Image Title  Abstract Category Last Updated
    financialreportingdistricts_pdx Boundary polygons which represent City of Portland Financial Reporting Districts, which roughly correspond to Portland Neighborhood Coalitions Boundary 11/29/18 03:30 PM
    Portland Administrative Sextants Polygons dividing the city into 6 administrative sections. (SE, NE, N, NW, SW, S). Boundary 02/12/20 04:31 PM
    School Attendance Areas Attendance areas delineating which public elementary, middle, and high schools are attended by students. The data was compiled by Multnomah County IT/GIS with input from the public school districts. Boundary 02/27/19 10:43 AM
    water_districts_pdx Water district boundaries for the Portland Metro area Boundary 08/14/15 09:45 AM