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    Development Opportunity Areas City of Portland Development Opportunity Services (DOS) Maintained by Portland Development Commission Please refer to the PDC link at http://www.pdc.us/dev_serv/dos.asp to get more information about target areas Boundary 08/14/15 09:46 AM
    east_portland_enterprise_zn_pdx The E-Zone is a state economic development program intended to leverage jobs and other community benefits from companies which make capital investments in their operations. In return, eligible companies receive a five-year property tax abatement on the value of their new investment. Boundary 08/14/15 09:46 AM
    Enterprise E-Commerce Zone The N/NE Portland Enterprise and Electronic Commerce Zone is a public/private partnership program managed by the Portland Development Commission providing a 5 year property tax abatement on new investment, and for eligible E-Commerce businesses, a 25% state income/excise tax credit, in exchange for meeting job creation and other requirements aimed at business creation within N/NE Portland. Companies may benefit if they lease, as long as they are responsible for property tax payments. Boundary 06/15/16 03:27 PM
    npi_investment_areas_pdx The Neighborhood Prosperity Initiative (NPI) is a PDC program focused on community economic development at the neighborhood scale. This initiative is a key component of the City’s Neighborhood Economic Development Strategy (NED) - a citywide initiative to foster economic opportunity and neighborhood vitality throughout Portland neighborhoods, with a focus on low-income and communities of color. Boundary 08/14/15 09:47 AM
    Storefront Improvement Areas The Storefront Improvement Program is a major component of the city's revitalization efforts, providing cash grants and technical assistance to business and property owners in eligible neighborhoods. Recipients can use the support for a variety of improvements, ranging from repainting to purchase of new windows and awnings. Please refer to the PDC link at http://www.pdc.us/pubs/inv_detail.asp?id=179&ty=46 to get more information about Storefront Improvment Program Development 12/18/15 04:37 PM