Metadata: BPS Misc

BPS Misc

Type MapServer
Description Collection of micellaneous layers published to support Portland Bureau of Planning and Sustainability web mapping applications.
Category Planning
Environment Production
Name Environment
BDS - Land Use (MapWorks 3.0) Production
BDS - Land Use Tech Team (MapWorks 3.0) Production
BDS - Permitting (MapWorks 3.0) Production
BES - CRM (Mapworks) Production
BES -Planning Division (Draft) Production
BES Basemap - MapWorks Web Production
BES CRR - MapWorks Production
BES Duty Officer Map Production
BES Duty Officer Map Production
BES Online Basemap Production
BES REVEG Management Units Mapper Production
BES REVEG Program Map Production
BES REVEG Program Map-240220 Production
BES REVEG Program Map-Copy DC Production
BES REVEG Program Map_JM Production
BES_MS4_MonitoringSiteMap-AJN Production
BES_MS4_MonitoringSiteMap-AJN Production
Boones Veg Monitoring Production
Boones Veg Monitoring-Copy Production
Brunkow Map March 2021 Production
CvB copy Reveg program map Production
DC -BES REVEG Brookside Habitat Map Production
DC -BES REVEG Program Map-Luther Production
DC -BES REVEG Program Map-West Lents-Copy Production
DC_TreePointDataCollection Production
Development Planning - Mapworks (Production) Production
Development Planning Mapworks - TEST Production
Development Planning Master (Broken) Production
Development Planning Master-Copy for SOM webmap Production
Development Planning Sandbox Production
Development Review Master Production
Functional Assessment Points_2022 Season_JL Production
Functional Assessment Points_230823 Production
Habitat Units Mapper Production
Habitat Units Mapper-Copy Production
Mapworks BPS Planning Production
Mapworks BPS Zoning Code Production
MasterMapDC230202 Production
MS4_MonitoringSitesMap Production
MS4Map Production
Natural Resource Inventory Production
NCS/IA Web Map for Mapworks Production
NRi webmap data Production
PAWMAP Sites Production
PAWMAP Sites-Copy Production
PEM Habitat Field Collection Production
PEM Habitat Field Collection-Dashboard Map Production
Reveg FA plot finder-TQ Production
SPCR Web Map-Copy Production
Springwater Wetlands Production
SpringwaterMaster230202 Production
Systems Development Map Production
test map Production
TQ-BES REVEG Program Map Production
West Lent Project Design Map DC Production