Image Title  Abstract Category Last Updated
    City of Portland Watersheds Sewer Service Areas This layer was originally created to generally model and map the sewer service areas/watersheds for the 1999 update to the Public Facilities Plan. Boundary 04/10/20 01:19 PM
    Columbia Slough Levee Buffers This layer was created to assist in coordinating development review in the Columbia Corridor to ensure the integrity of the flood management system is not compromised by development. MCDD must review development for possible threats to the system. This GIS layer includes the levees in the four Districts managed by MCDD. Boundary 10/23/21 09:16 AM
    Columbia Slough Levees Existing Levees in the Columbia Slough Watershed Boundary 10/23/21 09:16 AM
    Drainage Districts Multnomah County Drainage District Boundaries Boundary 08/14/20 11:26 AM
    Modeled Impervious Area Impervious area maintained by the Bureau of Environmental Services Asset Systems Management group. These areas reflect the building, parking lot and street impervious areas. Boundary 10/23/21 09:08 AM
    nwb_ssc_boundary_region_pdx Boundary 01/01/00 12:00 AM
    watersheds_topography_bes_pdx BES version of watershed boundaries based on topography and input from watershed management teams. Boundary 12/18/20 08:45 AM