Metadata: LTA Homebuyer Opportunity Areas(old)

LTA Homebuyer Opportunity Areas(old)

Category Boundary
Feature Dataset Name STAND-ALONE
Item Name LTA_HomeBuyer_Opportunity_pdx
Database Type SDE
Originator City of Portland
Bureau Prosper Portland
Publication Date 01/01/2006
Abstract Qualifying areas for the Homebuyer Opporunity Program
Purpose A. The Bureau of Planning shall be the agency responsible for designating homebuyer opportunity areas. The Portland Development Commission and the Bureau of Housing and Community Development shall be consulted in the designation process. The designation of such areas shall occur in the form of a public hearing conducted before the City Planning Commission through a legislative process appealable to City Council. If there is no appeal within 30 days of the decision by the Planning Commission, the decision shall be final. The Bureau of Planning shall make available maps indicating current homebuyer opportunity areas. The designation of the first homebuyer opportunity areas shall be conducted as nearly as possible in conjunction with the adoption of this ordinance implementing tax exemption in such designated areas. From the date of the first designation, a review of the areas for possible amendment of the boundaries of the homebuyer opportunity areas shall occur at least every three years. B. The criteria for designating homebuyer opportunity areas shall include a consideration of the following factors: 1. The area is primarily a residential area of the city which is detrimental to the safety, health and welfare of the community by reason of deterioration, inadequate or improper facilities; the existence of unsafe or abandoned structures, including but not limited to a significant number of vacant or abandoned single or multi-family residential units; or any combination of these or similar factors; and, 2. The incentive of limited property tax exemption in a homebuyer opportunity area will help to carry out adopted policies, or area-wide or district plans of the city related to housing or neighborhood revitalization. C. At no time shall the cumulative land area within the boundaries of homebuyer opportunity areas exceed 20 percent of the total land area of the city. D. The Bureau of Planning shall also establish the price limit of newly constructed single-unit housing eligible for the limited property tax exemption as provided by this Chapter. The price limit shall not exceed 120 percent of the median sales price of single-family homes located within the city. The median sales price shall be determined, with assistance by the County Assessor, using the sales data collected under ORS 309.200 for the period ending the prior November 30 relative to single-family homes. In addition, the Bureau of Planning may use data made available by the real estate and construction or other appropriate industry. The median sales price shall be established by resolution prior to January 1 of each year during the effective time of this program
Supplemental Information For supplemental info about Homebuyer Opprotunity Areas
Last Dataset Update 02/27/2019 10:18
Last Source Update 06/19/2014 14:00
Maintenance/Update Frequency As needed
Extent Clackamas County, Multnomah County, and Washington County, Oregon
Data Type Vector
Shape Type Polygon
Feature Count 34
Horizontal Position Accuracy
Horizontal Position Accuracy Link Taxlots
Progress Complete
North Bounding Coordinate 711196.509842516
South Bounding Coordinate 655253.925853014
East Bounding Coordinate 7693766.5
West Bounding Coordinate 7623669.78083989
Theme Keyword(s) Homebuyer Opportunity Areas
Theme Keyword Thesaurus None
Place Keyword(s) Portland, Multnomah County, Oregon
Place Keyword Thesaurus None
Access Constraints Available for Public Use
Use Constraints These data are distributed under the terms of the City of Portland Data Distribution Policy. Care was taken in the creation of this data but it is provided "as is".

The City of Portland cannot accept any responsibility for errors, omissions, or positional accuracy.
Source Dataset Type Shapefile
Output Geodatabase EGH_Web
Distribution Grid: State plane coordinate system 1983(91).
Units: International feet
Datum: North American Datum of 1983/1991 (HPGN)
Liability: The information in this file was derived from digital databases on the City of Portland GIS. Care was taken in the creation of this file. The City cannot accept any responsibility for errors, omissions, or positional accuracy. There are no warranties, expressed or implied.
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Carmen Piekarski
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Portland, OR 97201

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