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accessInformation: Bureau of Transportation
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description: The Transit Service Buffer is intended to assist BDS staff in assessing whether development sites are located close to transit for triggering certain Title 33 requirements. The polygon features in the dataset represent, either: (1) a 530' buffer of streets which carry a TriMet bus line with at least 5 arrivals at the line's stops in the AM peak (7:00 AM - 8:30 AM) and 6 arrivals during the PM peak (4:00 PM - 6:00 PM); or, (2) a 1500' buffer around MAX light rail stations. Note that the portions of bus lines that failed to meet the service thresholds were removed prior to the creation of the bus line buffer, and for couplets (e.g., Vancouver/Williams) where the service threshold was met in only one direction of travel, that portion of the line's buffer represents the intersection of the buffers of the couplet streets. This analysis will be conducted annually after the fall TriMet schedule release. --Additional Information: Category: Transportation - Transit Purpose: Provide guidance to the Bureau of Development Services (BDS), other City Bureaus, applicants, and the public on the implementation of the standard of sites located close to transit in Title 33. The close to transit designation is used both for minimum parking requirements (33.266.110) and for Transportation and Parking Demand Management (33.266.410). Update Frequency: Annual
title: Transit Service Buffer
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culture: en-US
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