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    Business Districts Portland's business districts and neighorhoods inherently support each other in many ways. Since 1986 Venture Portland has invested in the smart, strategic growth of Portland’s unique neighborhood business districts. These dynamic districts, which together make up a majority of the city’s businesses and nearly half of its jobs, play a vital role in Portland’s economic prosperity and collectively represent local, regional, national and international demand for goods and services. Boundary 12/21/23 03:39 PM
    Conservation Districts Conservation districts are designated by the City of Portland. As for historic districts, this designation is applied to an area that contains a concentration of related historic resources. The level of historic significance is generally "lower" than for historic districts; they are generally important at the local or neighborhood level rather than at the state, region, or national level. A distinction between "contributing" and "non-contributing" resources is also made in these districts.Portland has six conservation districts, all located in North and Northeast Portland, created as a result of a neighborhood planning effort, the Albina Community Plan. Documents created as part of this plan include historical background information about each area. Boundary 02/16/21 05:25 PM
    EcoDistricts Boundaries of the five EcoDistrict pilot areas in Portland. Two of the districts -- South of Market (SoMa) and Lloyd District -- are currently active. Boundary 08/18/20 07:28 AM
    Financial Reporting Districts Boundary polygons which represent City of Portland Financial Reporting Districts, which roughly correspond to Portland Neighborhood Coalitions Boundary 10/23/23 05:19 PM
    Garbage Collection Schedules Polygons delineating residential garbage/recycling/composting curbside collection days and schedules by hauler. Areas digitized and maintained by the City of Portland Bureau of Planning & Sustainability. Boundary 06/26/24 05:08 PM
    Historic Districts Historic districts are geographic areas that have a concentration of thematically related historic resources. In general, historic districts have historic significance to the City of Portland, at a minimum, and they are usually also significant at the regional, statewide or national levels. Like historic landmarks, there are two types of historic district: 1) "local" historic districts, designated by the City; and 2) "National Register" districts, those listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Portland has 15 historic districts, primarily located in or near the Central City. All of Portland's historic districts are listed in the National Register. Boundary 09/19/23 05:20 PM
    HISTORICAL_DISTRICTS_LINE_PDX Outline dataset for Portland Historic Districts. Boundary 09/19/23 05:20 PM
    Neighborhood Association Boundaries Dataset accompanies neighborhoods_pdx polygon dataset. Arcs contain line attributes for symbology. Neighborhoods have overlapping boundaries. There are areas of the city that are not within any neighborhood boundary. Boundary 12/27/21 05:02 PM
    Neighborhood Coalitions Neighborhood coalition boundaries for the City of Portland. Boundary 01/14/22 08:23 PM
    Neighborhood Coalitions (Regions) Neighborhoods Coalition regions. Overlapping areas assigned to each coalition individually creating overlaps in the data. Boundary 01/18/22 05:23 PM