Service Name   Service Description Environment Service Access Is Basemap Category
    Elevation Classified elevation zones based on USGS and City of Portland DEMs. Production Public False Land
    Elevation_Contour_Lines Elevation contour lines for the City of Portland, Oregon Production Public True Land
    LiDAR_BareEarth_Reg_Hillshade_2014 DEM-based hillshade represents the earth's surface with all vegetation and man-made structures removed leaving bare points representing just the physical ground surface. The Hillshade is derived from the 2014 LiDAR Survey flown Production Public False Land
    Sandy_River_Basin_LiDAR_Hillshade Bare-earth hillshade mosaic for the Sandy River Basin. Geographic coverage is east and north of the Sandy River, south of I-84, and west of Highway 35. Production Public False Land