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    Basic Earthquake Emergency Communication Node (BEECN) Locations Basic Earthquake Emergency Communication Nodes Sites - sites that may be set up and staffed following a major earthquake where citizens can respond, report damage, and receive safety information Public Safety - Emergency Mgmt 12/09/23 07:31 AM
    Critical Facilities Buildings identified by Portland Bureau of Emergency Management has having Tier I importance in a post-disaster situation. The attribute information includes which agency is responsible for an initial inspection and a follow-up safety inspection. Developed as part of PBEM Annex E - Damage Assessment. Public Safety - Emergency Mgmt 08/17/20 11:15 AM
    Emergency Operation Centers (EOCs) This layer was created for a citywide risk assessment as part of Portland's 2015-2016 natural hazard mitigation plan update. It includes major emergency operations centers in the Portland metro area. This is a point layer that shows the location of major emergency operations centers in the Portland metro area, including those of City of Portland bureaus, Multnomah County and neighboring counties, Oregon State Emergency Management, TriMet, and private energy companies. Public Safety - Emergency Mgmt 05/04/20 04:59 PM
    Neighborhood Emergency Team (NET) Staging Areas Pre-designated locations for NETs to assemble, provide status updates, and receive messages from the ECC. Public Safety - Emergency Mgmt 12/23/20 11:57 AM
    Portland Emergency Transportation Routes Emergency Transportation Routes in the City of Portland, for use in disaster response and recovery. From the five county MOU July 2005, ODOT No. 21,273. Based on the emergency_trans_routes_Metro layer, with minor update in Oct 2016. Public Safety - Emergency Mgmt 05/04/20 03:50 PM