Metadata: Stream Centerlines

Stream Centerlines

Category Hydro
Feature Dataset Name STAND-ALONE
Item Name Stream_Lines_pdx
Database Type SDE
Originator City of Portland
Bureau Bureau of Planning and Sustainability
Publication Date 05/01/2010
Abstract Regional stream centerline dataset. Reference sources include 2004 through 2007 LiDAR data, aerial photos, and the mapped stormwater collection system. This data can be viewed online at
Purpose For mapping the location of stream centerlines.
Supplemental Information For more information about the stream mapping methodology, refer to the "Stream Mapping Project" documentation available from the City of Portland, Bureau of Planning & Sustaiability at This dataset is regularly updated.
Last Dataset Update 01/25/2023 10:11
Last Source Update 01/20/2023 09:39
Maintenance/Update Frequency As needed
Extent Clackamas County, Multnomah County, and Washington County, Oregon
Data Type Vector
Shape Type Poly Line
Feature Count 20006
Horizontal Position Accuracy Horizontal accuracy varies. Streams mapped using LiDAR data have a horizontal accuracy of approximately +/- 5'. Streams mapped using the orthrectified aerial photos are within +/- 10' in most areas. Streams mapped using differential GPS are within +/- 3'. For stream centerlines mapped using photogrammetric data, accuracy appears to be roughly +/- 10' in most circumstances. Horizontal accuracy of BES collection lines (sewer and stormwater) is unknown, though most appear to be within +/- 10'. The horizontal accuracy of stream centerlines based on other sources is unknown.
Horizontal Position Accuracy Link Taxlots
Progress Complete
North Bounding Coordinate 747660.30216536
South Bounding Coordinate 566146.5
East Bounding Coordinate 7763910
West Bounding Coordinate 7509919.5
Theme Keyword(s) streams, stream centerlines, stormwater
Theme Keyword Thesaurus None
Place Keyword(s) Portland, Multnomah County, Washington County, Clackamas County, Oregon
Place Keyword Thesaurus None
Access Constraints Available for Public Use
Use Constraints These data are distributed under the terms of the City of Portland Data Distribution Policy. Care was taken in the creation of this data but it is provided "as is".

The City of Portland cannot accept any responsibility for errors, omissions, or positional accuracy.
Source Dataset Type Enterprise Geodatabase
Output Geodatabase GENERALDATA.GDB
Distribution Grid: State plane coordinate system 1983(91).
Units: International feet
Datum: North American Datum of 1983/1991 (HPGN)
Liability: The information in this file was derived from digital databases on the City of Portland GIS. Care was taken in the creation of this file. The City cannot accept any responsibility for errors, omissions, or positional accuracy. There are no warranties, expressed or implied.
Format: Shapefile or File Geodatabase Feature Class - Data will be provided via City of Portland FTP Site.
Online Resource:
Online Instructions: City of Portland Public/Open Data is distributed via the PortlandMaps Open Data Site - Data not available on the PortlandMaps Open Data site can be requested by contacting the City of Portland CGIS Group -
Transfer Size: varies
SPCS Zone Identifier: 5076
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Portland, OR 97201

City of Portland - BPS
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Web Services

Service Description Feature Access Layer
BES_Layers Referecne layers as used by various BES web content Dynamic City of Portland Streams
BPS_Streams BPS Regional Stream Centerline dateset. Reference sources include 2004 through 2007 LiDAR data, aerial photos, and the mapped stormwater collection system. Dynamic Stream Centerlines
Parks_Protect_The_Best_Basemap Parks PTB Basemap Cached City of Portland Streams
BDS_Layers Map layers used to facilatate the permitting process Dynamic City of Portland Streams
BPS_Misc Collection of micellaneous layers published to support Portland Bureau of Planning and Sustainability web mapping applications. Dynamic City of Portland Streams
Parks_PTB_Basemap Parks PTB Basemap Cached City of Portland Streams

Attribute Tables & Domains

Table Description
Table Jurisdiction
Column Sort Column Name Column Alias Column Type Column Size Domain Value(s) Column Description
A unique software ID for each line. May change when data is modified.
1 LLID LLID Numeric 8
Unique stream identifier based upon the concatenation of the longitude and latitude in decimal degrees to 4 digits of precision of the coordinate of the mouth of the hydrographic unit (i.e. river, stream, branch or braid).
1 HYDRO_ID Hydro ID Integer 4
A unique identifier for all segments making up a single stream or tributary. All segments of a stream, including pipes and culverts, have the same HYDRO_ID from headwaters to the confluence with a larger stream or river.
1 SEG_NUM Segment Number Integer 4
A unique identifier for each segment of a stream (each individual line in the dataset).
1 NAME Stream Name String 60
Official stream name (based upon USGS, StreamNet and local information)
1 LOC_NAME Local Name String 60
Unofficial, "local" name of the stream (if known)
1 LINE_TYPE Line Type String 30
Combined Stormwater/Sewer Pipe A combined stormwater/sewer pipe. Flows to a treatment facility. Mapped per Bureau of Environmental Services collection line system data. X
Ditch Open, man-made drainage ditch. X
Open Channel Open surface stream channel. X
Routing Connection Hidden segment; no physical stream channel present. Includes large rivers such as the Willamette and Columbia. Used to ensure that all lines in the dataset are geographically connected to all other lines for generating stream GIS “routes” used for hydrologic modeling purposes. X
Stormwater Culvert A mapped stormwater culvert (primarily per Bureau of Environmental Services collection line system data). X
Stormwater Pipe A mapped stormwater pipe (primarily per Bureau of Environmental Services collection line system data). X
Water Body Open water waterbody or wetland. X
The stream centerline type
1 PERIOD Stream Period String 20
Ephemeral Streams that flow only for hours or days following rainfall. X
Intermittent Streams which normally cease flowing for weeks or months each year. X
Perennial A stream channel that has continuous flow in parts of its bed all year round during years of normal rainfall. X
Unknown Stream periodicity is unknown. X
Stream periodicity
1 SOURCE Reference Source String 60
Aerial Photos Streams were manually digitized where stream channels were visible on 6"-resolution aerial photos (or where breaks in vegetation indicated the presence of a channel) X
BES Collection Lines Stream lines derived directly from the Portland's Bureau of Environmental Services (BES) collection line GIS data (pipes, culverts, ditches, and surface channels) X
BES Slough Centerlines Stream line derived directly from mapped Columbia Slough watershed stream centerline mapped by Portland's Bureau of Environmental services (BES) X
CWS Collection Lines Stream was derived directly from the Clean Water Services collection line GIS data (pipes, “ditches,” culverts, and surface channels) X
Field Survey Stream channels were digitized using the GPS data collected in a field visit to the stream. X
Land Use Review The stream geometry was derived from documentation submitted as part of a land use review (LUR) development application. X
LIDAR DEM Stream centerline based on visual interpretation of the 2004 through 2007 regional LiDAR data. The LiDAR points were used to generate a 3' digital elevation model and hillshade. X
LIDAR-Derived Stream line automatically derived from 2004, 2005, and 2007 LiDAR elevation models. This work was performed by a consultant (Watershed Sciences) and reviewed for accuracy. X
Photogrammetrics Stream channels were manually digitized where visual analysis of the City’s 1987 to 1994 photogrammetric data products (i.e., 2' contours) indicated the presence of a channel X
The reference source of the stream centerline.
1 SOURCE_REF Reference Source Details String 30
Detailed information about the reference source, i.e., year of LiDAR acquisition, LUR case number, etc.
1 NHD_FCODE NHD Feature Code Integer 4
33600 Canal or Ditch X
42807 Pipe (Underground) X
46000 Stream or River (Periodicity Unknown) X
46003 Stream or River (Intermittent) X
46006 Stream or River (Perennial) X
46007 Stream or River (Ephemeral) X
55800 Routing Connection (Artificial Path) X
National Hydrology Dataset (NHD) feature code
1 WS_ID Watershed ID Integer 4
Unique ID for watershed containing the stream
1 HUC12 HUC Numeric 8
12-digit USGS hydrologic unit boundary (HUC) of the stream
1 HUC12_Name HUC Name String 80
Name of the USGS hydrologic unit boundary (HUC)
1 MODIFIER Modified By String 15
BPS City of Portland Bureau of Planning & Sustainability X
BES City of Portland Bureau of Environmental Services X
COG City of Gresham X
CWS Clean Water Services X
Metro Metro X
PPR City of Portland Parks and Recreation X
WS Watershed Sciences (LiDAR consultant) X
WL City of West Linn X
Last organization to edit the stream centerline
1 MOD_NAME Modifier Name String 15
Initials of the last person to edit the stream line
1 MOD_DATE Modification Date Date 8
Date of last modification
1 CREATED_BY Created By String 15
Name of the organization that originally created the stream line. Same domain as the "MODIFIER" attribute.
1 CREATEDATE Creation Date Date 8
Date the stream line was originally created.
1 FIELD_DATE Field Date Date 8
Date of any field visit to the stream
1 REVIEW Flag for Review? String 5
Indicates whether the stream line needs further review (i.e., the mapped location is approximate).
1 NOTES NOTES String 150
Any notes related to the stream line
1 SUBAREA Maintaining Agency String 30
Regional agency responsible for the mapping of the stream
1 STATUS Status String 50