Metadata: BPS Zoning Code Layers

BPS Zoning Code Layers

Type MapServer
Description City of Portland Zoning Code Layers
Category Zoning Code
Environment Production
Name Environment
Active Reveg Project in Hazard Zones Production
BDS - Addressing (MapWorks 3.0) Production
BDS - Archaeological Protection Areas (confidential) Production
BDS - Digitization (MapWorks 3.0) Production
BDS - FIR (MapWorks 3.0) Production
BDS - Land Use (MapWorks 3.0) Production
BDS - Land Use (MapWorks 3.0) Beta Production
BDS - Land Use Tech Team (MapWorks 3.0) Production
BDS - Permitting (MapWorks 3.0) Production
BDS - Property Compliance (MapWorks 3.0) Production
BDS - Sanitation (MapWorks 3.0) Production
BDS - Signs (MapWorks 3.0) Production
BDS - Site Developement (MapWorks 3.0)-Copy Production
BDS - Site Development (MapWorks 3.0) Production
BES REVEG Functional Assessment Field Data Collection Map Production
BES REVEG Program Map Production
BES REVEG Program Map-Copy DC Production
Boones Veg Monitoring Production
Boones Veg Monitoring-Copy Production
Brunkow Map March 2021 Production
Carmen Review Production
CvB copy Reveg program map Production
DC -BES REVEG Program Map Production
DC -BES REVEG Program Map-Luther Production
DC -BES REVEG Program Map-West Lents-Copy Production
DC_TreePointDataCollection Production
ESTP_ROW_TREES Use This Map in Collector Production
FY22 Unconfirmed inspections Production
Helzer Zoning Map Production
IH Under 50 Units Production
MapWorks BPS BLI Layers Production
Mapworks BPS Zoning Code Production
MasterMapDC230202 Production
Parks - Urban Forestry (MapWorks 3.0) (archive) Production
PBOT - Development Review Production
Springwater Wetlands Production
TQ-BES REVEG Program Map Production
West Lent Project Design Map DC Production
West Lent Tree Collections Production
West Lent Tree Table Update Map Production
West Lent Trees to remove larger than 16" DBH Production
Zoning Code Production
Zoning Code Layers Production