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    abandoned_auto_districts_pdx Transportation - Right of Way Mgmt 06/12/24 04:31 PM
    Alley Maintenance data Transportation - Right of Way Mgmt 07/10/13 03:33 PM
    alleys_pdx Transportation - Streets 06/12/24 05:07 PM
    Area Parking Permit Zones The Area Parking Permit Program is designed to help people who live or work in specified areas by controlling commuter parking in their neighborhood. Visitors to the neighborhood may park for a limited time, residents and businesses within each zone may purchase permits that allow them or their employees to exceed visitor parking time limits in the zone in which they live or work. This dataset defines the boundaries of permit eligibility for each APPP zone. Transportation - Right of Way Mgmt 06/12/24 04:31 PM
    Benchmarks Benchmarks are survey markers that provide a point of particular elevation used as a reference for determining elevations of other points in a survey. They are used by surveyors, engineers, planners, and contractors for establishing elevations for planning, designing, and/or construction of various projects.The City of Portland is responsible for establishing and maintaining a network of benchmarks throughout the city, each having a known elevation expressed in feet in the City of Portland’s own datum (established in 1896). Most of the City of Portland’s Benchmarks are brass disks about 2 ½" in diameter, and all are marked "City of Portland Bench Mark No. nnnn " and usually set in the curbs of streets. Occasionally you’ll see larger disks of 3 ¾" diameter which are "Class A" monuments, and some benchmarks are set in retaining walls, bridge wing walls, culvert headwalls, concrete steps, or wherever the most stable and accessible placement was determined to be for a specific location. You might also see benchmarks similar to those of the City of Portland’s but with another governmental agency’s or private firm’s name stamped on it. Occasionally the City of Portland Benchmark Book will refer to these monuments and provide elevations, but more often you’ll have to contact the appropriate institution for more information. The benchmark numbers the City assigned to outside agency monuments are for indexing purposes only; PDOT does not stamp a City of Portland benchmark number on other agencies' monuments. Survey 06/12/24 04:31 PM
    Bicycle Network This linear feature class represents the citywide bicycle network, including bicycle boulevards, bike lanes, multi-use trails and signed connections. The status field indicates whether the facility is Active, Planned or Recommended for future development. Transportation - Streets 06/12/24 04:31 PM
    Bicycle Parking Bike racks installed in the public right-of-way in the City of Portland. Transportation - Assets 06/12/24 04:31 PM
    Bicycle Parking Areas Areas describing collections of bicycle parking assets in bike corrals, bike oases (covered bicycle corrals) and bikeshare stations. Individual bicycle parking assets are captured in the Bicycle Parking dataset. Transportation - Assets 06/12/24 04:31 PM
    Bike Map Points Transportation - Plan 06/12/24 04:31 PM
    Bike Parking Area Points Represents the location of designated bicycle parking areas (corrals, oases, Biketown hubs). This point representation of Bicycle Parking Areas was developed for cartographic purposes. Transportation - Assets 06/06/24 05:07 PM