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    CTran Bus Routes Bus routes for the CTran system in Clark county, WA. Transportation - Transit 09/17/15 07:17 PM
    Heliports Heliports in the Portland metro area. Derived from FAA publication ORDER JO 7350.9B. Location, use, and elevation data from AirNav.com. Transportation - Transit 11/13/15 10:34 AM
    PDX Runways and Taxiways Polygons representing airport runways and taxiways on Port of Portland owned properties. Polygons were derived using a combination of hand digitizing based on 6" aerial photography, survey data or extracted from Port Engineering as-built drawings. Note that this dataset is due to be replaced by FAA AC 150/5300 18B Airports GIS compliant data in 2014/15. Transportation - Transit 10/10/16 02:29 AM
    Portland Urban Reserves In 2010 and 2011, the Metro Council entered into agreements with the Boards of Commissioners of Clackamas, Multnomah and Washington counties to establish a collective total of more than 28,000 acres of urban reserves across the region. These urban reserves will provide additional lands for future jobs and housing over 50 years while encouraging greater investment and development inside the urban growth boundary. Transportation - Transit 07/24/03 09:43 AM
    rail_pdx Transportation - Transit 04/18/19 03:43 PM
    railroad_detailed_pdx Transportation - Transit 04/09/19 10:11 AM
    railroad_generalized_pdx Transportation - Transit 12/26/18 01:21 PM
    taxlot_railroad_anno_pdx Transportation - Transit 02/20/04 10:54 AM
    Transit-Oriented Development Tax Exempt Area Polygons representing areas of tax exemptions supporting the City's Transit-Oriented Development goals. Transportation - Transit 02/27/19 10:54 AM
    TSP Freight Facilities Freight facilities with linkages to Transportation System Plan (TSP) TransPlanIDs. Transportation - Transit 01/07/19 05:00 PM