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    100 Foot Elevation Polygons (LiDAR-based) Elevation polygons created from a three foot LiDAR DEM produced in 2008. The DEM is searchable under the Item Name DEM_LIDAR_PDX. Land 10/07/14 11:42 AM
    1996 Flood Extent This data is maintained by and obtained from Metro GIS. Click the link above to view the Metro GIS metadata for this dataset. Hazard 05/08/24 10:30 AM
    2 foot contours (LiDAR-derived) 2' contours derived from 2004, 2005 and 2007 LiDAR data. All contours derived from bare-earth LiDAR point returns. The bare earth returns are a representation of the Earth's surface where all man-made structures and vegetation have been removed. Land 10/07/14 11:42 AM
    20 Percent Slope (2014 LiDAR) Zoning Code 10/24/21 03:44 PM
    2001 1ft Ortho Photo index Referance index for 2001 1ft resolution ortho photos for the greater metro area (tri-county). Imagery 02/19/02 09:25 AM
    2007 Census Block Population 2007 Census Population Estimates for Multnomah, Clackamas and Washington Couties of Oregon and Clark County Washington. Census 12/23/20 11:34 AM
    2010 Census Block Groups A Census Block Group is a geographical unit used by the United States Census Bureau which is between the Census Tract and the Census Block. It is the smallest geographical unit for which the bureau publishes sample data, i.e. data which is only collected from a fraction of all households. Census 02/06/24 07:04 AM
    2019 Portland Insights Survey Result Polygons by Zip Code Group This dataset is from responses to the 2019 Portland Insights Survey, a 56-question comprehensive survey of the Portland community administered by the City Budget Office. It was open for all Portlanders to take online or via canvassers in May 2019. The survey covered topics including budget priorities and satisfaction with City services. This dataset includes 8,027 responses, which is the number of responses to the survey collected from Portland residents over 16 years of age after data cleaning. This data is reported at the ZIP GROUP level. ZIP codes that comprise the ZIP Groups and additional information on the datacleaning process can be found in the final survey report at the following link:https://www.portlandoregon.gov/cbo/article/740406 Miscellaneous 10/16/19 08:06 AM
    2020 Census Block Groups Census 02/13/23 07:32 AM
    2020 Census Blocks Census 02/13/23 07:33 AM