Metadata: PBOT Assets

PBOT Assets

Type MapServer
Description This service includes an array of asset data to serve as a general reference for public-facing web applications.
Category Transportation - Assets
Environment Production
Name Environment
BDS - Archaeological Protection Areas (confidential) Production
BDS - Land Use (MapWorks 3.0) Production
Bike Corrals Production
Bridges (Not PBOT/ODOT/RR/Multco) Production
Corner and Curb Repair - Office (App Basemap) Production
Downed Trees (Dashboard Basemap) Production
Enforcement Dispatch Production
Gravel Streets - BES Notes Production
Heavy Vehicle Use Tax Production
Landscaping (Web App Base Map) Production
MO - PBOT Asset Base Map Production
Parking Meters Production
Pavement Maintenance Responsibility Production
Pavement Planning With Equity (Basemap) Production
PBOT - Development Review Production
PBOT - Development Review - 20240423 Production
PBOT MO Map Production
Portland Winter Snow & Ice Routes Production
Sidewalk Inspector Map Production
Snow & Ice Map Internal Use Only Production
TCP Map Production
TCP Map_202311090854 Production
TCP Map_202311090856 Production