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    Combined Historic Landmarks and Districts A combined dataset of Historic and Conservation Districts, and Historic and Conservation Landmark building footprints. See individual layers for detailed descriptions. Zoning 06/26/24 05:08 PM
    Conservation Landmarks Conservation landmarks are individual resources that have been locally designated by the City of Portland because of their historic, cultural, archaeological, or architectural merit but may have a "lesser" level of significance than historic landmarks. Portland has 12 conservation landmarks. They have been evaluated according to criteria contained in sections 33.445 and 33.846 of Portland's Zoning Code. Zoning 04/30/24 04:00 PM
    Disaggregated Zoning Disaggregated zoning features. Base zones, overlay zones, comprehensive plan designations, comprehensive plan overlays (where different from zoning), plan districts, historic districts, conservation districts and natural resource management plans disaggregated from zoning_pdx and dissolved. Zoning 10/20/22 06:03 PM
    Environmental Overlay Zone Transition Areas creates environmental overlay zone transition areas Zoning 09/30/22 09:40 PM
    Historic Landmarks Historic landmarks are individual resources, such as buildings, sites, trees, statues, signs, or other objects that are significant for their historical, cultural, archaeological, or architectural merit. They have one or more characteristics of citywide, statewide or national significance. Portland has approximately 500 historic landmarks. They tend to be located in older inner-city areas and along main streets and former streetcar lines. They range from modest single-family homes to downtown skyscrapers, warehouses, and parks. There are two types of historic landmark: Local Landmarks and National Register properties. https://www.portlandoregon.gov/bps/article/132551#historic_landmarks Zoning 06/25/24 05:31 PM
    Historical Landmarks Outer Boundary Identifies extent of historical resources. It includes all area defined in the original nomination form. Zoning 06/25/24 05:31 PM
    Land Use Review Sites Sites where land use reviews take place. Zoning 01/01/00 12:00 AM
    Major Public Trails Major Public Trails data (aka recreation trail) is a zoning code layer meant to advise futuretrail improvements when properties develop. Trails may or may not be built. Zoning 02/26/21 10:04 PM
    Natural Resource Management Plans Natural Resouce Management Plan Boundaries are displayed on the official quarter section zoning maps. These areas have additional Title 33 code requirements for natural resource protection. https://www.portlandoregon.gov/bps/article/53343 Zoning 12/07/21 05:11 PM
    New Market Tax Credit Locations Areas where new market tax credits apply. Zoning 02/10/06 02:24 PM