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    Neighborhoods (PPB) Neighborhood areas as used by the Portland Police Bureau Crime Analysis team to track trends and statistics in the City of Portland and surrounding areas. Neighborhood areas outside the City of Portland boundary are a static snapshot from one point in time, and are not maintained for updates or changes. Public Safety - Police 05/27/21 04:23 PM
    Police Districts (PPB) Police districts are an organizational unit for law enforcement agencies and have a many-to-one relationship with precincts. This dataset shows police districts only within the City of Portland. Public Safety - Police 12/23/20 12:59 PM
    Police Facilities (PPB) Locations for Portland Police Bureau facilities, including training, Sunshine division, and transit division. Public Safety - Police 08/13/20 07:57 AM
    Police Grids Police grids are the smallest-level analytic and organizational unit for mapping regional police boundaries. This dataset contains information needed to produce police district, precinct, and agency maps. Public Safety - Police 10/13/22 02:12 PM
    Regional Police Stations Point features representing the locations of regional police stations, including City and County facilities. The attribution contains building names, coding, address, latitude, longitude, and contact info for each facility. The dataset was created by City of Portland Corporate GIS using facility contacts and internet research. It is checked periodically for accuracy by CGIS staff. Public Safety - Police 08/13/20 11:15 AM
    RegJIN Police Grid Public Safety - Police 07/09/24 06:11 PM