Metadata: City of Portland Boundary

City of Portland Boundary

Type FeatureLayer
Category Boundary
Environment Production
Service Public_Safety_Boundaries
Dataset City_metro
Last Update 08/07/2023
Name Environment
90 Day Fire Incident Map - Heat Maps Production
90 Day Fire Incident Map With FMA and Stations Production
BOEC GeoTours Production
Fire Management Areas-Copy Production
FMA Map Production
Homeless Call Dashboard Production
MapWorks - Fire Inspectors Production
MDT Map Previewer Day Production
MDT Map Previewer Night Production
Median_Household_Income_2018 Production
Police Districts Map Production
Portland Fire Stations and Management Areas Production
Racial_Demographic_Indicator_2018 Production
Racial_Demographic_Indicator_2018-Copy Production
REVEG Maintenance Zones - Web Map Production
REVEG Maintenance Zones - Web Map-Viewer Production
Station Travel Maps Production
Total_Demographic_Indicators_with_LEP_2018 Production