Webmap Name   Environment Webmap Owner Arcgis Online Id
    Green Infrastructure Tour @ Portland State University AGOL CARKEMA_PDX 686acead4b09466ab1066731c75a6e37
    Pothole TrackIT and Work Order Management AGOL PBOT_MO_ADMIN e8da61567e124d8f8abb19d9154ee7e2
    0264811 AGOL damona_PDX c7445c866ea24ef09bd9cf13fcc548ad
    0267561 20 MPH Speed Limit Sign Install (MO) AGOL damona_PDX c62a7082fd6e4b25a0c9d696a23c60a5
    073117 ADA Occ Map with Editable Layers AGOL cocaldwell_PDX 767980c9aa17403e8d1bf9bcfb0680ea
    080717 ADA Occupancy Map AGOL cocaldwell_PDX 322ac7c9b7664b4c93a7bacf09cfe0c4
    092217 ADA Survey AGOL cocaldwell_PDX 711a82d754b24f5ca9f79b523e0813b9
    1-12 RFI Properties Map for BOC AGOL ebenoit_PDX 5615aa50bc0f4d3f90472bf2960bec5f
    1-26 RFI Properties Map AGOL ebenoit_PDX 30e33770a3424c3486ad66e29a94a786
    12.13.19 Cully Map Update AGOL dbackes_PDX daaeee6448dd4ae6937b92f6c14c9b53
    2 Factor Composite AGOL PBOT_ADMIN e8620a62bd0842a1929ad4407bfeaf56
    2 Factor Composite-Copy AGOL CMONTANA_PDX d19efa0b4de24eb4b593e98b00e024c3
    2 Factor Composite-Housing Pipeline AGOL PBOT_ADMIN 11461171c3954acea10ec5d3218cc737
    2 Factor Composite-Housing Portfolio AGOL PBOT_ADMIN bca24d3af31640b38e7bbcf0e2b619d0
    2 Factor Composite-VZ AGOL PBOT_ADMIN 086c1096154a4ed58aa2065b8a9da9ec
    20 MPH Speed Limit Sign Install (Originator) AGOL kmcewen_PDX 7a2e43e0924e4669af64b10a1dd68c34
    20 MPH Speed Limit Sign Install (Originator)-Copy AGOL PBOT_TrafficOps 751644fccf3b4d4b907f7a654acc1db6
    20 MPH Speed Limit Sign Install Progress (Originator) AGOL kmcewen_PDX d83bfdcde5cc4e85a33086fe0f8aba66
    20 MPH Speed Limit Sign Locate follow-up AGOL damona_PDX 2572656a496b4166b90ccff9c5d76b31
    20+Units 1/4mile buffer AGOL dsheern_PDX 93b68d9260d5401dbca34f02a6efc2e0