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    Alternate Water Sources Alternate water sources that can be drafted from for Portland Fire Rescue apparatus. Consists of river access via boat ramps, hydrants connected via water mains to tanks, ponds/lakes, and public swimming pools. In a post-earthquake event, none of these sites can be guaranteed as reliable alternate water sources. Data is projected in NAD_1983_HARN_StatePlane_Oregon_North_FIPS_3601_Feet_Intl. Public Safety - Fire
    fdc_pfr_pdx Public Safety - Fire 12/18/18 11:01 AM
    Fire Blocks The FIRE BLOCK layer is used in the VGI process to generate the CAD geofiles and is used to generate the map layers FIRE_MANAGEMENT_AREAS_PDX and FIRE_MANAGEMENT_AREAS_WITH_STATION_ORDER_PDX. Public Safety - Fire 03/26/24 02:06 PM
    Fire Management Areas Source file is FIRE_MANAGEMENT_AREAS_PDX. This map layer is generated using a MapBasic application which merges the polygons in the FIRE BLOCK map layer by FMA. Public Safety - Fire 03/24/24 04:37 PM
    Fire Management Areas with Station Order The Source file is FIRE_MANAGEMENT_AREAS_WITH_STATION_ORDER_PDX. This map layer is generated using a MapBasic application which merges the FIRE STATION ORDER (RESP_NT) table extracted from the CAD system to the FIRE_BLOCK map layer used in the VGI preocess to block (response zone) should have a corresponding records in the CAD RESP_NT generate the CAD geofiles. Each fire table. Public Safety - Fire 03/24/24 04:36 PM
    fire_alt_water_sources_pdx Public Safety - Fire 02/05/19 09:39 AM
    fire_support_locations_pdx Public Safety - Fire 05/04/20 05:01 PM
    firemap_quartersections_pdx Public Safety - Fire 12/23/20 12:05 PM
    Hydrants_In_Critical_Areas_pwb_pdx Public Safety - Fire 12/23/20 09:52 AM
    Regional Fire Stations Point features representing the locations of fire stations in the Portland Metro region. Public Safety - Fire 05/05/20 01:53 PM