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    AMANDA Folder Detail AMANDA folder details and processing metrics Development
    AMANDA Folder Milestone Derived from the AMANDA database, key milestones associated with a folder process. Data includes attempt results like approved, check sheet and not required Development
    AMANDA Folder Review Milesone Folder event timeline derived from the AMANDA database Development
    Backflow Preventors Permits with backflow preventer valves mentioned. Created through BRD 220015. Refreshed weekly. Permit records are exported from TRACS and joined to taxlotgeometry. NOT TO BE USED TO REVISE CAPACITY RISK. Backflow valves are often placed on a variety of individualfixtures and therefore it cannot be assumed that the entire property isprotected without further detailed research. Development 05/22/24 05:16 PM
    historic_map_index_bds Development 06/13/22 04:58 PM
    landuse_review_cases_pdx Development 12/05/16 04:08 PM
    permit_activity_bds_pdx Development 05/22/24 06:12 PM
    permits_residential_demo_bds_pdx Development 05/22/24 06:13 PM
    Regulatory Landslide Hazard Area The regulatory landslide hazard area map was created from three sources: Areas identified and mapped by Oregon Metro as earthquake hazard areas, areas delineated as zones of high landslide potential in a study conducted by Portland State University based on the mapping of more than 676 landslide events that occurred as a result of the February 1996 storms, and all land within the City that has a slope of 15 percent or greater. Development 06/19/13 06:13 PM
    Residential_Permits_pdx Development 04/09/24 06:46 PM