Metadata: PBOT Planning

PBOT Planning

Type MapServer
Description This service includes data related to Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT) planning activities, including policy classifications, area master plans, and planned transportation projects.
Category Transportation
Environment Production
Name Environment
ARPA Graffiti Abatement (Dashboard Base Map) Production
BDS - Archaeological Protection Areas (confidential) Production
BDS - Land Use (MapWorks 3.0) Production
Map for CCC Assessment Score Review on Portal (Classic MapViewer) Production
MO Structure Map Troubleshooting Production
Pavement Planning With Equity (Basemap) Production
PBOT - Development Review Production
PBOT - Development Review - 20240423 Production
PBOT Equity Matrix - Income score Production
PBOT Equity Matrix - Race and ethnicity score Production
PBOT Equity Matrix - Total score Production
PBOT MO Street Cleaning-Snow&Ice Cleanup Production
PedPDX - Crossing Gaps Production
PedPDX 2.0 [DRAFT] Crossing Gaps-BACKUP Production
PedPDX 2.0 [DRAFT] Sidewalk Completeness (TEST ARCADE) Production
Public Vision Clearance Map Production
Structures Asset Map (Base Map) Production
Vision Clearance Dashboard Map Production
Vision Clearance Eligible Streets Production
Z_hold_Road Striping Workforce Dispatcher Map Production