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    Disaggregated Zoning Disaggregated zoning features. Base zones, overlay zones, comprehensive plan designations, comprehensive plan overlays (where different from zoning), plan districts, historic districts, conservation districts and natural resource management plans disaggregated from zoning_pdx and dissolved. Zoning 03/02/20 04:22 PM
    Environmental Overlay Zone Transition Areas creates environmental overlay zone transition areas Zoning 10/28/20 04:53 PM
    Historical Landmarks Outer Boundary Identifies extent of historical resources. It includes all area defined in the original nomination form. Zoning 08/27/20 04:15 PM
    Land Use Review Sites Sites where land use reviews take place. Zoning 01/01/00 12:00 AM
    Natural Resource Management Plans Natural Resouce Management Plan Boundaries are displayed on the official quarter section zoning maps. These areas have additional Title 33 code requirements for natural resource protection. https://www.portlandoregon.gov/bps/article/53343 Zoning 09/03/20 02:34 PM
    New Market Tax Credit Locations Areas where new market tax credits apply. Zoning 02/10/06 02:24 PM
    Plan District Annotation Labeling for Plan District boundaries on zoning maps. Zoning 05/05/20 12:00 PM
    Zoning Current zoning for the City of Portland and unincorporated portions of Multnomah County that are administered by the city. Includes zoning designations, comprehensive plan designations, overlay zones, as well as plan, historic, and conservation districts. Districts are also available separately. Zoning 10/26/20 03:44 PM
    Zoning and Comp Plan Differ Cartographic dataset to highlight areas where Zone Map designations and Comprehensive Plan Map designations are different. Zoning 09/03/20 02:47 PM
    Zoning Annotation Zone designation annotation for producing the official Zoning Maps. Combination of fields ZONE, CMP (if different) and OVRLY. Zoning 09/05/20 08:48 AM