Image Title  Abstract Category Last Updated
    agreement_areas_bes_pdx BES interagency agreement areas Collection System 07/17/22 02:28 PM
    Alternative Collection System Lines Line features representing pipes in the BES Collection system having an alternative purpose. Collection System 07/11/24 05:19 PM
    Alternative Collection System Points Point features in the BES Collection system with an alternative purpose. Collection System 07/11/24 03:39 PM
    aswml_wpcl_bes_pdx Collection System 10/23/21 08:45 AM
    Basement Moisture Survey Properties Results of Portland Basement Moisture Survey Collection System 05/04/20 04:17 PM
    basement_moisture_bes_pdx Collection System 01/01/00 12:00 AM
    BES Easements An easement authorizes one property owner (Property B) to use someone else's property (Property A). In the nonconforming sewer diagram below, an easement allows the private sewer line from Property B to cross Property A to connect to the public sewer.. Collection System 07/11/24 05:23 PM
    besprop_bes_pdx Collection System 07/11/24 05:15 PM
    billing_agreement_lots_bes_pdx Taxlots currently billed by BES and Clean Water Services for sewer services from Fanno Pump Station Collection System 05/04/20 04:18 PM
    borehole_bes_mtl_pdx Collection System 07/11/24 05:16 PM