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    Adopted Area Plans Adopted area plans with year and ordinance information. Boundary of plans represents time of adoption. Planning 03/06/19 01:43 PM
    Adopted Community Plans Adopted community plans with year and ordinance information. Boundary of plans represents time of adoption. Planning 03/06/19 01:45 PM
    Adopted Natural Resource Plans Natural Resource Plans as adopted Planning 03/06/19 01:47 PM
    Adopted Neighborhood Plans Adopted neighborhood plans shown with ordinance and year. Plan boundary consistent with boundary at time of adoption. Planning 03/06/19 01:47 PM
    Attendance of limited English Proficiency (LEP) Students This layer contains multiple schools where students that have limited English proficiency (LEP) attend. Individuals with limited English proficiency are described as those whose primary language is not English and have a limited ability to read, write, speak, or understand the English language. This dataset was created with data from the Oregon Department of Education (ODE) 2014-2015 Title III NCLB Collection. Planning 02/26/19 04:26 PM
    BLI Model Development Constraints Mapped constraints on housing and employment development used in the Bureau of Planning and Sustainability's Buildable Lands Inventory (BLI) GIS model. Constraints discount housing and employment capacity per the attached table describing the constraints and their impact on housing and employment capacity. All mapping is limited to parcels (right-of-way and rivers is not included). Planning 10/12/16 02:54 PM
    BLI Model Housing/Employment Allocation Allocation of Metro 2035 forecast for the City of Portland to a 250'X250' grid covering the City of Portland area. Forecast is allocated to cells based on development trends, employment densities, and underlying development capacity per the GIS-based buildable lands inventory (BLI) allocation and capacity models. Growth is allocated based on the current proposed comprehensive plan landuse designations and a proposed ("preferred") growth scenario that resulted from the Bureau of Planning and Sustainability's (BPS) 2012 Growth Scenario Analysis. For more information, refer to the 2012 growth scenarios report: https://www.portlandoregon.gov/bps/article/449300 This report is in the process of being updated to include the new preferred scenario. Expected completion is early 2015. BPS is also producing a technical report describing the GIS-based allocation model. Expected completion is December 2014. There is an existing report that describes the capacity calculations of the model and how underutilized residential and employment sites are identified: https://www.portlandoregon.gov/bps/article/408232 Information on development constraints and allocation methodology/assumptions will be added to the new technical report. In the interim, the main assumptions of the model, a series of graphics illustration the methodology and workflow, and a detailed description of the input development constraints are attached to this metadata info. Planning 01/07/19 03:45 PM
    centers_pdx The official centers boundaries. Part of the preferred growth scenario, CENTERS provide the primary areas for growth and change in Portland overthe next 25 years. They are compact urban places that anchor complete neighborhoods, featuring retail storesand businesses (grocery stores, restaurants, markets, shops, etc.), civic amenities (libraries, schools, communitycenters, churches, temples, etc.) housing options, health clinics, employment centers and parks or other publicgathering places. Centers transition in scale to surrounding lower density neighborhoods using “middlehousing” building types – rowhouses, duplexes, triplexes, etc. – at their edges. Targeting new growth in centersand the inner ring districts helps achieve goals of having more Portlanders live in complete neighborhoods, usemore mass transit and active transportation, reduce their energy use and mitigate climate change. Planning 01/07/19 04:42 PM
    comp_plan_int_poly_comments_pdx Planning 11/12/14 01:16 PM
    comp_plan_int_pts_comments_pdx Planning 11/12/14 01:16 PM