Metadata: Taxlots


Type FeatureLayer
Category Taxlots
Environment Production
Service Basemap_Color_Complete_Aerial
Dataset Taxlots_pdx
Last Update 07/19/2021
Name Environment
0264811 Production
0267561 20 MPH Speed Limit Sign Install (MO) Production
20 MPH Speed Limit Sign Locate follow-up Production
BDS - Site Developement (MapWorks 3.0) Production
City Maintained - Surface Type PCC Production
Corner Repair Production
Corner Repair2 Production
Corner Repair3 Production
Deficiencies the Impede Community Development Risk Map Production
Development Planning Master Production
Development Planning Master - Popup Testing Production
Development Planning Master-Copy Production
Development Planning Sandbox Production
Development Review Master Production
Enterprise Zone Additions Production
ESD Production
ESD Hot Spots Production
Gravel Streets Production
Gravel Streets - BES Notes Production
Habitat Degradation Risk Map Production
In-Stream Erosion Risk Map Production
Infiltration Poster Production
Kevin's House Production
Landslide Hazard Risk Map Production
Landslide Risk Map Production
Localized Nuisance Flooding Risk Map Production
Locates Map Production
Location Hierarchy Production
Lower Powell Butte Floodplain Production
Management units Production
Management units Production
Nustar General Production
Nustar General 2 Production
ODFW_Stream_Surveys Production
Pavement and Pavement Treatments Production
Pavement and Pavement Treatments-Expanded View Production
Pavement Marking Maintenance Production
Pavement Projects - Street Cleaning Production
Pavement Treatment-Crack Seal Production
Pavement Treatment-Fog Seal Production
PAWMAP_Overview_map Production
PBOT MO ESD Work Orders Production
PBOT MO Map Production
Pittock Zoning Map Production
Potential Layers of Interest Production
Practice Production
PWB Permit Activity Production
resto_project_editing Production
Sanitary Risk Map Production
Sewer Locates Production
Sewer Locates2 Production
Sewer Locates2-fix Production
Sidewalk Inspection Production
Sidewalk Inspector Map Production
Sidewalk Inspector Map - TrackIT & WO Test Production
Sign Maintenance Production
Sign Maintenance - ProjectBlitz Production
Street Tree Work Production
Street Trees Water Mains Conflicts Production
Survey Responses for Taxlot Join Production
SW Corridor Ownership Production
SW Corridor Ownership-MyCopy Production
SWSP Reference Map Production
SWSP Risk Prioritization Tool Production
SWSP Sanitary Risk Web App Production
TCP Review Production
Timbers Parking Production
Toby Field notes Production
Toby REVEG - Production
Toby Seed collection Production
Toby Seed collection Production
Total Risk Web Map Production
Water Quality Risk to Ecological Health Map Production
Water Quality Risk to Human Health Map Production
WLAP Web Map Production
WLAP_priority_map Production