Image Title  Abstract Category Last Updated
    BackFlowValve Back Flow Valve Water Distribution System 02/20/19 03:11 PM
    BridgesPoint Display, inventory, and analysis of bridge locations in the BRWMU for resource protection and planning. 02/16/19 05:57 AM
    BRWMUBoundary The Bull Run Watershed Management Unit boundary Boundary 02/16/19 05:57 AM
    BuildingFootprint Cartographic display of building footprints in the Bull Run Watershed Management Unit. Building 02/16/19 05:57 AM
    CasingAnno Annotation for Casings Water Distribution System 02/19/19 01:24 PM
    Catch Basin Annotation Annotation representing catch basin features in the City of Portland, Oregon. Water Distribution System 02/16/19 06:15 AM
    Catch Basins Catch basins are devices used to protect property against water damage caused by excess rainwater. They are also used to collect water from downspouts, planter areas, and landscape sections. Water Distribution System 02/16/19 06:15 AM
    CDMMeterAnnotation Annotation for Meters Water Distribution System 02/19/19 01:28 PM
    ChemicalInjectionMain Chemical Injection Mains Water Distribution System 02/19/19 01:29 PM
    ChemicalInjector Location and Attribution of Chemical Injectors Water Distribution System 02/20/19 03:16 PM