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Transportation System Plan

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Description The Transportation Systems Plan (TSP) is the long-range plan to guide transportation investments in Portland. Originally developed in 2002 and last updated in 2007, the TSP meets state and regional planning requirements and addresses local transportation needs for cost-effective street, transit, freight, bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure improvements. The plan will provide transportation options for residents, employees, visitors, and firms doing business in Portland, making it more convenient to walk, bike, take transit -- and drive less -- while meeting their daily needs. Forecasted 20 year revenues are only ? to ½ of the amount needed to implement the City and other agency candidate projects and programs. City staff will use performance-based evaluation criteria, along with public comments, to recommend which projects to place on the higher priority 'Financially Constrained' list in the 2015 TSP. TSP Project Areas represent area (polygon) locations of proposed transportation projects over the next 20 years. Planned TSP projects are also represented as lines (Comprehensive Plan TSP Project Lines) and areas (Comprehensive Plan TSP Project Areas) in separate GIS datasets.
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