Metadata: City of Portland Streams

City of Portland Streams

Type FeatureLayer
Category Hydro
Environment Production
Service Parks_PTB_Basemap
Dataset Stream_Lines_pdx
Last Update 01/04/2024
Name Layer Environment
Civil Engineering Mapworks - DRAFT_1 Parks_PTB_Basemap PORTAL
Generic Points Parks_PTB_Basemap AGOL
Natural Areas City of Portland Streams PORTAL
Natural Areas Natural Area Basemap PORTAL
NCS/IA Web Map for Mapworks Parks_PTB_Basemap PORTAL
Parks Base Map Parks_PTB_Basemap AGOL
Parks EDRR Parks_PTB_Basemap PORTAL
Parks EDRR Parks_PTB_Basemap AGOL
Parks EDRR Parks Basemap AGOL
Woods Park Stream Walk Parks_PTB_Basemap AGOL