Application Number
Enter the two-digit year, a dash, and the six-digit permit case/number (e.g. 08-168311)
IVR (Inspection Request System) number
The IVR number is the unique identifier the assigned to the permit or case. Enter the six or seven digit IVR number (e.g. 2798743)
View Permit Detail
Click IVR or Application Number link in the result row to popup the permit detail
View in PortlandMaps
Double-click a result row or the link in the popup to open the result in PortlandMaps
Minimum search criteria
At least one field must be filled in with a search term longer than 1 character
The % sign can be used as a wildcard, but will not be counted in the length of a search term
Click a table column header to sort on that column. Click again to reverse the sort. Downloaded results will be sorted accordingly
Click on a page number or first <<, previous <, next > or last >> arrow to navigate the result set
Click on the CSV, JSON or XML buttons to download the entire result set in the corresponding format. It may take a while to download
Click on a numbered cluster to zoom into its members. Click on an individual point or result row to popup its information and highlight its row. Note: some results do not have associated points and cannot be clicked
In an effort to make permit activity information more accessible, the Bureau of Development Services Permit and Case Search now includes a new "Advanced Search" function. The City of Portland makes no representations, express or implied, as to the accuracy of the permit data queried through this function. There are no assurances as to whether the information presented is correct or comprehensive. Verification of records managed by the Bureau of Development Services can be requested through a Public Records Request. Please call 503-823-7300 for more information.
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