Map Layer
Street Address or Intersection
i.e. 1211 SW 5TH or MADISON AND 5TH
This will download a Google Earth KML file,
open the KML to view it in Google Earth.

Usage Notes

- This service requires downloading of the Google Earth client, available at: earth.google.com
- This service and Google Earth are still in beta stages, please send any PortlandMaps related feedback to: webdev@portlandoregon.gov.
- Do not tilt view to the point where horizon is visable. If you do not see data you may need to reduce tilt and/or zoom in closer.
- Pay attention to the "Places" panel on the left and make sure not to open the same layer several times. It is recommended that you turn off all layers before opening a new one.
- Do not try to view many overlay layers simultanously (ie: Zoning + Earthquake Hazard.)
Tip: Use the "Property" layer to open locations up in PortlandMaps. This will work well even with one other overlay turned on (ie: Property + Zoning.)

Popular Maps

Click to open Property KML.
Property Information (KML, Screenshot)

Click to open Crime KML.
Total Part I Crime Grid - Last 12 Months
(KML, Screenshot)

Click to open Earthquake KML.
Earthquake Hazard Data (KML, Screenshot)

Click to open Zoning KML.
Zoning (KML, Screenshot)

Click to open Urban Renewal KML.
Urban Renewal Areas (KML, Screenshot)

Click to open Elevation KML.
Elevation Data (KML, Screenshot)