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    https://​​detail/​permit/​4994438_​did/​ 23-108310-000-00-LU 6925 N SMITH ST, 97203 RP - Replat Type 1x procedure Replat Lots 35-38 Into Two Lots. Existing Dwelling To Remain On Proposed Parcel 2 0 12/​06/​2023 12:11 Pending 4994438 1N1E07BA 02300 EAST ST JOHNS BLOCK N LOT 35-38 KIMCO PROPERTIES LTD PO BOX 1540 SANDY, OR 97055-1540 KEVIN PARTAIN URBAN VISIONS 6180 TROUT CREEK RIDGE RD MT HOOD/​PARKDALE, OR 97041
    https://​​detail/​permit/​4994585_​did/​ 23-108454-000-00-EA NW SALTZMAN RD, 97229 PC - PreApplication Conference Repair Of Anomalies Detected Along The Kinder Morgan Ls-14 Pipeline Within Forest Park. Anomalies Proposed For Repair Are Located In The Upstream Pipeline Segments Of 7 Joints (Joints 1300, 1510, 1600, 1670, 1680, 2100, And 2360). This Work Involves Soil Excavation, And May Include Replacement Of Full Pipeline Segments If Determined Necessary After Anomaly Inspection. See Attached Figures For Site Details And Preliminary Excavation Areas. A Non-Parks Use Permit Will Also Be Obtained. 0 12/​07/​2023 16:48 Application 4994585 1N1W14 00700 SECTION 14 1N 1W TL 700 80.00 ACRES PORTLAND CITY OF 1120 SW 5TH AVE #1302 PORTLAND, OR 97204-1926 REBECCA SHELL AECOM 888 SW 5TH AVE #600 PORTLAND, OR 97204
    https://​​detail/​permit/​4994584_​did/​ 23-108453-000-00-LU 301 SE MORRISON ST, 97214 DZ - Design Review Type 2 procedure Interior Renovation Of An Existing Restaurant, Bar & Support Spaces In The Ground Floor & Basement Of An Existing 3-Story Urm Building. No Change To Use Or Occupancy This Application. Minor Exterior Modifications Only. 0 12/​07/​2023 16:46 Pending 4994584 1S1E03AA 02600 EAST PORTLAND BLOCK 84 W 1/​2 OF LOT 3&4 WALT & PAM PELETT 2016 TR 823 SE 3RD AVE PORTLAND, OR 97214-2101 WILLIAM NEBURKA EVIDENT ARCHITECTURE OFFICE 7323 NE GLISAN ST PORTLAND OR 97213 USA AMANDA ELLER EVIDENT ARCHITECTURE OFFICE 7323 NE GLISAN ST PORTLAND OR 97213 USA
    https://​​detail/​permit/​4994146_​did/​ 23-108025-000-00-LU 2212 NE 52ND AVE, 97213 CU - Conditional Use Type 2 procedure Applying For Type B Permit For Short Term Rental 0 12/​06/​2023 15:44 Application 4994146 1N2E30DB 16500 MERLOW & EXTD BLOCK 13 N 7' OF LOT 5 LOT 6 BRUCE BOLLARD 7700 NE TILLAMOOK ST PORTLAND, OR 97213 BRUCE G BOLLARD 2212 NE 52ND AVE PORTLAND, OR 97213-2606
    https://​​detail/​permit/​4993515_​did/​ 23-107430-000-00-LU N TIME OIL RD, 97203 GW - Greenway Type 2 procedure This Project Is An Electrical Utilities Project Consisting Of A New Lithium-Ion Battery Energy Storage System (Bess) That Will Provide Electrical Energy Storage For The Regional Transmission Grid Via Connection To The Existing Rivergate Substation. The Bess Will Charge And Store Energy During Times Of Low Demand, And Discharge During Times Of High Demand, Such As The Morning And Evening Peak Energy Demand Periods. Proposed Development Includes The Bess System Along With Associated Equipment And Appurtenances, Walls And Fences For Security, An Access Road, Grading, Gravel Surfacing, And Stormwater Management Systems. Three Sw3Ales Provide Treatment And Storage Of Stormwater Generated On Site. Runoff Is Stored In The Swales To A Depth Of 18 Inches Before It Reaches Multiple Overflow Structures. The Overflow Structures Capture The Runoff Above The 18-Inch Ponding Depth And Convey It To A Rock Storage Gallery. The Rim Elevations For The Swale Area Drains Are Set 12 Inches Above The Bottom Area Of The Swale To Provide Treatment Storage Depth. The Proposed Drainage Design Will Adequately Store And Infiltrate The 50-Year Design Storm. 0 12/​04/​2023 10:59 Pending 4993515 2N1W35B 01900 SECTION 35 2N 1W TL 1900 29.35 ACRES LAND ONLY GOTHIC BRIDGE LAND ENTERPRISES LLC ET AL 988 HOWARD AVE STE 200 BURLINGAME, CA 94010 THOMAS KRUGER SEASIDE GRID, LLC c/​o EOLIAN, LP 988 HOWARD AVE #200 BURLINGAME, CA 94010
    https://​​detail/​permit/​4993904_​did/​ 23-107799-000-00-LU 7705 SE DIVISION ST, 97206 TIR - Transportation Impact Analysis Type 2 procedure This Case May Be Subject To The 100 Day Review Timeline. Development Includes 124 Housing Units Ranging From Studio To 3-Bedroom. All Units Will Be Provided At 60% Ami Or Less. The Building Is 110,000 Sf And Is Four Stories High. A Parking Lot For 30 Vehicles Is Provided On Site. Adjustments Are Requested To Maximum Building Setbacks In The Ci2 Zone (33.150.215.C), Reduced Maximum Height (33.150.210.C) And Maneuvering Area Width For Stacked Bicycle Parking Spaces (33.226, Table 266-7) 0 12/​05/​2023 09:30 Pending 4993904 1S2E05DD 03300 SECTION 05 1S 2E TL 3300 1.61 ACRES PORTLAND COMMUNITY COLLEGE PO BOX 19000 PORTLAND, OR 97280-0990 LESLIE CLIFFE BORA ARCHITECTS 1705 SE 3rd Ave Portland OR 97214-4547
    https://​​detail/​permit/​4994590_​did/​ 23-108459-000-00-EA 1815 N COLUMBIA BLVD, 97217 EA-Zoning & Inf. Bur.- w/​mtg Demolition Of Existing Wood-Framed Warehouse/​Break Room & Existing Scale House Trailer. Construction Of New Prefabricated Metal Warehouse/​Break Room/​Office Building & 2-Story Cmu Scale House. New Paving Over Existing Gravel Drive, Partially Over Existing Conservation Overlay. 0 12/​07/​2023 17:10 Application 4994590 1N1E09A 00300 SECTION 09 1N 1E TL 300 7.73 ACRES ENTERPRISE ZONE POTENTIAL ADDITIONAL TAX MDRI PROPERTIES LLC PO BOX 10074 PORTLAND, OR 97296-0074 MARC GRIFFIN ORANGEWALL STUDIOS ARCHITECTURE + PLANNING 3450 N WILLIAMS AVE STE 07 PORTLAND OR 97227
    https://​​detail/​permit/​4992962_​did/​ 23-106916-000-00-EA 3850 NE M L KING BLVD, 97212 EA-Zoning & Inf. Bur.- w/​mtg Consolidate Properties Into Single Tax Lot (Via The County Only) And Construct (7) Duplexes & (1) 5-Unit Apartment Building (19 Units In Total). The Duplexes Are To Be Constructed Under The Residential Building Code And The Apartment W/​Common Room Is To Be Constructed Under The Commercial Building Code. The Proposed Design Will Conform With Design Standards Of Title 33. 0 12/​04/​2023 15:47 Pending - EA 4992962 1N1E23CC 09701 BLOCK A LOT 1 TL 9701 MLK FAILING 4 LLC 3330 NW YEON AVE #100 PORTLAND, OR 97210 MLK FAILING 1 LLC 3330 NW YEON AVE #100 PORTLAND, OR 97210-1531 ZAC HORTON DESIGN BY FASTER PERMITS 2000 SW 1ST AVE SUITE 420 PORTLAND, OR 97201
    https://​​detail/​permit/​4993191_​did/​ 23-107126-000-00-LU 2458 SE CORA ST, 97202 LDP - Land Division Review (Partition) Type 1x procedure Divide Tract 1 Of The Existing Lot Which Includes Two Attached Houses 2458 & 2472 Se Cora That Are Currently Under Construction And Permitted 2023-068954-000-00-Rs And 2023-068958-000-00-Rs (Respectively). Pla Was Finaled To Establishing Two (2) Tracts (#1&2). The Previous Property Line 100' - E-W Was Moved To Run 60' N-S. The Pla Established Tract 1 To Be 66'8" X 60'-0" @ 4000 Sf And Tract 2 To Be 33'4" X 60'0" @ 2000 Sf. The Land Division Application Is Related To Tract 1 Only, As Per Applicable Zoning Code Requires Attached Housing. The Division Would Be Located At The Common Wall Of The Attached Houses, Running N-S. Resulting Division Would Create Two (2) Lots Of 33'4" (Frontage) X 60'0" @ 2000 Sf. 0 12/​06/​2023 11:52 Pending 4993191 1S1E11DD 02300 SPANTONS ADD BLOCK 3 LOT 1 N 20' OF LOT 2 JOANNE ROMANAGGI 2551 SE CORA ST #A PORTLAND, OR 97202 PAUL ROMANAGGI 2551 SE CORA ST #A PORTLAND, OR 97202 ANDY VOSPER BUILDING & ENERGY ENGINEERS NORTHWEST LLC 3812 SE ELLIS ST PORTLAND, OR 97202