND, OR 97214
    https://​​detail/​permit/​5040916_​did/​ 24-039026-000-00-LU 58 NE MORRIS ST, 97212 CU - Conditional Use Type 2 procedure Friends Of The Children Center Of Excellence Conditional Use Review For An Existing Conditional Use. Project Includes 3,714 Square Foot Addition, Reconfigured Parking Area With 26 Parking Spaces, Enhanced Entry And New Pedestrian Connection To Ne Stanton St. Uses, Including Daily Staff And Youth Use, Occasional National Friends Of The Children Training Events, Occasional Community Events, And Two Special Events Per Year. Upgrading Non-Conforming Development To Conform With Zoning Code. 0 05/​02/​2024 11:40 Pending 5040916 1N1E27AD 01900 ALBINA BLOCK 29 LOT 39-43 YOUTH RESOURCES INC 44 NE MORRIS ST PORTLAND, OR 97212 EMILY SANDY STRATA LAND USE PLANNING PO BOX 90833 PORTLAND OR 97290 USA
    https://​​detail/​permit/​5043980_​did/​ 24-041977-000-00-EA 1313 W BURNSIDE ST, 97209-4107 EA-Zoning & Inf. Bur.- no mtg New Storefront Systems, Entries, And Overhead Doors On North, West, And South Elevations, As Well As New Exterior Paint Throughout. 0 05/​14/​2024 12:44 Pending - EA 5043980 1N1E33DA 05100 BLOCK 93 LOT 1-8 AS REALTY LLC 1121 SW SALMON ST #500 PORTLAND, OR 97205 KARL REFI KOBLE CREATIVE ARCHITECTURE LLC 2117 NE OREGON ST. #301 PORTLAND OR 97232 USA TERRY AMUNDSON KOBLE CREATIVE ARCHITECTURE 2117 NE OREGON #701 PORTLAND OR 97232
    https://​​detail/​permit/​5040325_​did/​ 24-038451-000-00-LU 222 SW COLUMBIA ST, 97201 DZ - Design Review Type 1 procedure new The Applicant Requests Design Review Approval For Component That Will Support A New Generator For Emergency Power. The Components Include A New Louver Above The Storefront At The Southeast Corner With Two 2¿ Vents, Two 5¿ Vents And One 3¿ Exhaust Vent. Design Review Is Required For Exterior Alterations That Do Not Meet The Exemptions In Section 33.420.045. 0 05/​06/​2024 11:25 Pending 5040325 1S1E03BC 03100 PORTLAND BLOCK 130&131 TL 3100 KC VENTURE LLC 222 SW COLUMBIA ST #700 PORTLAND, OR 97201 TAYLOR PASIC GBD ARCHITECTS 1120 NW COUCH, SUITE 300 PORTLAND, OR 97209
    https://​​detail/​permit/​5044067_​did/​ 23-097782-000-00-FP 8836 N DRUMMOND AVE, 97217 FP_​MHP - Middle Housing Partition Final Plat To Create Two Parcels Through An Approved Middle Housing Land Division 0 05/​14/​2024 14:46 Application 5044067 1N1E09BC 08601 NW DEVELOPMENT INC 10151 SE SUNNYSIDE RD #300 CLACKAMAS, OR 97015 ZAC HORTON DESIGN BY FASTER PERMITS 2000 SW 1ST AVE SUITE 420 PORTLAND, OR 97201
    https://​​detail/​permit/​5045888_​did/​ 24-002483-000-00-FP 8036 N HUDSON ST, 97203 FP_​MHP - Middle Housing Partition Final Plat To Create Two Parcels Through An Approved Middle Housing Land Division 0 05/​20/​2024 16:03 Application 5045888 1N1W01DD 20003 GREENWOOD HOMES LLC 181 N GRANT ST #203 CANBY, OR 97013-3600 PAUL ROEGER CMT SURVEYING & CONSULTING 20330 SE HWY 212 DAMASCAS OR 97089 USA
    https://​​detail/​permit/​5043331_​did/​ 24-041343-000-00-LU 5210 N KERBY AVE, 97217 HDRR - Historic Designation Removal Review Type 2 procedure Change The Status Of The Jefferson High School Site And All Buildings On The Site From Contributing To The Piedmont Conservation District To Noncontributing. Move The Southern Boundary Of The Piedmont Conservation District Approximately 700 Feet North To Coincide With The Future Development Plans For The Site. 0 05/​09/​2024 10:14 Pending 5043331 1N1E22BA 00100 M PATTONS & SUB BLOCK O TL 100 SPLIT MAP R298127 (R877306800) SCHOOL DISTRICT NO 1 PO BOX 3107 PORTLAND, OR 97208-3107 DEBBIE CLEEK THE BOOKIN GROUP 1020 SW TAYLOR ST, #555 PORTLAND OR 97205 USA
    https://​​detail/​permit/​5043063_​did/​ 24-041087-000-00-LU 1130 NW 22ND AVE, 97210 DZ - Design Review Type 1 procedure new A New Wireless Facility To Be Located On The Rooftop Of The Existing Building. The Equipment Will Be Located In Two (2) Areas And Includes: Antennas, Radios, Gps, Batteries (Emergency Backup), Cabinet, And Other Ancillary Equipment Necessary To Operate The Site. Both Areas Will Be Screened With Frp That Will Match The Color And Texture Of The Facade Of The Building. 0 05/​09/​2024 13:42 Pending 5043063 1N1E33BA 04100 COUCHS ADD BLOCK 300 LOT 11&14-16 TL 4100 GOOD SAMARITAN HOSPITAL MEDICAL CENTER 1919 NW LOVEJOY ST PORTLAND, OR 97209 PHILLIP KITZES J5 INFRASTRUCTURE PARTNERS 23035 SE 263RD ST MAPLE VALLEY, WA 98038
    https://​​detail/​permit/​5043867_​did/​ 24-041866-000-00-LU 2123 NW HOYT ST, 97210 HRM - Historic Resource Review w/​Modifications Type 2 procedure Renovation Project To Convert Basement To Living Space With The Addition Of Two Egress Windows, Two Skylights, A 144-Sf Deck, And A Mini-Split System. This Is A Contributing Resource In The Alphabet Historic District. 0 05/​14/​2024 10:34 Void/​ Withdrawn 5043867 1N1E33BD 08300 KINGS 2ND ADD BLOCK 11 E 1/​2 OF LOT 5 HELEN GURGANUS TR 4821 SE 33RD PL PORTLAND, OR 97202 REAGAN RIRIE 4821 SE 33RD PL PORTLAND OR 97202
    https://​​detail/​permit/​5039635_​did/​ 24-037799-000-00-EA 118 SW PORTER ST, 97201 PC - PreApplication Conference A Pre-Application Conference To Discuss A 6,000 Square Foot Addition To A Contributing Structure In The South Portland Historic District And Potential Demolition Of Another Contributing Structure. Program Space Within The Building Will Provide Activity Space For Individuals And Families Impacted By Childhood Cancer, Community Spaces, Therapy And Counseling Offices And Operational Offices For The Non-Profit. 0 05/​03/​2024 15:40 Pending - EA 5039635 1S1E10BB 10000 CARUTHERS ADD BLOCK 77 W 44' OF LOT 1 UKANDU L.O.F.T. LLC 601 SW 2ND AVE SUITE 2300 PORTLAND, OR 97201 UKANDU LOFT LLC 601 SW 2ND AVE SUITE 2300 PORTLAND, OR 97204 IAN ROLL GENSLER 811 SW 6TH AVE STE 300 PORTLAND OR 97204
    https://​​detail/​permit/​5039497_​did/​ 18-174658-000-00-FP 8226 SE 52ND AVE, 97206 FP - Final Plat Review Final Plat To Create Four Parcels 0 05/​01/​2024 12:39 Under Review 5039497 1S2E19DC 06100 DARLINGTON BLOCK 27 LOT 17 DARREN LEE 8226 SE 52ND AVE PORTLAND, OR 97206 DARREN LEE 2316 N WINCHELL ST PORTLAND, OR 97217
    https://​​detail/​permit/​5038926_​did/​ 24-037120-000-00-LU 123 NW 12TH AVE, 97209 DZ - Design Review Type 1 procedure new Installation Of (6) Antennas Wrapped In Obsurectch Stealth Material, (6) Rrus, (2) Hcs 2.0, (1) 10' X 15' Equipment Platform, (2) Cabinets On The Existing Rooftop. 0 05/​06/​2024 10:11 Incomplete 5038926 1N1E33DA 04700 BLOCK 83 LOT 1-8 SARAH SKREEN TECHNOLOGY ASSOCIATES EC INC (on behalf of T-MOBILE USA, INC) 525 3rd ST.., STE 200 LAKE OSWEGO, OR 97035
    https://​​detail/​permit/​5043605_​did/​ 23-086373-000-00-FP 6917 N BANK ST, 97203 FP_​MHS - Middle Housing Subdivision Final Plat To Create A 9-Lot Subdivision From An Approved Middle Housing Land Division 0 05/​13/​2024 15:33 Under Review 5043605 1N1E06CA 01700 EAST ST JOHNS BLOCK 29 LOT 30-32 DEZ DEVELOPMENT LLC 10117 SE SUNNYSIDE RD #F PMB 1123 CLACKAMAS, OR 97015-6798 GARRETT SANDBERG DEZ DEVELOPMENT LLC 10117 SE SUNNYSIDE ROAD, #F1123 CLACKAMAS OR 97015 USA